Hollywood’s Top Literary Agencies & 472 Agents…… Pick One

AGENTS: Specifically you want a Literary Agent, at one of those power agencies, to sell your Script for a Low 7-Figure amount but you take a High 6-Figure deal if it comes with (A) some points on the backend…and yes you’ll even accept it as an option deal… if you (B) can direct.

Your Script is frickin’ great. You paid $100 bucks for Coverage and the Reader said it’s great.

You have either a (1) 25-Page Sit-Com, that’s the millenials Friends or (2) a 50-Page TV Drama, that’s going to be an amazing series that takes “Law & Order” to the 22nd Century; or (3) a 90-Page 1-Location genius cheapie that Jason Blum at Blumhouse will love; or a (4) 120-Page Studio Feature that’s surely destined for a Franchise (Part 1, 2, 3, 4…) that will gross $5 Billion.

Okay, Okay.

***Now remember… CYA… You’ve registered your script with $20-25 Bucks at the WGA and you’ve sent it in with $65 to Library of Congress.

Then you are ready to proceed. So let’s get an Agent.

Not tough… Here are 6 Top Hollywood Agencies where you will find 472 Literary Agents that are pros and there must be ONE OF ‘EM that will rep your project.


The saying is “You can lead a horse to water… but you can’t make him drink”. All I can do is give you the list of Agencies, it’ll be up to you to GOOGLE-AWAY and find the names of TV Literary Agents, Motion Picture Literary Agents, Digital Literary Agents, Gaming Literary Agents…. Happy hunting.

 6 Top Literary Agencies are…

(1) William Morris Endeavor (“WME”)


(2) Creative Artists Agency (“CAA”)


(3) United Talent Agency (“UTA”)


(4) International Creative Management (“ICM”)


(5) The Gersh Agency (“TGA”)


(6) Paradigm Agency



Now, get their addresses (start with LA, Never mind NY unless you’re pushing Books or Stage). They each have a Mailroom. Drop ’em off. Put a referral name (Name Droppin’ works) on the envelope… and as I say “Turn it over to G-d”

All I know is if you don’t give it a shot and keep your script at home or on your computer… nothing is going to happen.





14 comments on “Hollywood’s Top Literary Agencies & 472 Agents…… Pick One”

  1. Chananchida says:

    Neuroskeptic,In my experience with “professional plopee’s books”, a publisher is needed before the book is written only to help an insecure mind write eventually a book or an ungifted with words person write a book that can sell in the end.There is no free lunch in the edition business and you will end up signing a contract for a book editors will write for you in part or sternly direct you in writing.Like say, a movie director who is far less free than an independant writer-unless you are Stanley Kubrick and you do not let the producer influence you,that is.NB: A publisher found me and asked me to write a book for her firm in 2008-through a journalist whose work I had put a comment to and that journalist telephone me making publicity for that editor and telling me that I should write a book about how to my mind the French school system was killing pupils (some by suicide and many more by killing their talents and expectations especially in science studies). That editor is a great lady and a real professional and seemed a perfect match for me on the ideological front but her job was to produce “our book” and not mine. I am not rich and was glad I didn’t sign a contract before realizing -for example- that I couldn’t possibly tell very interesting and educational stories about my pro-bono clients without some plopee being hurt by it: it was just impossible to write honestly without some plopee being recognized by some friends.I stated up writing alone “my” book from a different angle (the paternalism of teachers and the bias for teachers against the parents and adult students of the French administtrative and criminal courts). I found this much more satisfactory on the ethical front since the juges ‘ work is public unlike the psychiatrists ‘ones. This editor is not interested in my book and it is only fair.NB: Your “conflicts of interests ” with your publisher will be different of course.Still, the fact is that you are very hardworking, disciplined and incredibly gifted with words and hardly in need of having somebody holding your pen for your first draft.My advice would be to write “your” book -first draft- and then discuss any modification an editor will suggest -changing shop if you find that editor too demanding on whatever front.


    2. Liaum says:

      Does the film always have to be a book, whether published or not, as a stipulation of essential criteria for submission to agencies. Or, given the reservation of the writers right to pursue the work as a literally work in development (or not), allow the writer to merely go beyond notes in a screenwriting production collaboration. It seems as though only recently some rule has been implemented for the superseding of seniority producers to claim other peoples concept and ideas for their supposed superior ability in developing what the mo-mans land writer occupies in a desire to be film over being a novel or literary published writer. They might be the greatest experimental film writer of our time and can’t get a break or a foot in the door of these production companies. Are the days of pitching a movie almost non-existent.

  2. Hi my name is Farzin Youabian and at this time I do have a script is action pack crime story. Looking for a agent or manager to sell this script . My contact number is 323-809-7885 thank you Farzin Youabian Productions.

  3. mahdi says:

    hi. i have a screenplay
    this is a part of my script

    Interior- Tuning Garage- Day
    Al enters garage and sees a man working on a car engine. The engine cover is placed before him and the Al only sees his body. While he slowly takes steps towards him and looks around, he says

    What a good place you prepared for yourself, Maich!

    Michael bends his head behind the engine cover! He dressed a long-sleeved black shirt with black trousers and black mitten. Also, a black mask covers his left half of face. Michael violently asks

    Michael :
    Al?! Why are you here?!

    I’m here to meet an old friend.

    But, I do not want to meet you! Neither you neither all things that recall my past!

    Michael stops his work and moves towards the end of garage! He makes a distance from Al. Al says

    But, that was only an accident!

    Michael turns Al and says

    Yeah, It was an accident, an accident by which I lost all my things: My automobile, my face, and my beloved Maria! All these happened because of this!

    Michael puts aside his face mask and shows his burnt-half face.

    You now work in a place full of cars! Don’t these cars irritate you?

    The only irritating thing is your appearance!!!

    You still love cars. Otherwise, you haven’t worked here!

    Leave here Al, Please!

    Michael turns his back!

    OK! I go! But, I do not promise to give up you forever.

  4. Rana says:

    Iam àuthor
    I have ahorror story doesnot like any one ever
    And i want to make it movie
    If allowed
    I want one of producers hear about it
    And i can send summary of this story
    To decide

  5. Paul says:

    I need a publisher for my fantasy trilogy (books) book one is published and out nationwide but I am free and clear with current publisher to seek another publisher. Current publisher does not have the means to promote this genre or the infrastructure

  6. Danielle says:

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  9. Jayant Sadhu says:

    I am not professional, but I think my book is a great idea for a good film if you give attaintion to my theame for film making. I hope you will Thanks.

    1. Shaikh Razique Hosain says:

      ‘First love lasts forever ‘
      My debut published novel is a superb authentic rural love story based on some true incident. If anyone interested to make movie on it then it will be a blockbuster movie.
      please contact me for synopsis or full story.

  10. David William wilson says:

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    I can only say you can either like my work or hate it but I can promise you I have written in my opinion a modern day peaky blinder.

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