ACTORS… GET AN AGENT (15 Hollywood Talent Agents Starting with X)

15 Hollywood Talent Agents

You are only 1 Cattle-Call & 2 Call-Backs away from fame-and-fortune… but you need an agent.

Now, you’ve heard you can’t get a job acting if you’re not in the union…. The union being Screen Actors Guild (SAG), not American Guild of Variety Artists (AGVA) or American Federation of TV Radio Alliance (AFTRA)…. But you can’t get into this union unless you have qualified acting parts from SAG Signator companies.

Is this a 22? You know, a “Catch-22” or is this “Bull Sh*t”. Well, the Catch-22 for Actors states… “You have to book a job to get into the union and you have to be in the union to book a job.

Answer: It is “Bull Sh*t”. Every actor starts somewhere… and remember you are unique and no one looks like you. So if you get into a casting session, for union parts, and the Producer or Director or Client wants you, for whatever reason, but you are not in the union, they can easily claim that you’re unique and the only one qualified for the look of the part and then you can get in.

So lets start & get a gig, your first gig,…and whether it’s union or non-union right now I bet “you don’t care’ you just want a gig… but does it help to have an agent?

Well of course it helps to have an agent or agency, that knows who’s casting, to send you to the Cattle-Call. But you’ve asked friends, acquaintances, waiters, cab drivers, even your local Uber Driver, and anyone that says they know anyone in Hollywood….”Hey you know an agent I can call” has become your war cry.

Permit me to help… Last week I blogged a list of 20 Literary Agents (Hollywood based) for wannabee-writers who find themselves in a similar situation.

Now allow me to give you as similar list of 15 Talent Agents in Los Angeles… but I am going to start from the end of the alphabet and move forward.

Why? Because, these are the agents who likely get hit-on (cold called) the least and your chance of lightening hitting might be a little better.


For writers it’s difficult. They first have to write and then forward their script in hopes of being read and being discovered. But, actors only have to show up, bring their headshot and be polite. (of course it’s not that easy)

Here’s what I’m talking about. When I was a kid my dad gave me advice. “If you want to write…phone. If you think about phoning…visit”.

Point #1: I am making is “Actors, I am about to give you 15 Talent Agents and I know your instinct is to mail them a headshot… Stop. You’re being lazy or shy. Two traits that will not allow you to succeed in Hollywood. Thus, if you can write… phone. If you can phone go/visit”

Point #2: Take your headshot to the 15 Talent Agents below, and drive (Uber if needed) to each of there offices. Walk in. Say “Hello” and drop off your headshot proclaiming you’re available when ever and where ever.

Acting success, after talent & looks, is a numbers game. The more parts you go up for the better the opportunity of finding the director that for whatever reason thinks your perrrrrfect.

Now on to 1 CATTLE-CALL and 2 CALL-BACKS


To help increase your odds I have made a list doing “reverse-alphabet” (starting with “Z” and going forward).

Why? Because everyone starts with “A”.

ONE… XPOSE ENTERTAINMENT, 1055 East Colorado Blvd, 5/F, Pasadena, CA 91050

TWO… WILLIAMS TALENT AGENCY (not WME), 1438 North Gower St, Suite 266, Box 43, Los Angeles, CA 90028

THREE… ZURI MODEL & TALENT AGENCY, 5223 1/2 Lankershim Blvd, North Hollywood, CA 91601

FOUR…. ZANUCK AGENCY, 28035 Dorothy Dr, #120, Agoura Hills, CA 91301

FIVE… WILSON & ASSOC, 5410 Wilshire Blvd, Suite 510, Los Angeles, CA 90036

SIX… WEBB ENTERPRISES, 10580 Des Moines St, Northridge, CA 91326

SEVEN… WAUGH TALENT AGENCY, 7852 Glade Ave, Canoga Park, CA 91304

EIGHT… VOX INC, 6420 Wilshire Blvd, #1080, Los Angeles, CA 90048

NINE… VALMAUR TALENT AGENCY, 6671 Sunset Blvd, Bldg 1585, Suite 108, Los Angeles, CA 90028

TEN… TITANIA ENTERTAINMENT, 28914 Roadside Dr, Suite D5, Agoura Hills, CA 91301

ELEVEN… TANNEN & ASSOC, 20520 Pinnacle way, Malibu, CA 90211

TWELVE… TALENT HOUSE LA, 3000 Olympic Blvd, Suite 2350, Santa Monica, CA 90404

THIRTEEN… SUTTON BARTH & VENNAN, 5900 Wilshire Blvd, Suite 700, Los Angeles, CA 90036

FOURTEEN… STORM TALENT AGENCY, 12100 Wilshire Blvd, Suite 1125, Los Angeles, CA 90025

FIFTEEN… STARWILL TALENT AGENCY, 433 North Camden Dr, 4/F, Beverly Hills, CA 90210


“You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make them drink”  The legwork is now up to you…

… and you are only 1 CATTLE-CALL & 2 CALL-BACKS away from fame.

Happy Filmmaking,


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50 comments on “ACTORS… GET AN AGENT (15 Hollywood Talent Agents Starting with X)”

  1. Best actor ever …from sweden ..
    Patrik Andesparr

    1. Stella says:

      I’m a 14 year old who realy wants to act but my parents dont really care about me because I’m adopted so what do I do please answer and help

      1. Marie says:

        Hi Stella. This is what you do. Find a friend at school that has a camera and ask them to take photos of you for your head shots. You guys can research together how to take the best head shots. Make sure you look natural but pretty. Then, if you have any money, print as many photos of your headshots as you can. If you don’t have any money, just save them to your email. You can either mail the headshots to agencies or email them. Just google Los Angeles acting agencies and send to as many as you can! Best of luck. Don’t ever give up!

        1. Rachel says:

          But that doesn’t do much because she doesn’t have any experience.Its kinda like sending them a head shot and saying trust me, im a good actor. Ive tried… it doesn’t work. Im just on the rim of giving up bc ive tried everything.. Competitions which i always get to the top 5 but not the winner. Mailing letters, no response. Emailing, also no response. Calling, but the only thing they said is i have to pay 100 for a meeting with them (multiple said this). And i have no open calls around me. Any advice????? HELP

  2. ephodia says:

    Comment…im 26 yrs I want to be actor will to do what u want me to do n I’m looking forward to be hardworker in acting

    1. Mehdi says:

      I am a 24 years old boy from iran. Ihave worked in a teather group for 3 years in my city but I always have been fancing to be a professional actor in hollywood which I see myself doing that as well as possible because I have been told as a talent in this field how ever due to some problem , I could not continue this path wich is my dream. I do try to fullfil that and will work hard into this important thing but I need an agent help me and ofcourse support me in the first step.

      1. Nakyia says:

        Hi can u help me act for some thing

    2. Mehdi says:

      I am a 24 years old boy from iran. Ihave worked in a teather group for 3 years in my city but I always have been fancing to be a professional actor in hollywood which I see myself doing that as well as possible because I have been told as a talent in this field how ever due to some problem , I could not continue this path wich is my dream. I do try to fullfil that and will work hard into this important thing but I need an agent help me and ofcourse support me in the first step.

  3. Casandra Lee Mandeville says:

    I’m 36, I’m actor looking for a agent for the last 25 years. I’ve been acting since the late 80s, I’ve had no luck getting a agent. I’m a hard worker, love memorizing scripts, love to travel filming. I’m versatile in any role I do. I’m a great actress from what everyone tells, I put my full heart in acting. Please give me this wonderful chance.. In signing with one of your agents..I love movies.

  4. bella berhanu says:

    I really want an agent
    Because the will help me become. An famous actor

    1. Latrice says:

      Lacee,I loved reading this and seeing all the great pictures! Jason did a wonderful job capturing all the special moments in her new little life! I especially love the one where you are holding her and she is looking up at you! Such a special picture! Love you all soo much! Mor/dmangma

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  5. I would love to send you my Bio., videos n pictures of my self honoring the characters Jerry Lewis . Thank you Angelo Capone

  6. uzoha samuel sammie lee says:

    Am an upcoming act but I really need an agent

  7. Montez says:

    I am looking to pay very well for a Hollywood agent…

  8. Montez says:

    I am looking for the top Agent I will pay top dollar 50,000 for the best money can buy

  9. Prosperity Mpumelelo says:

    Comment…Im an actor based in South Africa I have appeared in two movies and one television series the movie which I think will put me into limelight is a movie called KALUSHI settings be felt his September I’m looking for an agent to represent me tank you

  10. Ahsoka says:

    I have been looking for a decent agency for ages now. It has been such an upheaval. I keep asking myself how can I get work if I do not have an agent nor any connections? I seriously need some guidance.

  11. lonny John L. says:

    Hello, I’m Lonny John Lohnan, An Actor from Nigeria, I have done Over 10 films here in Nigeria. 6:2 inch Tall, Dark Skin. Speaks English fluently. I also need an agent in America to aid me to hollywood. Thank you.

  12. I’m 13 years old I want to be an actor.its been tlong time looking for an agent since I was 9 years old.

  13. Adjei Bekoe Emmnuel says:

    I’m 17 years old and I want to be an actor. ….and I will be highly pleased having an agent. … can contact me …
    Thank you.

  14. Harry Nelson says:

    right but i am 12 yrs may be I can be an actor but i need an american holly wood agent i am fRom Tanzania

  15. Aishwarya gour says:

    Heyi ,i m 17 years old girl and i really want to become dedicated actress , i will labour hard but i dont know how to start ????

  16. Precious Middlebrook says:

    My Name Is Precious Middlebrook I’m 16 Years Old And I Always Wanted To Be An Acter To See What It Feels Like To Experience Different Things But Most Definitely To Become Something In Life to Be Something. I Filled Out This Acting Form Before I Went To The interview And They Really liked Me They Wanted Me To Come Back The Next Day But They Also Wanted 400 To Get Me Started My Morther Didn’t Have It So I Never Went Back . I Would Love To Get The Chance To Act Just To Become Something In Life.

    1. Precious Middlebrook says:

      My Name Is Precious Middlebrook I’mno 16 Years Old And I Always Wanted To Be An Acter To See What It Feels Like To Experience Different Things But Most Definitely To Become Something In Life to Be Something. I Filled Out This Acting Form Before I Went To The interview And They Really liked Me They Wanted Me To Come Back The Next Day But They Also Wanted 400 To Get Me Started My Morther Didn’t Have It So I Never Went Back . I Would Love To Get The Chance To Act Just To Become Something In Life. My Emile Is

  17. Nubia Perez says:

    Hello, I’m Nubia and I am 12 years old I have always loved acting, lately I have been seeing lots of child actors. And I talked with my parents and they said it’s fine if I act. I really hope I can find an agent that will change my life and let me show the world what I can do!

  18. Naresh chaudhary says:

    Hi…my name is naresh…i m from india…so i cant go to the addresses of agents in america…so i require their email address to mail my profile to them…if smeone knws the email addresses of talent agents thn plz share or send me on my mail id(…i will b really grateful…thnx…

  19. Noxolo says:

    I’m noxolo at the age of 24 actor it a thing I always dream about but I can’t afford to pay the university because my parents they are not working to.plz help

  20. Taylor says:

    Hi I am 15 and i want to be an actress and i NEED a agent o help me out. My parents dont really care for acting so I need someone willing to help me out. so my questions is what do I do and were do I start?

  21. Freddy Freeman says:

    Thanks …I want to know how can I Contact & tolk to you. .. Personally. For the subject of Film production in Hollywood…

  22. mackenzie diamond rose strout says:

    hi I am Mackenzie strout I am from auburn Maine and I am 12 years old and I really want to start acting I am in theatre at my school . I NEED a agent to help me I am open to anything I would give you my mums or my number to contact us. PLEASE HELP.

  23. mackenzie diamond rose strout says:

    I don’t know how to start

  24. ubah abdia mohammed says:

    hi am ubah 15yrs intrested in acting and i don’t knw whre 2 srart if possible plz contact me No 0743032130

  25. Yalena says:

    Hi I am Yalena I am 15 years old and I have been trying to act since I was 8 I have been to an acting class and it only lasted 3 months but after that I had to move with my dad who didn’t believe in me. I recently moved back home but my grandma says that if I want it that bad I have to do it on my own. Can anyone please help me by giving me any type of advice. Thank you.

  26. Sara says:

    I’m 12 and I’m from Asia, its honestly so hard to get something here and I don’t want to just act here but in America and in the big shots, getting agents are hard since I can’t really visit the place, also there is no way my mum would agree to this and doesn’t really care, I might seem young but it doesn’t mean my mind is, what should I do?

  27. Charliejames says:

    Hey I’m really interested in acting and I was looking for a good agency to represent me

  28. Yuri Fu says:

    Hi! I’m Yuri from Hong Kong. I love English ,reading, singing and acting. I’m now 15 and have always desired to be an actress in Hollywood. I’m now studying in a secondary school and have joined the school drama team. I really enjoy taking part in a movie!
    I know the first step of being an actress is to get an agent, but it’s almost IMPOSSIBLE to find one in Hong Kong that works in Hollywood! Don’t you agree?
    Also, My mum said I am only dreaming to be one( she doesn’t think I can succeed to be one), and I know that someone have said,’ dreaming to be an actress is more excited than being one’, but I think to myself, if everyone who wants to be an actress is JUST DREAMING, no one will ever be successful!
    So I deeply hope that I will find an agent😣. You are welcome to give suggestions!
    I’m ready! And I don’t want to start late!
    If you want to take a closer look or catch my update news, follow my Instagram page: yurifu_

  29. Yuri Fu says:

    I’m looking for an agent who doesn’t only work with me, but also be with me in all the challenges and difficulties!

    P.S. I learn things quick, I only lack of some instructions and basic knowledge about being an actress.

    Lastly, I’m happy to see this website being so update!😃

  30. julian says:

    hi im julian acht and im very good actor and i can in processes. im just look for very good agent that
    can guild me true with my career. acting is everything to me in this world.u can go and check my shot film in the youtube call julian acht. and other one call juliano story of my life

  31. julian acht says:

    i also love reading singing playing game and surfing playing footbell .the most thing that i love is acting ever but the way is me julian acht

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