GET AN AGENT: THE SECRET (Power Agents come from Power Attorneys… Top 25 are)


Yes you need an agent.

Further you need a Hollywood agent powerful enough to get calls answered and, of course, knows how to sell scripts, create packages, attach names, take meetings with deal-makers and help with pre-sell financing.

And the secret to securing a powerful Hollywood agent is to retain a powerful Hollywood attorney and literally buy your way into the system.

However, to succeed, remember, you will still need (A) talent, (B) great scripts, (C) marketable packages and (D) a work ethic.

(Be sure the agent is (A) licensed and (B) has a bookkeeping department to monitor your earnings.)

Now, how do you get one? A real one.

Not just someone that says “I’m an agent” and B-Sh*ts about Hollywood contacts and 30 years in the industry… A real one… And a “real agent” is hard to find… never-the-less have a face-to-face meeting to do that “Elevator Pitch” you’ve been practicing for the past 12-15 months…

Now, how do you get a face-to-face meet with a powerful Hollywood agent?


There are over 100 licensed talent or literary agents/agencies (How to Get a Talent Agent License view… that are in Los Angeles alone.

The Big 7 agencies, with over 200 agents each are…


(2) CREATIVE ARTISTS AGENCY (424-888-2000)

(“Want to partner with Clooney or sell your script to the Coen Brothers? Have your attorney call their attorney.”)

(3) THE GERSH AGENCY (310-274-6611)


(5) PARADIGM AGENCY (310-288-8000)

(6) UNITED TALENT AGENCY (310-273-6700)

(7) WILLIAM MORRIS ENDEAVOR (310-285-9000)

Again, so you say “You need an agent.”      OK.

Above are seven phone numbers to call where there are at least 1,400 Literary, Talent or Packaging agents.

The saying is “You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make him drink.”

Oh OK. So what you are really saying is “you want someone to get-you-an-agent.” 


There are 5 groups of people who, because of their power, credibility or bankable contacts, have the ability to get-you-an-agent.

These 5 groups are.






Further, of the 5 groups the absolutely easiest one to get… “to get-you-an-agent”, is the entertainment attorney…

Now, important point…. Attorneys are not F-R-E-E.

Entertainment attorneys love saying how great you are, how great your idea is, how wonderful your script is, dazzling you with their contacts, their experience, their expertise, their past deals and how to get yours made… then comes…

(A) HOURLY FEE ($350-$850/hour)

(B) RETAINER ($10,000-$50,000)

Below is a list of power entertainment attorneys who make deals with 3-5 agents daily and it is simple for them, once retained, to have him/her set up 2-3 pitch meetings for you… but be careful. Why? Answer: They’re attorneys!

Contact details (address, phone, e-mail) for the below 25 Power Agents, and their respective law firm, is easy to find by simply Googling.


(1) KARL AUSTEN (Jackoway Tyerman Wertheimer…)

(2) DANIEL BLACK (Greenberg Traurig…)

(3) JAKE BLOOM (Bloom Hergott Diemer…)

(4) HAROLD BROWN (Gang Tyre Ramer…)

(5) JOSEPH CALABRESE (Latham & Watkins)

(6) MELANIE COOK (Ziffren Brittenham)

(7) CHRISTINE CUDDY (Kleinberg Lange Cuddy…)

(8) CRAIG EMMANUEL (Loeb & Loeb)

(9) MATTHEW ERRAMOUSPE (O’Melveny & Myers)

(10) PATTI FELKER (Felker Toczek Gellman…)

(11) BERT FIELDS (Greenberg Glusker…)

(12) BRYAN FREEDMAN (Friedman & Taitelman…)

(13) CLIFF GILBERT-LURIE (Ziffren Brittenham)

(14)PATTY GLASER (Glaser Weil Fink…)

(15) ALLAN HERGOTT (Bloom Hergott Diemer…)

(16) KEN HERTZ (Hertz Lichtenstein & Young)

(17) JIM JACKOWAY (Jackoway Tyerman Wertheimer…)

(18) DALE KINSELLA (Kinsella Weitzman Iser…)

(19) LINDA LICHTER (Lichter Grossman…)

(20) SCHUYLER MOORE (Stroock & Stroock & Lavan)

(21) KEVIN MORRIS (Morris Yorn Barnes…)

(22) ROBERT MYMAN (Myman Greenspan Fineman…)

(23) PETER NELSON (Nelson Davis)

(24) JEANNE NEWMAN (Hanson Jacobson Teller…)

(25) PIERCE O’DONELL (Greenberg, Glusker Fields…)

These are the most powerful attorneys, with their respective law firms, to contact… The saying is “You can lead a horse to water but you…”

The rest, the dialing, is up to you.

Happy Filmmaking,

Dov Simens / Dean / Hollywood Film Institute


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4 comments on “GET AN AGENT: THE SECRET (Power Agents come from Power Attorneys… Top 25 are)”

  1. richard says:

    hi, l am Richard from West Africa Ghana and l need help l need to get a movie agent so badly .Of course an American one .I just wanna live my dream as an hollywood actor

  2. Val says:

    Dov, don’t die until I become an AAA-list actor and say a special thanks thing to you. Or would you rather prefer just a silent thank you $$$ check? I just need to be prepared. I’m thankful already. All I have to do is “…horse to water… make him drink”. Okay… okay!!! Just wait, I’m coming

  3. Marris-Ray Lawson says:

    August 16, 2019 Friday 12:30 PM East Coast Time.

    My name is Marris-Ray Lawson, I am the originator of the Chrysler Mini-Van and Maxi-Van which I presented to Chrysler back in 1972. I never received recognition or compensation for my Concept Vehicle.
    I wrote and had published a novel: Sheryl, Lost In Ecstasy – By MRL. “I have not received Royalties in ten years.” My Novel can be found on Amazon, and is being published and distributed in several countries.
    I now have three finished manuscripts: Sheryl, Lost In Ecstasy (revised), and Once In A Life Time, and Johnny, that I wish to have published in one Novel. New York Attorney . Alan J. Kaufman received copies of all three manuscripts but has shown no interest at all in helping me with my problem.
    I have a Star Ship Imitative manuscript – By Marris-Ray that I would like to see made into a movie, but I do not have the Hollywood connections.


    Marris-Ray Lawson
    20158 Vermander Ave.
    Clinton Township, Michigan 48035-4721

    MRL Enterprises, Inc.
    561 Keystone Ave. # 685
    Reno, Nevada 89503-4304 USA

  4. Henry Larry says:

    Thanks for this insightful breakdown. It is clear that navigating the Hollywood industry requires strategic alliances and persistence. Your list of power agents and attorneys is invaluable for those seeking to break into the scene.
    Auto Car Detailing Services in Hampton Bays NY

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