150 How-To Videos

WFS01 15 Second
WFS02 30 Second
WFS04 3 Minute
WFS03 1 Minute
WFS05 5 Minute Final
WFS06 Producer
WFS07 Writer
WFS08 Director
WFS09 Actor
WFS10 FIlmmaker
WFS11 Big Lie Art
WFS13 Big Lie Filmmaking
WFS14 Big Lie Budget
WFS15 Hollywood 4 Great Lies
WFS16 Pre Sell Financing
WFS17 Buying Film
WFS18 Crew
WFS19 Camera
WFS20 Low Budget
WFS21 Four Budgets
WFS22 Mega Budget
WFS23 Medium Budget
WFS24 Low Budget
WFS25 Micro Budget
WFS26 Million Dollar FF Basics
WFS27 Million Dollar FF Screenplay 20
WFS28 Million Dollar Pre Prod
WFS29 Million Dollar Above Below
WFS30 Million Dollar Gameplan
WFS31 Screenplay 3Ways
WFS32 Screenplay Resources
WFS33 Screenplay Treatment I
WFS34 Screenplay Treat II
WFS35 Screenplay CYA
WFS36 Million Dollar Producer
WFS37 Million Dollar Writer
WFS38 Million Dollar Director
WFS39 Million Dollar Actors
WFS40 Million Dollar Above The Line
WFS41 Camera Crew
WFS42 Second AC
WFS44 Camera Operator
WFS46 Guilds Unions Low Budget
WFS47 Guilds Unions Which One
WFS48 8 Check Areas
WFS49 Million Dollar Bank Checks
WFS50 Million Dollar Vendor Deals
WFS51 Financing Revenues
WFS52 Financing Development Hell
WFS53 Financing Cannes Pre Selling
WFS54 Product Placement
WFS55 Soft Money
WFS56 vendor suppliers
WFS57 film stock
WFS58 35mm vs16mm
WFS59 lab deals
WFS60 camera rental
WFS61 expendables
WFS62 sound rental
WFS63 sound transfers
WFS64 light grip rentals
WFS65 dolly crane
WFS66 vendor supplier deals
WFS67 publicity pt1
WFS68 publicity pt2 shoot
WFS69 publicity part 4
WFS70 film festivals
WFS71 $100,000 feature
WFS72 Crew part II
WFS73 crew post production
WFS75 Treatment Part 2
WFS76 treatment part 3
WFS77 Director
WFS78 Hire dop
WFS79 Hire a PM
WFS80 production designer
WFS81 Production coordinator
WFS82 agents part 1
WFS83 Agents part 2
WFS84 Agents part 2
WFS85 agents part 4 “The top ten”
WFS86 Poduction 1
WFS87 Production 2
WFS88 production 3
WFS89 Production 4
WFS90 Check16 Crew
WFS92 Check16 Script supervisor
WFS91 Check16 assistant director
WFS93 Check16
WFS94 Hiring gaffer
95 Makeup
WFS97 Art Department
WFS98 Production Assistant
WFS100 Medium Budget
WFS101 Medium Budget 2
WFS102 Medium Budget 3
WFS103 Talent 1
WFS104 Talent 2
WFS105 Talent 3
WFS106 Talent part 4
WFS108 The shoot part 2: The first day
WFS109 The shoot Part 3: 3 week schedule
WFS110 Movie profits
WFS111 Movie profits
WFS112 Movie profits
WFS113 Movie profits
WFS114 Movie 20 profits 20pt 205
Dov Simens “2 Day” Film School, Malaysia April 22-23, 2014