SELL YOUR IDEA: Movie, Sitcoms & Reality

Ideas do sell. Not often but they do sell.


“Yo Dov, I need an agent. Do you know one?” is probably the most common question I’m asked.

And yes, I know hundreds (below is a list of Talent Agents, Literary Agents, Music Agents, Production Agents, Packaging Agents, etc.) from just one Agency but first you need to know the true job of an agent.

Let’s get real: Agents are not here to (A) sell your script or (B) get you a job; Agents are here to (C) maximize your revenue potential after you have (A2) sold your script or you have (B2) already started a career, with name recognition, for the forthcoming year.

I hope you heard (oops “read”) that… Agents are not hear to sell ideas from non-marketable people.

Thus, you must first become marketable and then you will get an agent to maximize, now that you are marketable, your revenue potential for the forthcoming year.

To get marketable you have to either make a No-Budget, Micro-Budget or Ultra-Low-Budget Movie that gets distribution or at least get a YouTube Channel with 1-3 million views of everything you post.

Thus, “You must make the first sale or get the first above-the-line title on a film, that obtains global distribution, so now an agent can call and say “I represent the WRITER-OF, the PRODUCER-OF, the DIRECTOR-OF….” Which means you are marketable!


But if all you have is an idea (I’m sure it’s great, but who doesn’t have a great idea) then you better first write it on paper (2-3 pages, double spaced typing) with a Title Page that states in parenthesis ” ( ) ” “Treatment For Feature Film” or “Treatment For Reality Series” or “Treatment For TV Sitcom” and register it with the Writers Guild ( at a cost of $20-25 and now you have proof of what you created.

For always remember “No one owns an idea”.


REALITY CHECK: Always remember, “celebrities”, “marketable names”, “hot directors” can sell ideas… Now you… you, not being one of those three must, at a minimum, write your idea, make it tangible and obtain proof (date of registration or date of copyright) of when you created it, then attach yourself (aka: partner) to a “celebrity name”… who has a track record of delivery.

But you still are asking me for some agents…. and all you have is an idea. I’m telling you its gonna be useless. But I promised in this Posts Title to give you 50 Agents so here goes…

I’ll pick an agency, PARADIGM.

They are the smallest of the “Big 6” agencies and have offices in LOS ANGELES, NEW YORK & NASHVILLE with hundreds of agents.

I’ll give you the names of 50 agents at Paradigm. FIVE-ZERO! FIFTY!

No more excuses. Now, pick up your phone and call…but (A) are you marketable, (B) do you own something (ideas are not ownable) and (C) do you have proof of an ability to deliver.

DovSimensFilmSchool      (Before phoning I do advise attending any one of my affordable ($89-$389) film programs… The4 next Hollywood (Live) 2-Day Film School dates are… SEPTEMBER 13-18 or DECEMBER 10-11, 2016)

In the interim, assuming you are A, B & C (see above) here is a list of Paradigm Agents.

PARADIGM (Los Angeles)

360 N Crescent Dr, N Building, Beverly Hills, Ca 90210 (310-288-8000)



  1. Norman Aladjerm (Talent Agent)
  2. Alisa Adler (Talent)
  3. Ryan Bartlett (Talent)
  4. Nate Bryson (Talent)
  5. Carlos Carrerra (Talent)
  6. Jason Cunningham (Talent)
  7. Jim Dempsey (Talent)
  8. Chris Dennis (Talent)
  9. Wendi Gree (Talent, YOUTH)
  10. Jack Kingsrud (Talent
  11. Jennifer Millar (Talent, YOUTH)
  12. Stephanie Ramsey (Talent)
  13. Brad Schenck (Talent)
  14. Chris Scmidt (Talent)
  15. Steve Small (Talent)


  1. Jeff Benson (Literary)
  2. Debbee Klein (Literary)
  3. Bill Douglas, TV Literary)
  4. Doug Frank (TV :iterary)
  5. Jeff Greenberg (TV Literary)
  6. Ian Greenstein (TV Literary)
  7. Rich Rogers (TV Literary)


  1. Andrew Ruf (Financing)
  2. Greg Chou (Financing)
  3. Nick Lopiccola (Financing)
  4. Valerie Phillips (Financing


  1. Steve Wohl (Alternative Programming)
  2. Dan Ilani (Alternative Programming)
  3. Cameron Kadison (Alternative Programming)


  1. Frank Blakin (Physical Production)
  2. Jay Gilbert (Physical Production)
  3. Brian Goldberg (Physical Production)
  4. Gil Harari (Physical Production)
  5. Michael Kirschner (Physical Production)


  1. Joe Atamian (Music, Monterey Office, California)
  2. Fred Bohlander (Music, Monterey Office)
  3. Jessica Christensen (Music, Monterey Office)
  4. Lynn Cyngari (Music, Monterey Office)
  5. Chip Hooper (Music, Monterey Office)
  6. Jonathan Levine (Music, Monterey Office)
  7. Duffy McSwigim (Music, Monterey Office)
  8. Bobby Cudd (Music, Nashville Office)
  9. Steve Dahl (Music, Nashville Office)
  10. Jeffrey Hassan (Music, Nashville Office)
  11. Brian Hill (Music, Nashville Office)
  12. Kevin Huffman (Music, Nashville Office)


  1. Matt Frost (Comedy, New York Office)
  2. Nate Herweyer (Comedy, New York Office)
  3. Kevin Kastrup (Comedy, New York Office)
  4. Seth Malasky (Comedy, New York Office)

Happy Filmmaking,

Dov Simens


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4 comments on “GOT AN IDEA. NEED AN AGENT. TRY PARADIGM. (WME, ICM, CAA, UTA & APA Won’t Handle You… Try Paradigm)”

  1. Hello says:

    Do you have to be marketable if you wanna be an actor? Make movies first/youtube/be marketable and then get an agent. Do you know another way( be marketable first is impossible for me, too complecated, don’t blame me)?? let’s say like with modeling agencies: Just come there and if you LOok right they will take you ( there is no garanty you’ll be the next naomi, It up to you. But the process is the same anyway, if you know what i mean)

    is it the same with acting agencies or no?

    Acting teachers and their techniques, workshops,casting directors books …so much bullshit in acting , i read read read and i still don’t know how it works. I have a lot of energy but i don’t see an easy and very doable way to get into this without making a movie myself:(

  2. Eric Banks says:

    I need an Agent

  3. Anyim Chidera Favor says:

    i need an acting agent

  4. Henry Larry says:

    It is clear that marketability and tangible proof are key before seeking representation. Appreciate the thorough list of Paradigm agents provided here.
    High End Cabinet Design in Prairie Village KS

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