Remember, You are Unique. No one looks like you.

IMPORTANT: Please-Please make those Headshots “look like you”… Not like how “you’d like to look”.

Now, got your headshot. It shows that you are unique and original… not just another guy with a “6 pack” or girl with 36DDs

Let’s get your headshot to Hollywood Casting Directors.

But the real ones



Here is a list of 6 real Casting Directors.



606 N Larchmont Blvd, Suite 311, Los Angeles, CA 90064

ATTN: Ani Avetyan



650 N Bronson Ave, Pickford Bungalow, Los Angeles, CA 90004

ATTN: Elizabeth Barnes



4000 Warner Blvd, Bldg 28, Suite 2100, Burbank, CA 91522

ATTN: Brett Benner



10201 Pico Blvd, Bldg 310, Room 304, Los Angeles, CA 90064

ATTN: Juel Bestrop



5933 West Slauson Ave, Suite 201, Culver City, CA 90230

ATTN: Sharon Bialy


SIX: E! Entertainment

5750 Wilshire Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90036

ATTN: Melissa Bilchik


I would of given you their phone numbers or e-mail but knew that you’d do a token call or some done query e-mail asking what are they looking for (which by-the-by know one knows) and wouldn’t receive the “Oh where have you been all our life response” and then quit.

Above are the addresses.

Take the headshot that spent so much money and time getting. Put it in an envelope, put the envelope in your car, sit in the driver’s seat and drive to the office.

Once inside learn to be a “Pleasant Pain In The Ass”.

Drop off your headshot. be polite and notify them (very politely) that you’ll be back next week.

Next week notify them (very politely) that you’ll be back next week.

It’s a numbers game… Eventually, there is going to be a part that is perfect for exactly the way you look.


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 ***** NO-BULL *****



9 comments on “6 HOLLYWOOD CASTING DIRECTORS… Who Actually Cast”

  1. sunny says:

    Thank you. Godbless!

    1. Jazmine Gomez says:

      Hello I’m Jazmine Gomez. I’m 13 years old and I am known as a triple threat.

      My Experience:
      Voice Lessons-Adam Belle
      Voice Lessons-Ashley Meade
      Dance-Veriti Stager
      The Little Mermaid Jr.-Gull
      Alice In Wonderland-Cheshire Cat 1
      Jungle Book-Jungle Voice 2
      Knight At Dawn-Keenan
      The Little Mermaid-Ursula
      Never Omay With Dead Things-Host
      Aladdin Jr.-Narrator 3
      Beauty and the Beast-Belle
      My strengths are singing and acting. I’ve worked with Garett Bettersworth Who now attends the Studio School in LA. I’ve worked with Zander Herrera who now attends Oklahoma University for Musical Theatre. I’ve worked with Hannah Peyton who now attends Arizona State for Musical Theatre. And I’ve worked with several former Texas state strutters.

  2. William Bell says:

    Hey this is William Bell in dallas texas the information helped alot thank you. An I like how you kept everything real god bless was a plus.

  3. Anthony Araujo says:

    Hello, how Are you doing.? Hopefully doing well….okay I’ll Get straight to the point.! it is my destiny to become An Actor, i I’m the one person out of those mIllions of people that is differnt.! i Am An Actor, i just need one shot to prove it, it would be the best thing you ever did l.! so listen to your instinct And Give me A ring I promise you won’t regret it.! thank you very much.!

  4. Isaiah Quigley says:

    Hello! My name is Isaiah Quigley and I am 17 years old with a great passion for filming and being on stage. I’ve been in theatre for a pretty long time and I’ve experienced many obstacles that I’ve overcame. I take voice lessons and partake in musicals in my school and outside of school. I’m hoping to achieve my dreams. Email- quiggz77@gmail.com

  5. Deepankar Malhotra says:

    M Actor or Dancer.

  6. Robin Adair Hays says:

    Hey Dov, I attended the film institute about 20 years ago and thanks to your no frills, no bull, but hot hot hot truth about filmmaking, I followed your advice and avoided wasting time on shorts. I am now Emmy nominated in production and acting and have won awards as an actor/filmmaker. I’ve worked with Lou Diamond, Jason Alexander, and Billy Bob. I own my own production Company filming many diverse projects, recently produced a feature western “Crazy Woman Creek” currently in editing, with 6 more scripts in “pre-production” . Anyway, just dropped by to say hey and to say, I paid attention and you rock Dov!! Blessings, Robin Adair(Sparks-Hays)

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