VIRTUAL REALITY FILMMAKING (VR Agents & VR Screenwriting…The Secrets)


Yes, VR (Virtual Reality) Filmmaking is here. It is not a gimmick. It is here forever.

VR-3 (VR is fascinating but remember “must wear headsets”… Thus, loose the social aspects of the cinema experience)

VR is perfect for the gaming industry. It is also perfect for the tourist/travel/nature industry…. “Do you want to go to Egypt and experience the pyramids” or “Do you want to climb Everest” or “Go over Niagara Falls” or “Stand in the middle of a heard of…”

VR is already being utilized massively for Trade Show booths… And it will be used day-in and day-out for the Real Estate market allowing buyers to do “walk throughs” at-home… And, of course VR is perfect for the Porn industry.

Now, who is going to make the first VR Feature Film that is a MUST SEE (repeat “MUST SEE”) and you can only see it with (A) these headsets with (B) this Console or (C) using this camera… and (D) the proper Audio System.

The battle, at the moment, is for hardware and what company (Headsets, Cameras, etc) gets to become the standard… and the winner will come from which company (Sony, Samsung, Google, etc) creates/finances the VR program (aka: Movie or Weekly Series) that is a MUST SEE.

Want to be rich-n-famous then make a Must See, more-than-likely, micro-budget (think “Blair Witch”) VR movie.

But the MUST SEE starts with the script, and then the shooting of the script *yes, shooting VR” and the shooting of the script comes down to acting and acting comes down to dialogue and dialogue comes down to talking and talking comes down to Microphones… Audio & Sound…

Yes I repeat want be rich and famous as a VR Filmmaker, then of course think story, but also you must think Microphones… Audio… Sound… or to be precise… VR Microphones… VR Audio… VR Sound.


Now before you go half cocked and invest in a 16- or 32-camera (Black Magic or GoPros) rig to shoot please-please-please think S-O-U-N-D.

VR-Sound-VERGE  (No matter how great the visual “if the audio sucks… it sucks”)

Yes, there are VR cameras that you can buy or rent (just Google “VR Cameras”) to capture images and yes these cameras are perfect to use for Gaming VR, or Travelogue VR. or Tradeshow Booth VR… for they do not depend on synchronized sound.

These cameras can even be used for Porn VR for truly who cares about porn dialogue… Be honest.

However, when you have a movie idea and commence with a script please-please-please think about how you are capturing sound-sound-sound assuming the main actors (primary plot), within the scene, are in the center and your viewers’ eyes, for whatever reason, decide to wander to the left or right or to the background actors at 3:00 or to the actors at 6:00 or 9:00… yes, the eye, the visual is relatively easy to shoot…

Now how do you capture the simultaneous-synchronized sound for the actors in the background, the sub-plots that are occurring at 3:00 and 6:00 and 9:00?

“Ah there lies the rub”, as said by William.

Just some food-for-thought when unleashing your creative juices.


Now, knowing the limitation of shooting VR, when taking 360 Degree Sound into consideration, who is going to be the first that actually makes a VR Movie that is, at a minimum, 90-minutes running time, with a primary A-Story, 40-50 Scenes, and 3 B-Stories that resolve themselves and all come together in a satisfying crisis & resolution?

VRCamera-1 (Sample of one of the first VR Camera rigs. They’re no longer this bulky.)

Remember think sound-sound-sound.

Again, be the first. Do it for Low-Budget ($200-500K) to Micro-Budget ($50-100K) or No-Budget ($10-$30K) and you will be “under the radar” and no one will be able to criticize you.

Now, let’s get back to story…. “If it ain’t on da page; It ain’t on da stage”


Think for example a one-location story (aka: script) that takes place in a Courtroom.

The Trial.

The Jury. (sub-plot)

The Judge.(sub-plot)

The Defendant.

The Attorneys (sub-plot)

The audience (sub-plot of the above 3 sub-plots)

Stories upon stories occurring simultaneous to interconnected with the primary story…. and it is all going on over 90-minutes. Sort of the Ayn Rand’s book “Night of January 16”.

DovSimensFilmSchool (Hopefully I have your creative juices flowing and can inspire you into action)


Let’s jump ahead and assume you have the great idea for a VR Movie and maybe you even have the script (90-100 pages. see above) properly typed that is an excellent story but (here it comes) you need money.

Then get an agent. Get a VR Agent. Or at least get an agent who is the head of his agencies’ Digital Department.

Here is a list of the six major agencies that each have a Digital Department.

William Morris Endeavor (WME), International Creative Management (ICM), Creative Artists Agency (CAA), United Talent Agency (UTA), Agency for Performing Artists (APA) and Paradigm.

Do your homework, Google & Bing, and discover who is the head of the Digital Department for each of those agencies and phone, scan, deliver.

Last week Variety newspaper (July 22, 2016 issue), a Hollywood weekly trade, had a two-page article on Digital & VR Agents.

Some of the names mentioned were….





Happy Filmmaking

Dov Simens


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