20 PARADIGM TALENT AGENTS Who Rep Larry Fishbourne, Ed Oneill, Jada Pinkett-Smith, Mark Harmon & You? (Try #15)


Yo Actors! Yo First-timer Thespians! Want a Talent Agent? Of course you do.

Last week’s post I discussed Literary Agents and gave a small chat on do you want an agent from one of the Big 7 agencies (100-500 agents) or a Boutique Agency (15-20 agents) or a Mom-n-Pop Agency (2-10 agents) if you are a screenwriter and gave a list of 10-15 mom-and-pop agencies with their addresses.

Now, lets talk Talent Agents for actors and do you want representation from a Big 7 Agency, or a Boutique Agency or a hand-holding Mom-and-Pop agency?

Well remember, of the 250-300 licensed agencies, that represent actors in Los Angeles, there are the Big 7. That is the phrase for an agency that has 100-500 agents that represent not just actors, but also Writers, Directors, Singers, Comics, Cinematographers, Athletes, etc. and have the ability, from within their own clients, to package them together and create projects.

So Howzabout a compromise. Lets take the smallest agency of the Big 7. Compromise?


Of the Big 7 (WME, ICM, CAA, UTA, TGA, APA) the smallest, and likely most personal (not guaranteed) is Paradigm Agency,,, why not give them a shot at  being allowed to represent you as an actor?

A phone call or a stop at their office can’t hurt.


HOLLYWOOD/WEST COST OFFICE: 360 N Crescent Drive, N Building, Beverly Hills, CA 90210  (TEL: 310-288-8000)

BROADWAY/EAST COAST OFFICE: 360 Park Ave South, 16/F, New York, NY 10010  (TEL: 212-897-6400


(ONE) SAM GORE (Chairman)

(TWO) NORMAN ALADJEM (Head of Talent)





Paradigm-Talent-4 Carl Franklin, Director (“House of Cards”), is a Paradigm client

(TEN) WENDI GREEN  (Youth, Talent Agent)
(TWENTY) SHAWN SCALLON (TV Talent Coordinator)

LaurenceFishbourne      JadaPinkettSmith

Laurence Fishbourne, Jada Pinkett Smith, Mark Harmon, Ed Oneill are just some of the talent that Paradigm reps… and with respect to writers they Stephen King…


The saying is “You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make him drink”.

OK actors. Here is a list. Remember, “You are unique. You are an original.” And, you are only 1 Cattle-Call and 2 Call-Backs away from a paying career.

Therefore, take your headshot. Mail ’em. Scan ’em. Fax ’em. Bring ’em. Who knows what happens.

Do the legwork. You are only in control of the legwork. God is in control of the results.

Do the legwork.

Give it a shot.


Yes, if you want to be put up for the big-gig Casting Calls on Studio Features, Network series and TV commercials… you will need an agent.

You can get a list of licensed agencies from the SAG (Screen Actors Guild) office in LA, NY, Chicago, Memphis or 10 other cities in America.

In the interim, think about the (A) Big 7 packaging agencies and (B) the small mom-and-pop offices… and if you can’t decide where to start…

Commence with Paradigm Agency. Why not?


Have any of you actors (lets throw in writers, comics, singers, athletes & authors) ever tried getting representation from Paradigm? What happened? How far did you get?

Come on. Share. Share. Stories. Stories.



I’m Dov Simens and I look forward to giving you unfiltered information on how to launch your career as either a Writer, Producer, Director or Actor


Happy Filmmaking,

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10 comments on “20 PARADIGM TALENT AGENTS Who Rep Larry Fishbourne, Ed Oneill, Jada Pinkett-Smith, Mark Harmon & You? (Try #15)”

  1. Nurhanisah says:

    I don’t know of any in the UK and any of the travel agent jobs all reqiure travel agency experience and experience in the Galileo system. Good LuckReferences : Was this answer helpful?

  2. Sara Dee says:

    There are other considerations to think on here in the UK search – for- an – agent market. What agencies know what casting directors.? What agencies are tied to what sales agents? What agencies are willing to work with what directors? Are they theatrically biased or screen savvy, interested in young or older talent or both, do they deal with commercials or extras?

    Many agents do not advertise such limits but looking more closely you can see where their true expertise lies and who their main contacts could possibly be.
    I believe beginning an agent search in the UK comes down to looking at the credits of films or theatre productions you feel you might most likely be placed in as a product yourself. Then finding out who each cast member is represented by and try to spot the patterns that, hopefully, pin-point to specific agencies that would find you marketable, or those you know you would feel most at home with.

    So, first, you have to realise what your selling points as an artist truly are and work from there OR take a good look at your body of work and see where your casting lies. then look at film, TV, theatre actors and begin the process above.

    As for going to take your head-shots and CV direct to the offices. I did this and covered 20 agencies in one day and did the same, undeterred, with casting offices. Every time I entered the office I met with a receptionist, security or a PA, NEVER the agents them selves. Except for on two occasions, my details were taken with the merest glance to my face and thrown on a pile for delivery. If you live even a few streets away from a casting director that works from home and advertises their address as their place of business, post is still preferable. The one casting director I met this way, sweetly and politely told me casting directors found it an invasion of their privacy to be tracked down and personally visited. The only times I’ve arrived at a casting directors office and not only met them but was welcome, was when their office was set up in the studio grounds where they were working on a particular film at the time.

    In the UK all the seminars and workshops I’ve attended, that were hosted by casting directors and agents, told me the same thing time and again, “only get in touch when you can be seen (in the UK theatre is still a big draw for ‘respected’ talent) or have news worthy of their attention”. Once this is established, then, go online and look each person / company up and see how they prefer to be contacted, post or e-mail, via their website or not at all. Then write briefly a succinct note with your news or reason for contacting them. Be aware if the casting director is working or not, right at that moment and if you’ve met any of those you are contacting, remind them of your previous encounters.

    It’s a lot of work to undertake and it has taken me, at most, one whole working day for one person to be researched before constructing the most appropriate letter and sending the most appropriate details to them.

    So, given my experience there emerges two points of reference that is becoming increasingly the most important issue when choosing an agent, how well connected they are and do those connections support my aspirations?

    For casting directors I’d ask the question, do they work with anyone I know or admire in the medium I tend to work within? I make no apologies for this. If we are all seeking excellence there are always parameters that will ensure this and the saturated market and competitive nature of the business means we all must know where our focus must be, especially ‘initially’.

    As an actor I have to be on top of my game with or without work to inspire me, that is expected as part of my job. I must consistently be given good reviews and be judged well both personally and professionally, to be known and approachable to the right people in the industry and to support my agent in the search for work. To do that job effectively and efficiently is easier with the support base of an agent with many connections and casting directors who most easily understand my ‘talent’ even if that be the ‘broad versatility’ or ‘specific genre’ of where I am most market-ably accepted, for want of a better term. In time and given opportunity, those horizons may change.

    I am seeking a new agent, since the unforeseen death of my last. I am faced with a minefield of overwhelming information and a knowledge that the best agent is more likely to approach me than the other way around. If one does again, as is the case with all my previous agents, my research and parameters may be blown out of the water and my considerations will go back to the basics, ‘can I work with this person and do trust them?’

    I continue to harvest information and will make choices based on the parameters that hone my focus and will, when my busy schedule of work allows me time, yes the British Indie films are thriving well, target those I can be of most benefit too and them, in turn, to me.

    Thank you for this opportunity to speak my mind.


  3. moses says:

    am an actor and movies story writer i have written 30 movies which five are seasonal i am looking for a good agency who can get me a company who will produce my movies, but i have to be the lead character, my genre are action adventure sci-fi. animation .i need a reply ,thanks

    1. Tom says:

      Since this is the No Bull Blog, I figure this is the No Bull Comment section.

      Moses, judging by your syntax and your lack of punctuation, I’d have to say your writing probably isn’t very good. Also, to have the idea that an agent can get you a production company to make your 30 movies, you obviously have no idea how this business works. Further, to have the idea that you can demand to be the lead in all of them (or even one of them), you really are clueless. You have a lot of research and learning to do before you get to that point.

      Instead, what can you do? Well, you can start making your own product, and that is what Dov’s website and class is all about. Look into it, and quit waiting for someone to give you permission (or to discover you on a blog comment section). Do it yourself and start getting noticed.

    2. Freddy says:

      Wow, Moses. You are a complete know-nothing. Start with less complicated endeavours like ABC’s and basic grammar. You couldn’t have written a more incoherent comment if you dropped marbles on your keyboard. The writing world doesn’t need anymore Troy Duffys. Good day, Sir.

  4. nonzwakazi sankqela says:

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  5. Heather N Channel says:

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  6. Yvonne says:

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  8. Kenneth Crane says:

    I am looking to provide some ideas for sci-fi series including several STAR TREK franchises. I have contacted Paradigm before but I’ve received no answer, do Paradigm accept one page ideas, and if so, how do I contact a relevant agent directly? Thanks

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