SCREENWRITING JOBS (Best Writer Job Sites. 436 Writing Gigs. Click & Apply)


Attn Writers: Coming to Hollywood? Want a Screenwriting job? Want to be paid to write?

Freelance writing jobs are available. Find the one for you and start your career.

Below are the top 10 job sites for writers for Southern California.

But remember, it is not difficult finding where writing jobs in Hollywood are, what is difficult is having the writing skill and landing the job.


(Many writing jobs on the sites below, especially for Script Coverage, allow you to work from home.)


From Screenwriting, to Technical Writing, to Copy Writing, to Re-writing, to Blogging, to Editing…

Writers are always needed in Hollywood. Below is the top 10 sites for Southern California writers…








  • (FOUR) INDEED: LA,-CA-jobs.html


(“Be an Independent Reader. Do coverage. Script coverage, $65-$125/script, is Hollywood’s most common Writing Job.”)

  • (FIVE) MONSTER: LA,-ca.aspx


  • (SIX) SCREENWRITING STAFFING:—script-searches.html




(“There are 50,000 scripts registered at the WGA annually that get a 2-3 page synopsis.”)








The saying is “You can lead a horse to water but you…..”.

Above are the sites. Learn to do coverage. Peruse. Apply.


Happy Filmmaking…

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10 comments on “SCREENWRITING JOBS (Best Writer Job Sites. 436 Writing Gigs. Click & Apply)”

  1. Kwasi Kumi Darko says:

    Am a screenwriter in Africa Ghana, I also need a screenwriting job, but it looks like the opportunity is only for Californians, please can I also apply.

  2. Eveginia says:

    Comment…Am a first year student in Kenya currently studying mass media and communication,,i can write plays,poems and novels but finding that opportunity to write and be paid for is so difficult here but i really need a writing job,am so passionate about writing and i would really be grateful if i found a job in Hollywood.. thank you in advance.

    1. Anathi says:

      Hey Eveginia, don’t know if you are looking for a permanent job or what but some freelancing would help and get you somewhere. Dont know if this would help but check this site out

  3. Comment…want to join up am an writer and an a/v editor

  4. jj says:

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  9. Raza says:

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