SCREENWRITERS & WME (NY) AGENTS (There are 100s of Script Agents in NY… Phone one!?)


SELL YOUR SCRIPT: Your Screenplay is written. It is in the correct Format. No stage directions. No shot numbers. You grab-the-reader on Page-1.

Further, your script has great dialogue, simple exposition, wonderful story, perfectly placed plot points, crisis and resolution executed precisely as those Writing Gurus (McKee, Truby, Seger, Hauge, Martell, etc.) preach it…. Your coverage came back “Must Read”… It’s registered. It’s copyrighted…. You’re ready…

However, you need an agent, your an East Coaster, and do not live near Hollywood.

WME-Building     WME-Building (This is WME’s Beverly Hills exterior. Look for a similar sign on a Manhattan High-rise… Matter of fact why don’t you, next time in NY, drop into their office, with your script a cup of Starbucks, sit in their lobby… who knows what might happen)

Not a problem. Why? Because each of the top 6 Hollywood Agencies, with 100-500 agents, have an office in New York. Below is one of the largest WME (William Morris Endeavor) and I shall give you (A) their address, (B) their phone number and (C), most important, the names of 10 TV & Motion Picture Literary Agents to ask for….


ADDRESS: 1325 Avenue of the Americas, New York, NY, 10019

PHONE: 212-586-5100

AGENTS-1 (Goddard is correct. Now get an agent. And, if you can’t, on another post I’ll explain how to get an attorney… who can make it happen.)

(1) ERIN JUNKIN… (TV, Literary)

(2) SUZANNE GLUCK… (Head, Motion Picture Literary)

(3) ERIC SIMONOFF… (Head Motion Picture Literary)

(4)  CLAUDIA BALLARD… (Literary)

(5) TRACY FISHER… (Literary)

(6) ERIC LUPFER… (Literary)

(7) BILL CLEGG… (Literary)


(8) JOHN BUZZETTI… (Head, Broadway Literary)

(9) JONATHAN LOMMA… (Theatre/Stage Literary)

(10) SUSAN WEAVING… (Theatre/Stage Literary)


There is no secret or quick trick to getting a proper agent, who can phone the Development Executives at Production Companies with Studio Deals, or call the Distributors directly and have their phone call accepted… so that your agent can say “How excited he/she is for this new literary talent they have signed” and either desire to “Send over his/her Spec Script” or “Set a Pitch meeting.


Welcome to Hollywood even though you are in New York, or Philadelphia, or Boston, or…

Plus, if you desire more in-depth info on how to Write, Produce or Direct then I look forward helping you with either of my 3 super-affordable Film School Programs ( )

Happy Filmmaking,

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14 comments on “SCREENWRITERS & WME (NY) AGENTS (There are 100s of Script Agents in NY… Phone one!?)”

  1. Mikhail says:

    Yes I need this

  2. I live in Austin, Texas 512.608.5962 belong to writer’s guild West. I like the assertiveness of New York people.

    I am a posted Finalist at the Cannes 2016 Film Festival. (among other awards elsewhere). My script is called Elisia. Logline: a homicide Lt. Fears his pregnant coed daughter is the next victim of a supernatural murder. It’s based on a sparse Philippine folklore visiting Los Angles.

  3. Timothy Madison says:

    My life is in danger,I have a true story about a National Champion to sophisticated organized crime.Please help, a devious poisining on my personal allowed me to have the most potential. I’m new and need help getting the story out. Please hear me out,PLEASE!

    1. Dov Simens says:


      You must get the story on paper, regsitered and copyrighted. Then you must partner with a production company that has a Development Deal with studios… All the info on how to do so is at

  4. John Provo says:

    Genre : Comedy-Drama

    1. Marvin Gibbs says:

      Hello , I’m a passionate story-teller and writer. I have always had a passion for movies and love to create stories that entertain people and come straight from the heart. Comedy and Drama I have 2 screenplay films available. I’m so ready for this type of career

  5. John Provo says:

    Genre : Comedy-Drama

  6. zeeshan says:

    Hello. I have some science fiction scripts never written and I do not know how to sell it, I am from Barcelona Spain I want a little more information Thank you for your time I await your response.

  7. zeeshan says:

    Hello. I have some science fiction scripts never written and I do not know how to sell it, I am from Barcelona Spain I want a little more information Thank you +34631908042

  8. Scott says:

    Hello, I live in Western Kentucky, two hours from Nashville. I noticed there is an office for WME there. I have few finished screenplays, is there anyone I can talk to there, or is it just centered on Music?

  9. Salvatore A. Bono says:

    Logline: A rock drummer is resurrected after being unjustly executed, finding himself in an unholy alliance with a renegade pastor. But while trying to clear his name, his daughter is kidnapped, forcing him to confront Satan to save his child’s life.

  10. I am a freelance writer and want to make a movie

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