5 NY LITERARY AGENTS: Books, Scripts, Manuscripts


Want a Literary Agent?

Yes, not everything happens in Hollywood but don’t say that to someone who lives in Santa Monica and their house is North of Montana Ave.

And yes there actually is a place called Manhattan with 100s, if not 1,000s, of Literary Agents, Movie Producers and Financial Dealmakers who actually do need Scripts for projects… and actually  know where jobs for writers are. and are actively seeking new talent with a “proven gift of dialogue” that is actually affordable to contract with.

New York also is the center of the Publishing Industry.

Got a Book in ya?


Want an Agent… So screw Beverly Hills or Century City… Hello Manhattan…

New York is also hot. It is marketed (London once was, Paris possibly) as the center of the literary world…

…and here are just 5 New York Agencies (Literary Agencies) that handle script sales and writer jobs.


FLORA ROBERTS INC, 275 Seventh Ave, 26/F, NY, NY 10001



THE GURMAN AGENCY, 865 West End Ave, #15A, NY, NY 10025



HAROLD MATSON CO, 275 Fifth Ave, #903, NY, NY 10001



GEORGES BORCHARDT, 136 East 57th St, 14/F, NY, NY 10022



HARDIN-CURTIS ASSOC, 214 West 29th St, #1203, NY, NY 10001


You’ve written your script.

It is registered with the WGA. It is copyrighted with LOC.

Plus, you have made sure that it is typed in the right format and that the first page has 2 Grabbers on it…

Now, it’s time to get it out into the universe… If they say they “don’t accept unsolicited manuscripts” just fuggedaboutit “you waiting to be solicited”…

Why don’t you just go to the office and drop it off on the reception room’s coffee table next to the Wall Street Journal, NY Times & Variety…

This is how things happen….


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10 comments on “5 NY LITERARY AGENTS: Books, Scripts, Manuscripts”

  1. Pamela Royal says:

    Hi, Our film script, ‘MATSQUI MASSACRE’ is now complete and we are seeking an Agency for representation. Interested?? please contact me, thanks for your time, Pamela 604 796 9203

  2. Paul Burke says:

    Looking for an agent, I written a script about Nikola Tesla life story

  3. Hello. I have several screenplays that are ready to be reviewed in a variety of genres. Also I have several IMDb accreditations. I’m seeking serious literary agents for future endeavors. Interested?? Feel free to contact me directly 404-665-6716 Leandre. Thanks for your time and consideration. PS. reputable and serious inquiries only.

  4. Good article. I’m experiencing a few of these issues as

  5. Jay Kosharek says:

    I have a screenplay called A Secret Among Friends I’d like representation on. Feel free to contact me at j_kosharek@yahoo.com if you have any questions.

  6. I wrote five books and one screenplay. I want to adapt them all into a movie on Netflix. I need a free pro bono licensed literary agent for books and films to help me.

    Reynaldo Reyes/Writer
    770 Maguire Ave., 1st Floor
    Staten Island, NY. 10309
    Email: xorangehalloween@yahoo.com
    Phone: 1-347-630-7697
    Cell: 1-347-981-4765

    Thank you

  7. Margo Kent says:

    Greetings. I have a manager in LA,CA….but I want an agent in New York City to sell my screenplays and One Book. Brad Pitt’s company has one of my screenplays already. Please get in touch with me as soon as possible. Sincerely, Margo. Thank you. Cell number: 424-354-7205 on Dec 12, 2021

  8. Brian Stauffer says:

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  10. Henry Larry says:

    Never realized the vibrant literary landscape in New York. Thanks for shedding light on these agencies. Ready to dive into the NYC writing scene headfirst.
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