ENTERTAINMENT ATTORNEYS (In Hollywood Attorneys Have Power… Here’s 40… Pick One


Want to Produce, Write or Direct? Then you will have Talent Contracts, Producer Agreements, Writer’s Options & Distributor Deals.

You need an entertainment attorney if you want to play with Hollywood.

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Entertainment Attorneys have power. Power works. They make deals happen. They know where the money is. They know what the money wants. They know how to make the deals.

However, here are the problems with entertainment attorneys…”they’re A-T-T-O-R-N-E-Y-S……. Duh”.

Everyone hates attorneys and I am no different. However a long time ago I heard the saying that “Attorneys are like oil. No one likes it. No one wants to touch it. It is sticky. It smells. It is dirty. It is grimy… However, if you want to own a Ferrari or a Mercedes or a Porsche they need oil.

Hollywood Attorneys are like oil, and sludge (Yuk), and grease (Yuk), and grime (Yuk) but without them Hollywood will not work.

No one wants them. No one wants to touch them. But I guarantee you… you will need one… so why not get the best.

So here is my list of the most POWERFUL entertainment attorneys. They are the Deal-Makers. They are the Power Brokers. But never, ever forget…”they are A-T-T-T-O-N-E-Y-S”.

They will say whatever you want them to say, they will agree with you and then tell you (A) here’s my hourly fee ($350/hour low to $1,500/hour high), (B) here’s my retainer ($10,000-$25,000) and (C) please sign this…. And….

Now, here’s my list of the Top 40 Talent Attorneys:


  1. TALENT ATTORNEYS (Hiring or Firing….Actors, Writers, Directors, etc)
  2. LITIGATIION ATTORNEYS (So you wanna sue…. Distributors, Contract Enforcement)
  3. CORPORATE ATTORNEYS (Want to be a Merger or Acquisition… Deal-Makers & Power-Brokers)
  4. LABOR TALENT (Got a union issue, you screwed up your waver)

40 POWERFUL TALENT BROKERS (They are all Attorneys, Google their names & firms & research)

GloriaAllred-1     GloriaAllred-1 (Don’t worry Gloria, no matter what you think of her, is not consider a Power Attorney, with respect to Dealmaking, and is not on the list)

  1. Karl Austen
  2. Jake Bloom
  3. John Branca
  4. Harold Brown
  5. Melanie Cook
  6. Ernie Del
  7. Warren Dern
  8. Patti Felker
  9. Sam Fischer
  10. David Fox
  11. Michael Gendler
  12. Allan Grubman
  13. Tom Hansen
  14. Alan Hergott
  15. Barry Hirsch
  16. Jam Jackoway
  17. Craig Jacobson
  18. Matt Johnson
  19. Joel Katz
  20. Debbie Klein
  21. Kenneth Kleinberg
  22. David Lande
  23. Linda Lichter
  24. Joel Mckuin
  25. Bob Myman
  26. Peter Nelson
  27. Jeanne Newman
  28. Robert Offer
  29. Lee Phillips
  30. Bruce Ramer
  31. Ken Richman
  32. Lawrence Rose
  33. Paul Schindler
  34. Nina Shaw
  35. Jason Sloane
  36. Gary Stiffelman
  37. Steve Warren
  38. Alan Wertheimer
  39. Bryan Wolf
  40. Kevin Yorn         I hope you understand how comprehensive this list is…. My attorney, along with a Deal-Maker attorney (not listed, to follow in another post), who is representing my China Film Academy & ChinaMovieStudio.com is on this list….   These attorneys oversee $2-$3 Billion/year in deals for Writers, Actors, Directors & Producers…. Google. Get their firms. Get their phone numbers. Give a call. They usually will take the call… but be ready for them to say “My Retainer is”
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