HOLLYWOOD LIES. Huh? Oh-OK…IT’S MARKETING (The 4 Big Movie Lies… #3 Is The Best)


Oh-OK. Yes Hollywood lies. They lie big time but they don’t call it lying….They call it marketing.

Why do they call it marketing? Because they want to go to heaven and you can’t get into heaven if you lie…so let’s market.

HollywoodBullShit-3 (The Weinsteins, here’s Harvey, are definitely two of the best marketing executives in Hollywood…ever)

Marketing 101: Just like the Clintons call their bank account a Foundation (great marketing) and like Trump really wants to be president… (great marketing) for his upcoming TRUMP-TV Network (look out Fox, look out Beck…here comes The Donald).

Now back to Hollywood, lying (oops “marketing”) and knowing how you, as a first-timer, don’t get fooled or misled by some studio exec, network lacky, evasive agent or smiling actor-celeb into a false hope, spend 2-3 years waiting for the h=phone to ring as you graduate from three 12-Step programs and instead opt for not false-hope or fantasy but instead move on with your career…


First: We all dislike politicians especially when they, Republican or Democrat, refuse to answer a question, circumvent truth and opt for evasion…

Second: Hollywood (who calls Wash, DC “Hollywood for ugly people”) actually perfected this evasive answering method long before politicians and lobbyists discovered it.

Hollywood invented Pay-To-Play… The Clintons merely perfected it.

Hollywood invented marketing… Trump merely perfected it with “140 Characters & Spell-My-Name-Right”

Now let’s get into why no one in Hollywood will ever say “No” to you, invariably substitutes one of it’s 4 lies and misleads you into false-hope as they walk away… and the 4 lies are?



(1) THE BUDGET IS JUST UNDER…. (pick any dollar amount)

(2) WE’RE IN FOR 50% OF THE BUDGET…. (yeah, but what 50%)

(3) HOLLYWOOD IS LOOKING FOR TALENT… (yeah, and I’m the IRS and I’m here to help you)

(4) YOU’RE SCRIPT IS REALLY GREAT… (if it’s so bloody great why didn’t you option it)



HollywoodBullShit-2   HollywoodBullShit-2  (Get ready. No one in Hollywood ever says “NO”)

No one in Hollywood never-ever-never-ever will tell you the word “No”.

“No” as “we’re not financing”.

“No” as “I don’t like your script”.

“No” as “we’re not distributing”

“No” as every actor always says “I’m really interested



Because if anyone ever says “No” to you, for whatever reason, and you truck-on, persevere, gain knowledge, develop a skill, perfect it and actually get a project made that makes a lot of money…

You are now an integral part of the movie industry and for the rest of your life you will always remember that A-Hole who said “NO” to you, who didn’t believe in you, 12 years ago when you were first starting.

Thus, get ready for the perennial Hollywood “NO” which is usually stated like “we’re very interested”, “Lets do lunch”, “we’ll get back to you” or “I’d love to see your re-write” or “come back with distribution”.

Welcome to an industry that never says “No”

Happy Filmmaking,

Dov Simens / Creator / “2-Day Film School”



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2 comments on “HOLLYWOOD LIES. Huh? Oh-OK…IT’S MARKETING (The 4 Big Movie Lies… #3 Is The Best)”

  1. Edwin says:

    Dov, Im learning valuable lesson about film making. And what the real deal is involved to suceed. I hope I have enough balls to go after my dream.

  2. slope game says:

    The second is for the press and media and is called the BUDGET. It is usually 3–10 times bigger than it needs to be.

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