You have the script and you’re sure it’s great… not a single word needs re-typing… It’s written. It’s registered with the WGA. It’s copyrighted with Library of Congress. Then you’re ready to go.

Then send it to the Buyers… Buyers being Production Companies that actually hire writers, option properties and make movies.

Here are 8 that have their name start with a number.


  1. 100% TERRYCLOTH             ATTN: Terrence Michael (Producer)
  2.             310-393-8585 (Contact@TerenceMichael.com)
  3. 1801 Ave of the Stars, # 1150, Century City, CA 90067


  1. 1019 ENTERTAINMENT                        ATTN: Terry Botwick & Raplh Winter (Partners)
  2.                         323-645-6840 (Info@1019ent.com)
  3.             1680 N Vine St, #600, Hollywood, Ca 90028


  1. 10 BY 10 ENTERTAINMENT                        ATTN: Brad Austin & Ken Mok (Principles)
  2.                         310-575-1235
  3.            1960 Sawtelle Blvd, Suite 200, Los Angeles, CA 90025


  1. 1821 PICTURES                        ATTN: Billy Piche, Paris Laise & Terry Douglas
  2.                         310-860-1121 (www.1821Pictures.com)
  3.             205 S Beverly Blvd, #206, Berverly Hills, CA 90212


  1. 19 ENTERTAINMENT                        ATTN: Peter Hurwitz (President)
  2.                         310-777-1940 (inquiries@19Entertainment.com)
  3.             8560 W Sunset Blvd, 9/F, West Hollywood, CA 90069


  1. 21 LAPS/EDELSTEIN                        ATTN: Marty Adelstein
  2.                         310-270-4570
  3.             10201 W Pico Blvd, Bldg 41, Suite 500B, Los Angeles, CA 90064


  1. 21 LAPS ENTERTAINMENT                        ATTN: Billy Rosenberg (VP, Development)
  2.                         310-369-7170
  3.             c/o 20th Century Fox, 10201 W Pico Blvd, Bldg 41, Suite 400, LA, CA 90064


  1. 25/7 PRODUCTIONS                        ATTN: David Broome (President)
  2.                         818-432-2800 (Info@257Productions.com)
  3.             4119 Burbank Blvd, Burbank, CA 91505


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  1. Talbert says:

    Hi, That for your interest but I try to reach those contact that you present as script buyer but no response.


    1. Joseph Nicholas says:

      Good day sir.
      My name is Joseph Nicholas, I’m a script or screenplay writer. I want to offer you a movie script. Its very interesting and has a lot of profit.
      Trust me you be famous than Marvel studio or DC Universe
      Message me back please

      1. Jack says:

        Ok let me see your idea message me on this platform

  2. Tang Mathew says:

    I am a creative writer with 18 screen plays to my credit. A series on women empowerment and a comedy with just 2 locations . I can bring out any imagination of a producer into reality screen play. 00237673920090 my contact

  3. Shabane says:

    Hi, I am an inspiring Scrip Writer for Film, but I don’t have an idea on how to write one currently I only have the ideas for the film (Hollywood film), can someone please guide me on how to go about writing the actually script except the concept (mind map).

    1. Great ezeji says:

      Okay it not hard call me +2348039877806

  4. ifeanyi says:

    Hi, That for your interest but I try to reach those contact that you present as script buyer but no response.

  5. Patrick Flenniken says:

    I have written an historical epic on the life of Vladimir Lenin titled LENIN. contact me at screenhope@gmail.com

  6. Have two screenplays i would like to submit. Action thriller and action comedy. Contact me at jgarrickcontaxes@gmail.com. thank you.

  7. Manoj Shah says:

    I’m Manoj Shah From Kolkata, India
    I have the Best Story and script too,
    I’m 220% sure that it will the best story for cinema History, If you implement everything as story required then this will the world’s most memorable and successful movie in cinema History….
    If you listen once I’m sure you can’t Say NO to because It’s totally different Idea,
    Believe me…..
    ( If you really interested then few condition from my side that let you know)
    Thank you

  8. Amazing.help me out, I got some scripts that talk for themselves. Advise.

  9. Naresh vyas says:

    Dear sir
    I want to sell my story for horror movies
    I am a Witter horror movies so everybody interested for purchase a horror story contact me on my cell number 7414027114 in India ( Rajasthan)

  10. Jason Gleason says:

    I have a 95 page 55 scene screenplay I want to sell. I would consider it a murder mystery. I want and need this more than ever. A former college writing professor told me I have vision and a natural talent for writing. I personally would say my screenplay isn’t totally 100% perfectly written but I studied online screenplays and wrote the format to the best of my knowledge. Thank you

  11. Jason Gleason says:

    I have a 95 page 55 scene screenplay I want to sell. I would consider it a murder mystery. I want and need this more than ever. A former college writing professor told me I have vision and a natural talent for writing. I personally would say my screenplay isn’t totally 100% perfectly written but I studied online screenplays and wrote the format to the best of my knowledge.
    Thank you


  12. Thabiso says:

    I’ve got a witty and entertaining Action Comedy scripts called #COP and #DEADLINE that I think would be great for any Producer or Agent to represent.

    Both scripts are available from the blacklist website. Please take your time and search for the writer Thabiso Joel Phehla (both scripts are under my profile).

  13. Abdullahi says:

    I have great movie scripts, i just need a chance to make it to the big screen. Please if interested belloabdullahi125@gmail.com

  14. N Dependent says:

    This blog is bull.

  15. Brian McLoughlin says:

    I want to sell my 123 page screenplay about a man and woman who fall in and out love…audiences will fall in love
    the surprise in every scene….not since the movie ‘Love Story’ has a love story been so moving and so genuine.

  16. James says:

    I have to laugh when I read these losers begging for someone to give them a shot. Most can’t even spell, so how the hell are they going to write a cogent, intelligent screenplay? Ans. They’re not!
    I went to the source for some ‘reality’ – and that was the answer. I queried Richard Carpenter re. writing a screenplay musical with ‘The Carpenter’s’ music. He was open and sincere. He gets 4 or 5 proposals a year & says ‘no’ to them all – but, here’s the interesting thing he told me – MY story line was the best he has ever seen and I don’t need his ‘permission’ to use most of the Carpenter’s music because most of it was music written by other composers. Duh. Why didn’t I think of that! Right – looking back, I realized he was right – a lot of their numbers were ‘re-do’s’ of someone elses copyright and ‘The Carpenter’s’ just ‘borrowed’ it for their own use (and, of course ‘paid’ for that exclusivity). So, now all I have to do is find a successful producer of musical(s), and, I did. LA LA LAND was the most recent, and after looking up the stats – $45 million invested, $450 million back – they have to know what they’re doing – right? Not necessarily. Three of the six producers are out of business and I think the other three are ‘shaky’. What’s a good screenwriter to do with a great property? I know. Find a GREAT AGENT!

  17. Iras says:

    Dear Sir,

    I have much honor to come towards you to seek a producer of love stories films.

    Indeed, I have a good love story that I have already written and I would like to propose you to read it first and then see if you can produce a movie with it.

    I speak fluently french and English and I can speak limited chinese. When you write use one of these 3 languages

    I will look forward to read from you.

    Here is my Whatsup number +242 06 945 36 91

    Much regards

  18. Blessing Samuel says:

    Hello Sir, I am a Nigerian, and I have two script to sell. One is sci-fi and the other is coming-off-age.

    Trust me, I know you may doubt my ability to write a script for Hollywood since I have never been there. I guess after watching so much of movies, reading up and understanding the every minute demands of Hollywood movies and what is missing from the market, I guess that’s what gives me the boldness to say it’s going to be a very good sell, especially with the fact that I am Nigerian.

    I’m not saying my script is so perfect but I can beat my hand on my chest to say the stories are unique and will definitely sell. I am willing to improve.

    You can WhatsApp me at +2348086500015. Thanks.

  19. Lorraine Pemba says:


    I am the author of Desperate which has been published on October 2021. I would like my fictional story to be on screen for a movie. The story talk about a psycho-maniac antagonist who is ready to abuse her entourage to get what she wants. My book is listed on Amazon.com, https://www.amazon.com/Desperate-Narcisse-Lorraine-Moungounda-Pemba/dp/1664109579/ref=mp_s_a_1_1?crid=33V742Q44MKEY&keywords=desperate+by+narcisse+Lorraine+Moungounda+Pemba&qid=1637854316&sprefix=desperate+by+narcisse+lorraine+moungounda+pemba%2Caps%2C150&sr=8-1

  20. Hi, my name is Collette Nlemchi. I have written about 8 movie scripts which i found at my garage 30yrs ago. I have one that is ready to go . It looked like i need to register it with Library of Congress. Back in the days , i have put it in an envelope and send it back to myself. .Text me at 8323129755

  21. I wrote a book, based on a true story. I need to make a movie out of it. If any producers or directors interested please contact me: faithbook0608@gmail.com

  22. Ritzzy says:

    Well i have an amazing horror movie for sale it’s totaly out of the box +2348087667962 totatlly worth contact me

  23. Paul Abah says:

    I have a finished action movie screenplay titled: SAVING ELEVEN. Here’s the logline:
    After the deaths of his team mates,wife,children, and nephew, a retired US Navy Seal Operative sets out to rescue eleven children who have been abducted from his Aunt’s day-care by a former ally.

    How much will an interested producer pay for my screenplay?

  24. John C. Cordora says:

    Copyrighted screenplay , My Dysfunctional Lithuanian Family. Tree story of my crazy maternal side of the family. Northeast PA. Looking to sell screenplay.

  25. Paul Bernard says:

    I have a romantic fantasy screenplay available for sale.
    Logline: The forces of the heavenlies and the inhabitants of the waters are on collision course when their heirs fall in love with each other.

  26. Al Anderson says:

    I will make this very short. my gift from God is my imagination ,and now some of it is on paper. Period !

  27. Stacy Makori says:

    I am Stacy and I have a sci-fi script which I would like to sell.

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