2,000+ SCREENWRITING & WRITING JOBS (Movie, TV, PR… Staff, Copy & Assignments… Pick one)

2,000+ WRITING & SCRIPTWRITING JOBS (Staff or Copy or Assignments)

Writing & Selling Screenplays is not difficult… once inside the industry.

Writing-4(TIP: Write a sample 25 page sitcom spec script of a present running series)

Securing TV staff writing gigs is not difficult… once inside the industry.

Pitching and Selling new ideas is not difficult… once inside the industry.

Now, how does one get “inside the industry”?

Whether it be Films (Independent or Studio), TV Scripted, TV Non-Scripted, TV Gaming, TV News, Electronic Gaming, Copy, Press Releases, even Technical Writing the key is to (1) get your first writing job, (2) do the job great while (3) simultaneously writing 2-4 Spec (aka: Speculation, write-for-free) Scripts.

Now, once in the industry, being paid to write and doing it very well you will have tons of contacts and be able to get someone, who will read your script and take your career to the next level (assuming your script is great) by either purchasing it (option agreement) or repping you (Literary Agent) to obtain better paying tv staff writing assignments and, simultaneously, set you up with “pitch meetings” to present your Spec Scripts.

The question then becomes… “How does one, an outsider, find their first writing job”.

The answer is simple… Google-Google-Google. I just did and was pleasantly shocked at what came up so quickly.

I Googled “Movie Writing Jobs” and the below 5 sites (Craigslist to Entertainment Careers) were the first to pop up on Page 1 with over 2,000 Writing assignments.


I’m a firm believe in (A) write a sample, (B) give a call & submit and (C) turn it over to God. Why don’t you try any of the below 5 sites.

Writing-9 (Writers write & Thinkers Think. If you say you’re a writer… move-your-fingers!) 






295 LA Writing Jobs




114 Los Angeles Writing Jobs




724 Staff Writing Jobs




283 Film Writer Jobs


Dov Simens Filmmakers Master Class     (Day-1 of our “2-Day Film School” (Sep 16-17 or Dec 10-11) has a 3-Hour great Screenwriting Crash Course…. www.WebFilmSchool.com)

Happy Filmmaking,

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Real Knowledge. No-Theory. No-Bull.


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  1. Jordan says:

    I simply just want to take my creative mind and ideas and create what my imagination sees on to paper and the big screen.

  2. Gabrielle Holloway says:

    Always appreciated your style

  3. saiyan watch says:

    Hellо, І enuoy reading throuigh yοur article post.
    I ike tо ԝrite a lіttle cοmment to support үou.

  4. saiyed ashraf meer meer says:

    i am from indore m.p. a film script writer member of fwa andheri mumbai also a nice lyrics . a urdu poet , can you help me about this matter . i can write on any topics . as adventure . love , mystery . suspence .. can i get a writing jobs in indore .. you send your thoght summery i will devlope in story thanks saiyed ashraf meer –as meer indori

  5. neiljiohu says:

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  6. Henry Larry says:

    Great insights on breaking into the industry. I appreciate the practical tips and the resource links for finding those initial writing gigs. Excited to take the first step towards my writing career.
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