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The secret to getting a Hollywood Agent is… there is no secret and, no matter how many books you read (google “Samuel French” for books at, and they are all good, they’ll tell you about head shots, acting classes, the union, your support team, your monologue, who’s casting, how to get sides, cattle calls & auditioning if an actor and…


(“Jeremy Piven, in HBO’s “ENTOURAGE” played a power agent with secretary and assistants. When you call, get the secretary’s name, google assistants and now be a pleasant-pain-in-the-ass.”)

…If a writer writing spec script(s) for tv (sitcom or drama) and film (independent and studio budgets), who’s buying, what their paying, what the writer’s union is, how to get in, what scale is, writing contests, how to enter, writing instructors, how to do coverage, tv fellowships and writing scholarships, etc… but not one book gives you a solid A, B, C, D, E of what to do… to get one.


There is no clear A, then B, then C, then D, then E process… everyone, now famous, has a unique story on how they first got representation… with the only common denominator is that they almost all came to Los Angeles… yes, you might go to Manhattan, if you want to be a Broadway (stage) actor (TIP: Don’t try Broadway if you can’t sing and dance), and forego Los Angeles for the glamour of Broadway and energy of New York…

But there is no clear A, B, C, D & E.

So let me give you an A, B, C, D & E which, with respect to getting an agent, will start you.

A. Go to LA (OK, maybe NY)

B. Get a list of Agents.

C. Do your homework.

D. Be a pleasant pain-in-the-ass.

E. Turn it over to God.


Point again… “There is no one way to get an agent.”

Thus, use the below list of agencies and simply start calling… Something leads to something… that leads to something.

I call it be a pleasant pain-in-the-ass.

Call. Be polite. Say thank you. Tomorrow, call again.

Be persistent. Call back again and again and… Ask whoever picks up the phone for a restaurant or a juice stand or where to go for shopping ’cause you’re new to LA…who you are on the phone with is just a person and now you are talking to a person… they will recommend something.

Call back three days later and thank the person for that restaurant or juice stand or whatever was great.

But, before you to call go to each agency’s website (see below), get names, facts and gossip about the agency and get ready to strike up a conversation.

I think you are getting the point.

The secret is be persistent, be patient, accrue information, gain knowledge, take acting classes if actor and write scripts if a writer, develop your skill, find an apartment (Studio City, Burbank, La Brea, WLA or Culver City), enjoy life, take more acting classes, write more scripts, enjoy our sun and keep calling, say thank you, calling, say thank you and… something will eventually happen.

Now let’s see how much talent you truly have.

In the interim, here is a list of the most powerful Hollywood Agencies with almost 1,200 agents.

Start calling, do your legwork and turn it over to God.



1,165 HOLLYWOOD AGENTS (Call the 6 Top Agencies)

Actors… got your head shot? Writers… got your script?

Now get ready to turn it over to god.

Start calling. Accept rejection with a thank you. Don’t get frustrated. Gather a new tidbit of information and call again. A

It’s a numbers game and all you need is one “Hmm, send me what you got.”


(“Amy Schumer is repped by UTA (310-273-6700), Carrie Byalick (212-334-033) for Management and Shreck Rose (212-832-1958) for legal”)


1st: APA (Agency for Performing Artists)

SIZE: 3,400 Clients… The Kardashians, Gary Oldman, Wesley Snipes, Kevin Hart, Bethenny Frankel, etc.

STAFF: 325 Employees and 210 Agents


PHONE: 310-888-4200


2nd: CAA (Creative Artists Agency)

SIZE: 5,000 Clients… Robert Downey Jr, Jennifer Lawrence, Melissa McCarthy, Matthew McConaughey, Peyton Manning, Derek Jeter, etc.

STAFF: 1,500 Employees and 320 Agents


PHONE: 424-888-2000



(“JK Simmons is repped by UTA. Talent agent is Stephen Hirsh (212-997-1818) in NY office with Doug Kesten (212-897-6400), also NY office, for commercials.”)


3rd: TGA (The Gersh Agency)

SIZE: 2,000 Clients… J.K. Simmons, Patricia Arquette, Tobey Maguire, Drew Carey, Jamie Foxx, etc.

STAFF: 175 Employees and 75 Agents


PHONE: 310-274-6611


4th: ICM (International Creative Management)

SIZE: 4,500 Clients… Ellen DeGeneres, Gal Gadot, Shona Rhimes, Chris Rock, Beyonce, Chistopher Lloyd, Celine, Jerry Seinfeld, etc.

STAFF: 400 Employes and 200 Agents)


PHONE: 310-550-4000



SIZE: 2,500 Clients… James Wan, Mark Harmon, Larry Fishbourne, Jada Pinkett-Smith, Stephen King, 1,000s of Music Artists, etc.

STAFF: 370 Employees and 160 Agents


PHONE: 310-288-8000



(“Coen brothers, here with George Clooney, are repped by Jim Berkus & Rich Klubeck (310-273-6700) at UTA.”)


6th: UTA (United Talent Agency)

SIZE: 3,000 Clients… Johnny Depp, Angeline Jolie, Channing Tatum, Judd Apatow, Joel/Ethan Coen, Chris Pratt, Will Ferrell, etc.

STAFF: 500 Employess and 200 Agents)


PHONE: 310-273-6700


Start with these power houses but also get a list of all licensed agents, to include  mom-and-pop and boutique agencies, from the Writer’s Guild ( and a second list from the actor’s union ( by going to their websites and downloading.

Now, smile and dial. Miracles do happen…

Hope to see you at either my December 9-10, 2017 or April 21-22, 2018 weekend film school.


Welcome to Hollywood,

Dov Simens



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  1. Paul Preciado says:

    I want to get my union card

  2. I love how you have laid it all out for us “crazy by default”–those who “believe” they are meant for Hollywood, but have yet to prove whether such is “actually” true.

    And you are right. You are soo right. There is no real A, B, C. That is what’s ultimately wrong with Hollywood. They all fly by the seat of their dumb ass pants. There is no structure, no defined approach, no hope really but for “turning it over to god”.

    One day, I’m going to die, or change this asinine shit.

    So says Troy Franklin May.

  3. Ramadan Abrahim says:

    Comment…hello sir I want to be an actor in Hollywood
    please help me out.

  4. Zimasa Stempa says:

    I’m from south africa I do not have much but I think I have a good movie idea it’s raw coz it’s still in the idea stage I need help to make it to a move so far it’s just a story I believe in it but I dnt have the tools to take it father and I’m all the way in south africa I’m not a writer I’m a normal low class lady with one big dream to make one or two movies to prove to myself I can do it I dnt know where to start so I will leave my email address below

    1. Zimasa Stempa says:

      😟 I’m Zimasa I’m xhosa speaking so my English might not be on point but I hope someone understands me so please help

  5. Paloma García López says:

    I write to you because, for about ten years or so, the quality of the translations of films and series from English into Spanish has sunk terribly, to the point that I am watching a film and recognise which expression is in Spanish because it is a false friend.
    I assure you your translations are worrying.
    Example of false friends:
    1. Commodity translatated into Spanish as comfortable when it is a product
    2. Facilities as easy when it means amenity
    3. The so much used word and expressed “fuck” in all its forms is ALWAYS wrong.
    4. Oyster hamburger. I could not believe what I had just heard “a mollusk hamburger”. Obviously, they meant an ostrich hamburger.
    5. Horrible grammar mistakes in Spanish, like wrong use of subjunctive and conditional.
    Because of my passion of cinema, series and translation and more than 20 years translating all kinds of documents (I am also an interpreter) I would like to contribute to making much better translations; trust me, sometimes you don’t understand what they have just said.
    I love cinema and I love English, and I would even love more that you gave me the opportunity of showing what is an EXCELLENT TRANSLATION:
    What I always do: writing a translation that does not sound as a translation because there are not false friends or any other expression that reminds the spectator that he or she are watching the film in Spanish.
    I just wanted to tell you that here in Spain there too many agencies that charge a considerable amount of money to the client but pay very little to translators, so most of them are students or youngsters that ARE British, but have no idea what a translation is. They don’t even know the grammar or anything about their own language.
    I have more than 20 years of experience translating all kinds of documents and I even hold degree of translating films, besides two University degrees (Law and Translation and Interpretation, proficiency and two masters)
    My passion for films, series translation and the English language is such that I would just love to work with you and write excellent translations that will seem to have been shot in Spanish, which is important because of the huge Spanish speaking people in the world.
    Then, I have written to you because nowadays the problem described with bad translations from English into Spanish is huge. Sometimes it even sounds like Spanglish. A couple of days ago I was watching one of your films and the translation was full of mistakes.
    I send you my CV in case you want to work with me, a professional, experienced and independent translator.
    The key is that a translation should ALWAYS sound as if it had been written in Spanish from the start and that is how I work.
    Best regards,
    Paloma García
    My telephone is +34 663341511/

  6. Joan McCaarthy says:

    To Whom This May Concern,
    I am a author of several published books. I have one in mind that would make a excellent movie if read by a movie agent. Can you help me get in touch with one or more movie agents, and I can get in touch with them.. This is very important to me. Thank you for your time, and understanding. Joan McCarthy (My cellphone is 352-270-0018, you can leave a text, or write me in person with all the information needed as follows: Ms. Joan McCarthy, 5806 SW 107 Street, Ocala, Florida 34476

  7. emeka onyekwere charles says:

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    Who sacrifice all he got to charity..what about a story of synagogue the body of Christ which has been self depending..Acts 20/28,when are the lost souls..i get someone talked to them about second grace to God salvation.i guess a freewill.lm emela onyekwere C.a talented movies narrator/scripts.reach me 2348065290741.a lots of Oscars waiting.i deemed.

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