PARAMOUNT, SONY & DISNEY ARE HIRING…. Discover 1,086 Paying Movie/TV Jobs


Studios like Paramount, Sony & Disney are hiring (yes…today) over 1,000 Producers, Writers, Administrators, Co-ordinators, Marketers, Analyzers, Directors today…. Why are you waiting?

Hurry up Google, Search, Log, Apply it is not difficult.

Oh but you are not sure where to search. OK. I’ve done it for you.


Below are the URLs (thank me later) for Jobs, Positions, Internships & Careers (all paying) at 3 of the 6 major studios…. Paramount, Sony Pictures & Walt Disney.

Bonus: 30% of these jobs are international (Germany, China, Australia, South Africa, England, etc.) so don’t apply if (A) you do not have a solid understanding of the Film Industry (see below) and (B) your bags are not packed and you are not ready to go.

272 PARAMOUNT Jobs & Internships (Movie & TV)

Get on the lot with Dr Phil, BLACKLIST, DOCTORS (all TV) or hang with a movie star while walking from stage-to-stage.

And, to get your first job on-the-lot as either an assistant, an intern or tour guide, researcher or even a paying position go to (click below)…. 


461 SONY Global Movie/TV Jobs

Even though Sony is close to bankruptcy and everyone on-the-lot jokes that “If it ain’t nailed down… it’s sold”. SPE (Sony Pictures Entertainment), post it’s recent e-mail debacle, is still making tons of money and hiring, hiring and hiring.

To find the jobs, the pay, the positions, the careers and even the tour guide, mailroom and intern positions go to (click below)…

SONY-1     SONY-1

353 WALT DISNEY Global Movie/TV Jobs

Hey, wanna hang with Goofy, Pluto and Dumbo. Or maybe you have a great idea for a new Ride or App. Got a reality tv idea that is great for the family and perfect for Disney to license to every nation in the world.

One step-at-a-time. Lets first get on-the-lot with a paying job. Do it great. Meet and Network. Have lunch. Socialize and Network some more…and fascinating things happen.

Just as I stated in yesterday’s Post “Disney presently has 353 positions (aka: jobs) available and numerous internships and tour guide positions. You gotta start somewhere.

There you are… 1,086 movie & tv jobs at major studios on 4 continents. Now, the saying is “You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make him drink.”

The saying is “You can lead a horse to water but you…..” The rest is up to you.

Happy Filmmaking


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37 comments on “PARAMOUNT, SONY & DISNEY ARE HIRING…. Discover 1,086 Paying Movie/TV Jobs”

  1. Jeff McCormick says:

    It would be a huge honor for me to work for Sony, Paramount Pictures, and Disney.

  2. Mikhail Mnatsakanyan says:

    Hi My name is Mike and I want to try

  3. Jim Hayes says:

    I’ve been a filmmaker for 17 years in Denver. I would love the opportunity to advance my career!

  4. Sam Linder says:

    I have a movie that’s a prequel to the Incredibles movie!

  5. Anna says:

    I want to be there/ I’m a filmmaker from Moscow / I want to make kids horror movies! Hey SONY! Let’s do it!

    1. Matilda says:

      On est d'accord. Je rajouterais Coehlo, Gavalda et Stephanie Meyer (même si je suis sûre de mal l'écrire = elle ne vaut pas la peine que je cherche son nom) au panthéon des auteurs qui bénéficient d'une reconnaissance inÃieprc©hensoblm.Et comme toi, j'adore lire les Queen Betsy.

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  6. Thomas Overton says:

    I am so interested in writing for Sony or Paramount. It would be a dream come true.

  7. Kenan says:

    My name is Kenan ,I’was engineer back to my country and I came for master program 2010 and graduated. 2011, I got a chance to help and worked my Dp friend’s movie ,then I started to help him almost 6 mounts then I became a camera asistent for him and now I’m working as a freelance Dp almost 2 years.
    I shoot many tv program and some short films and commercial.
    I m a chess player, master of kickboxing and kungfu.
    I wanna be a good cinematographer and it will be honor to work with Sony.

  8. I am Nollywood film Actor in base in Nigeria. Look forward to feature in any of the SPE

  9. I am a Nollywood film Actor base in Nigeria. Looking forward to featured in the SPE projects. To make a dream and be an inspiration to others. Thanks

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  13. Kate Sharma says:

    You can also consider networking with industry professionals or attending industry events and film festivals to gain more exposure and make connections. Good luck with your career aspirations!

  14. reptarmpl says:

    Where can I sign up?

  15. Brielle Luna says:

    If given a chance, I would definitely love taking an opportunity to be able to work on these great and successful companies!

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