CAA is Alive & Kicking…

Please do not think that CAA is hurting.


Creative Artists Agency (aka: CAA) is alive and kicking.

Yeah-yeah you read about the defections to rival agency United Talent Agency (UTA) but I hope you’re not feeling sad for CAA for they still have “power”…

They still have Kevin Huvane (Head Motion Picture Talent), Rob Light (Head Music department), Bryan Lourd (Managing Partner Talent) & David O’Connor (Motion Picture Literary) going strong and they still are making deals… and maybe their vulnerability or alleged turmoil might result in an opportunity for you… Who knows…

Last week the Hollywood Reporter published 28 deals in the past week with CAA making the most to include deals for ZACH BRAFF, GLENN CLOSE, KEANU REEVES & JEREMY RENNER…and even deals for Writer/Producers like Joel Surnow


And the Deals Were..

(1) ZACH BRAFF: Has joined Josh Hutcherson, another CAA client, and joined forces with JAMES FRANCO to star in the adaptation of John Steinbeck’s “IN DUBIOUS BATTLE”

(2) GLENN CLOSE: Working wit the law firm LOEB & LOEB has gotten big bucks for her to star in the dystopian drama “SHE WHO BRINGS GIFTS”

(3) KEANU REEVES: Has been packaged with JIM CARREY and DIEGO LUNA for Vice’s “THE BAD BATCH”

(4) JEREMY RENNER: Performing more as a producer is developing a medieval drama “KNIGHTFALL” for the History Channel

(5)  JOEL SURNOW: A Writer/Producer (“COMMISH”, “MIAMI VICE”, “FALCON CREST”) has just signed with new agent Brian Pike and has directed his first Feature Film “SMALL TIME” which will debut shortly.

Here’s the point… CAA is alive and well…

And you say “you want an agent” or “you need an agent” well here are 20 for you whether you are a Writer, Director, Actor or even a Jock…

Yes, I know that won’t take your phone call. How do you know? Have you called? Have you even tired?

All I know is “if you don’t call… nothing is guaranteed to happen”… Everything leads to something… Give it a shot or even drop by and have lunch or coffee in their office snack bars… This is how the fairy tale stories become real…



ADDRESS: 2000 Avenue of the Stars, Los Angeles, California 90067

PHONE: 424-288-2000

20 AGENTS (as promised):


Michael Cooper, Ara Keshishian, Rick Kurtzman. Joel Lubin & Larry Galper


Dan Rabinow, Billy Hawkins, Jay Baker, Craig Brady & Nancy Chou


Nancy Jones, Janine Argirious, Joseph Cohen, Matt Horowizt & Bill Zotti


Nez Balelo (Baseball), Lean Rose (Basketball), J P Barry (Hockey) Andy Pierce (Golf)  & Ben Dogra (Football)

Now, write your script, register it with the WGA, copyright it with, get your logline or pitch together and either (A) pickup the phone or (B) put your body where the action is.

Last week I was waiting for my wife to finish her medical check-up (Cannon Dr, Beverly Hills).

I had 30-minutes to kill. So I bought a cup of coffee ($2.75, with room for cream) and walked over to WME (William Morris Endeavor, 9601 Wilshire Blvd).

I took what they call the “Smart Elevator” (go ahead give-it-a-try) to the third floor, strolled past the receptionist who queried (“Can I help you), I responded (“No thank you”) and sat in the waiting room for 15-minutes and said hi to Lawrence Bender (Tarantino’s former Producer) and Michael Moore…

Even asked Michael if he’s going to do another “Roger & Me”… cool.


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  1. Renae says:

    Hi my name is Renae Watson I’m a creative writing I would like to know if your company represent children writers?

  2. Tiago C. says:

    Hi DOV,

    I’m a director with a 1st feature with theatrical release in portugal and nominatend for best action feature of the year in Los Angeles at the AOF festival.

    I’d like to get an agent specific for directors. I can see you provide a lot of list for every kind of agent. But can’t seem to find Director Agents.

    Is it possible for you to point me out some agents that could be interested on a young director in my situation?

    P.S. I am going to in Los Angeles for the next 10 days


  3. Ba says:

    Please help me to get the OSCAR for the Lead actress!!!

    Sincere thanks

  4. Anshu says:

    Hi I am from India. I am vey much interested in acting in Hollywood, is there a chance for me?

  5. Candace says:

    Looking for a literary agent for my upcoming book. If interested, what are your requirements for sending my manuscript? Thanks in advance.

  6. Alexander Dusek says:

    The next great animated feature treatment and script is sitting on my desk. Need help to move it to Pixar, Disney etc. Need expert to put me on the right track.

  7. Zox says:

    I’ve made a postmodern, experimental art film POP UP with my collaborator Cru. So far this year it has won twelve international film festivals and counting. It is 56 mins perfect for Netflix, Amazon Prime and the like. Who would be the best agent for this type of film and how can I contact them? You can view POP UP on my website.
    Thanks, Zox

  8. Rich says:

    Ok, have a writing that I have been doing for over twenty years, that can be formed into a movie, about the results of recovery from a major car accident. With examples, from being in the hospital, and awakening from a coma, from a major car accident 81101, was sleeping when 91101 happened, (coma)! Was thinking of creating a biography of it, but books come as a dime a dozen now adays! I would be open to being interviewed, to see if this can be an ideal film, which it can and should be! I have formed multiple versions of it, now have it as the fall of a castle, with numerous ways to rebuild the castle, which is the person who has been injured! An example I gave provide is the idea of the mote around the castle, which is used for the protection of the castle, the mote can also represent the therapists, that are assisting a person to regain the functionality, back to self actualization. With additional thoughts!

  9. Henry Larry says:

    Fascinating insights into CAAs ongoing success. The lesson here is clear: take the initiative make that call and who knows where it might lead. The world of possibilities awaits.
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