WANT TO DIRECT? (Got 4 Minutes? Learn the Directing Basics)


Want to Direct? Then learn the Directing basics.

Making a Movie is like building a building. After the Blueprint (aka: script) build the floor & walls… how you design the floor & walls is what’s called “style” or “art” and I can’t teach “art” or “style” but pour the foundation, get the floor and then put up the walls.

Now, let’s talk film making and directing. After you have the Script (aka: Blueprint) for each scene start with the Master Shot (the floor) and then get the 2 Mediums (the walls).

I repeat… First get the Master. Then get the 2 OTS (Over-The-Shoulder) Mediums. In the old days (50s-60s) this was called the Master & 2-Pops and perfected by the genius Filmmaker/Producer Roger Corman who mastered making money in movie making with little-to-no-money.

Below is, as Mr Corman’s Line Producer in the 80s, teach a first-time director, who probably went to a 4-year film school, the basics of directing and shot selection in 5-minutes.


A long time ago (mid-80s) I worked for a man, Roger Corman, who was called “The King of the Bs”.

The “Bs” are those tacky, visual, low-budget genre movies that starred “nobody” but always had the word “Blood”, “Zombie”, “Slime”, “Nightmare”, “Fatal” or “Final” or “Massacre” somewhere in the title with a lot of blood, cleavage and car chases.. that you ridiculed as Mr Corman walked to-and-from banks with 2 bodyguards to protect his earnings.

“Roger Corman made over 700 Feature Films… and he gives a 5-minute directing course”

(First off, Mr Corman’s movies were all called “Million Dollar Features”, but were made for $150,000-$200,000, and when done took them to the Cannes or AFM where he sold (actually “Licensed”) them to 35 nations (Spain, Israel, Germany, Australia, France, Turkey, Malaysia, etc.) or territories (Scandinavia, East Africa, Benelux, Middle East, etc) for $10,000-$75,000 each.

When you multiply 35 sales times $10K-$75K for a movie that he made for $150K-$200K, you discover he made a profit…. Then in North America he would release it D-T-V (Direct-to-Video) for additional profits and today to any of the On-Demand (Streaming) Platforms for additional profits… “not bad”

Smart man.

Plus Mr Corman is credited with launching 100s of directing careers from Scorsese, to Cameron, to Coppola, to Sayles, to Dante, to Demme to… who made these tacky movies… And he gave each one a “5-Minute Directing” course.

I should know because I was his Production Manager / Line Producer on several shoots and noticed that he always let the first-time director, that he knew knew little about the mechanics of low-budget film making / direct prepare for the first shot… but 5 minutes before first shot… he would always ask them a question, which they didn’t know how to answer and then he’d give them his “5-Minute Directing” course.


Again, Mr Corman, once he hired a first-time director he’ld allow him/her to run around for 3-4 weeks doing pre-production then he’ld come to the set, about 10 minutes before first shot was scheduled, and ask the director, who has never directed a feature film before, “Do you know how to get a Master & 2-Pops”?

The young director would usually look at Mr Corman with the gaze of a dear caught in headlights mumbling “Master. Yeah. 2-Pops? Huh?” and Mr Corman now knew the kid knew close to nothing about directing except theory, theory, theory…

Mr Corman, now 10-minutes before first scheduled shot, on Day-1 of the shoot, now knowing the director knew nothing about getting a “Master & 2-Pops” would explain it in 5-minutes leaving 5-minutes for a question…and this became the “Roger Corman 5-Minute Directing School”

It is simple.


(Get a Master. Get The 2-Pops)


As you approach each scene, in a low-budget movie, your priority is always… get it DONE!

“Michael Bay directing a Master Shot”

Thus, start with a Master Shot which is (A) pull the camera back (B) put on a small number (18mm-30mm), almost wide angle, lens that (C) sees the entire set and all the actors and props that is on that page of script typing and say (D) “action”…wait till the scene is done and (E) say “Cut”.

You got the Master.

The scene is covered. This is not Rocket Science.

It might take you 2-3 Takes to get an excellent Master Shot, of the entire scene, but do not attempt any other shot until you first get a good Master.

1st Get a Master. Remember that… “1st Get a Master”.

2nd GET 2-POPS

Once, you have a good Master (do not proceed to a Medium or a Close-up until you first get a Master) you have a small sighe, because the scene is covered with a Master… then you the same scene again, from beginning to end a 2nd time, but this time with a Medium Shot frame using a 35mm-50mm Lens of the scene/actors and then, once gotten, reverse the camera 180-degrees with the same 35-50mm Lens from the beginning to end a 3rd time and you now have 2 Medium Shots, from reverse angles, with the same actors and same dialogue that is in the Master Shot.

“Eastwood, a directing pro, always gets 2 Mediums after a Master”

(You now have the 2-Pops… or the 2 O-T-S (Over-The-Shoulder) Medium Shots

That is the Master & 2-Pops….



Close-Ups can be shot with 100-150mm Lens showing just the actor’s face… These are “Action Close-Ups”

And, Close-Ups shot with 100-150mm Lens can also be quickies of extras or atmosphere people in the scene who are doing a physical gesture (no dialogue) that shows them reacting to the acting close-up… These are called “Cutaways” (need something to cut-away-to) and are also called “Reaction Shots”.

“After a Master and 2 Mediums Spielberg always thinks Close-Ups.”

(Now turn on tv. Watch a one-hour drama and you will notice that each scene has a Master & 2-Pops, plus, a bunch of close-ups, and you will go “Oh, OK, I got it”.



This is merely a 5-10 second wide-angle shot that shows the Building, the Town, the Street, the Valley, etc. where the entire scene, covered with a Master, 2 Mediums & numerous Close-ups is about to take place.

“Minghella, just like Bay, Eastwood and Spielberg knows how to point for the press photos to look like a director… now, always make sure you point… and look like a director”


Hello Directors… Do not reinvent the wheel, especially when you have little money to afford little time to direct a scene and make your mind think in this order to maximize your coverage… Thus…

“Women, the secret to directing, after learning how to point, is to get a Master Shot, then Mediums, then Closeups and an Establishing Shot”

1st: Get a Master.

2nd: Get the Mediums (2 Reverse Angle Over-The-Shoulder)

3rd: Get the Close-Ups (Action & Re-Action)

4th: Get an Establishing Shot before you leave the area.

That’s it… “it ain’t Rocket Science”.

When building a house… first get the Floor, then the Walls, then the Roof and some Windows & Doors.

When directing a movie… first get a Master, the get the Mediums, the Close-ups… and don’t forget an Establishing Shot.

Happy Filmmaking,

Dov Simens


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  1. Hugesuccess says:

    Your explanation and writing …exquisite. Your point is much better then talking about “art” part. Get floor and walls done, that’s the required minimum. On time, on budget. And then you can get to Architectural Digest front page, if you have “talent” or determination. It’s so inspiring and liberating to know what is a “must do”. I’m learning English language and I can understand you perfectly. That’s addictive regardless the topic lol, you’re so talented. I wish I could downdload your English, excuse my mistakes

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    not sure how <> fits in the context used above.
    sighe is a temporary marriage arrangement some moslem sects okay but others do not allow

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    I’m looking for an agent Dov – can you find me one please?

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    Great article about directing. Thank you, Dov.

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    Thanks for this tips, I will definitely make a movie of my own soon More of this

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    Brilliant advices! It motivates me so much to push myself out of my comfort zone!

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    If you aspire to be like Spielberg, start with the basics and learn from Corman.

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