GUARANTEED FILM SUCCESS (The 7 Step Process…But Start At-The-Bottom)


(1) Read this Blog

Oscars-6 (Follow these 7 Steps and practice your acceptance speech)

(2) Pick a Budget (see below) that is hopefully #1 to #6… Go #7 to #12 in budget selection and you are not realistic

(3) Get the Script… Keep-It-Simple-Stupid (90-pages, 1-Location, No Stunts, No VFX, No EXT-NIGHT)

(4) Hustle some money (see below, #1 to #6)

(5) Make the Film and make it with Talent (Talent can’t be taught)

(6) Be a Good Person (Who have you helped today?)

(7) Trust God… (God likes good people with talent and a work ethic)

…This ain’t rocket science


Want to Produce? Want to Direct? Want to Write? Want to Star in a Feature Film?

Of course you do…

Plus, aren’t you tired of waiting to be discovered as everyone of your ideas is being made… and being made poorly.


Writing-2 (First feature KISS… Keep-It-Simple-Stupid… 90-pages, 1-Location)

Now with state-of-art micro-dollar cameras and on-demand revenues, plus increased foreign sales and product placement revenues there is no excuse for not making independent (Micro-Budget & Low-Budget) feature films that profit if you get realistic and start-at-the-bottom and make your first feature film.

The phrase is “Are you sick-and-tired of being sick-and-tired”. If so then 12 Blogs (posted 4-6 months ago) will be perfect for you.


Because in the 12 Blogs  (2 per past week… please I beg you to go back & re-read ’em)  detail 12 Feature Film Budgets, that are realistic to make for your 1st feature film, while outlining (checque-by-checque) exactly what to pay Crew, Cameras, Vendors, Writers, Actors, Suppliers, Attorneys, Agents, Props, Wardrobe, Music, Lab, DCP, Publicity, etc. when making your first feature film…

The 12 Budgets detailed range from as little as $1,000 (3-day, 2 iPhone shoot), and please do not tell me that that is not obtainable, to as high as $10,000,000 (7-week, Visual Effects, Road Flick, with 2 Movie Names) which is definitely a stretch for first-timers but not if your daddy is a Billionaire named Pritzker or Ellison or a Sheik or a Trump.

Bottom-Line, is that after perusing the 12 budgets (12 Blogs) you will be 100% focused on what your first feature film will be,… and know exactly what you can achieve as you move your career forward.

The Top 10 Budgets (okay 12) for Filmmakers are…

Clerks2   ONCE   CLERKS    BarberShop2 (These Films are budgets 1-6… maybe 7)

(1) ($1,000 – $10,000):  NO-BUDGET Weekend BUDGET

(2) ($10,000-$20,000): CREDIT CARD 4-Weekends over 3-Month BUDGET

(3) ($20,000-$30,000): SHOT-FOR 1-week power-through but No-Post BUDGET

(4) ($30,000-$50,000): MICRO-BUDGET Real-Time with Post & Music BUDGET

(5) ($50,000-$70,000): MINI-BUDGET 1-Week 16mm Film BUDGET

(6) ($100,000-$200,000): LOW-BUDGET 1-2 Week 4K BUDGET

(7) ($300,000-$500,000): MILLION DOLLAR 3-Week, 2 Red, 20:1 Shooting Ratio BUDGET

(8) ($1,000,000-$2,000,000):  CROWD-FUND 1-Month, 3 Guild BUDGET

(9) ($2,000,000-$3,000,000): TV MOW 5-Week, shot in Canada, True Story BUDGET

(10) ($3,000,000-$5,000,000): PRODUCT PLACEMENT 5-7 Week BUDGET

(11) ($5,000,000-$7,000,000): INTERNATIONAL CO-PRODUCTION 5-7 Week BUDGET

(12) ($10,000,000+): WEINSTEIN/MIRAMAX BUDGET

20Daystream         60Day stream (Why Wait? Our “STREAMING FILM SCHOOL” teaches you exactly how to Write, Produce & Direct each of these Feature Films…

BOTTOM-LINE: What is your 1st Feature Budget?

12 Budgets. 12 Movies. 12 opportunities to launch your Feature Film career.

Now, please be “ruthlessly honest” and for your very first feature film..of the 12 Budgets outlined which is going to be Your 1st Feature Film Budget?

Is a Million Dollar budget realistic? I think not.

Is a $1-2 Million budget realistic? I think not.

Is a $2-3 Million budget realistic? I think not.

Is a $3-5 Million budget realistic. I think not.

Is a $7-10 Million budget realistic. I think not.

My opinion, even though the above budgets ($1-$10 Million) are called “Low-Budget”, are still massive amounts of money to secure for your first project and I truly believe that your first feature film is going to either be…

…(1) “No-Budget” 3-day shoot…

…(2) “Micro-Budget” 1-week Shoot…

…(3) “Mini-Budget” 1-2 week Shoot…

…(4) “Low-Budget” 2-week Shoot…

or …

…(5) “Under $1 Million” (this is a push) 3-week Shoot.

…and all are made for $1,000 – $200,000…. maybe $500,000.

Happy Filmmaking,

Dov Simens / Dean / Hollywood Film Institute



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Want to Produce, Write, Direct?  Want facts… not theory?

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12 comments on “GUARANTEED FILM SUCCESS (The 7 Step Process…But Start At-The-Bottom)”

  1. Dov, You are the best! I have read hundreds of books on filmmaking, directing, producing, acting, video and television production, post-production and anything else I can get my eyes locked to. However, no matter what I’m working on, or reading, I take time to read your stuff, because you speak your mind with NO BULL, and cut to the chase (pardon the movie pun) on how to realistically get a film made and released. I love your teachings and of course utilize your techniques wherever and whenever I can. Thank you. -Mark Anthony Besozzi, independent producer

  2. Tom Snyder says:

    Like No. 6 and 7, but the script advice on No. 3 focuses on technical aspects and not enough on story. A successful script should have a beginning, middle and end, with a clear premise, good jeopardy and rising conflict, and preferably with an inspiring, uplifting resolution of the conflict and a positive message that actually focuses on what is advised in 6 and 7. The movie GOD’S NOT DEAD has a script that does all that and had one of the biggest ROIs in movie history.

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