1,500 HOLLYWOOD AGENTS (How to Get One? Packaging, Literary or Talent?)


Yes you need an agent…an agent that gets phone calls returned, that believes in you, loves your ideas and specializes in the craft that you or your projects are in, such as… Talent, Literary, Packaging, Movie, TV, Non-Scripted, Music, Culinary, Sport, Speaker, Comics, Lectures, Commercials, VOs, Editing, Cinematography, Visual Effects, etc.

(The “Big 6” agencies, totaling over 1,500 agents, are WME, ICM, CAA, APA, UTA & Paradigm.) 


Now, cutting-to-the-chase here are the leading agencies in Hollywood, nicknamed the “Big 6”, and if you Google-Bing them with phrases like “talent agent”, “literary agent”, “non-scripted agent”, etc. you will get the specific names of agents you are about to target.

Once armed with the specific name of a “Big 6” agent, and you know some of his/her clients, it is now up to you to find a way to get a 1-minute one-to-one for your first pitch.

Everyone, now successful, has a different story of how they got their first agent with their first pitch…

What is your story going to be?

Now the “Big 6”.


(The Big 6)





(“CAA has over 1,000 agents. Surely there is one for you.”)














(“APA” packages (see below) include “Rosanne” & “Home Alone”.)





Now, with the “Big 6” Agencies, with 300-1,000 agents each, focus on the type you want; with someway of getting your first call answered.


Personally, I have a WME packaging (see below) agent specializing in non-scripted tv presenting four reality series (“Baby Spielberg”, “RockU”, “ChickFliXXX” & “First Job”) I created along with a 40-Episode “Film School” for Netflix, Facebook, Amazon or Google…   and 26 years ago I got my first agent by paying a maid to leave a script (mine) under the pillow of a studio exec, who called me irate but then gave me the name of an agent…just to get rid of me.

As I said, “everyone has a story on how they got their first agent”.

What is your story going to be?



If you’re an actor you want a talent agent. If a writer you want a literary agent. If a producer or director you want a packaging agent.

Packaging Agent? What’s a Packaging Agent?

Packaging Agents are part of large agencies, like the 6 above, who, within their agency represented Actors, Writers, Directors, Cinematographers, Production designers, Editors, Composers, etc. And with all the talent that agency has, they can actually put together an entire project (Writer, Actors, Director, Cinematographer, Editor, etc.) that is 100% ready-to-go and present it directly to the studios and networks.

A talent agent or literary agent usually earn 10%.

A packaging agent usually earns 5%.

However, the 5% packaging fee is 5-10 times bigger than the 10% talent fee.

Permit me to explain: If the project has 3 established actors (paid $100,000, $500,000 & $1,000,000 for Total $1,600,000) , 1 screenwriter (paid $200,000), and 1 director (paid $500,000) then 10% of $2,300,000 ($1,600,000/Talent + $200,000/Script + $500,000/Director) is $230,000.

However, the entire package (aka: The Movie), with a budget of $25,000,000 if sold to a studio (Warner, Paramount, Sony, etc) with the agent’s 5% becoming $1,250,000.

One Packaging Agent gets $1,250,000 whereas 3-5 Talent/Literary Agents combined only get $230,000.

I believe you see the financial incentive with getting represented by a packaging agency which each of the above 6 are.

But you say “you’re an actor and just want representation to get acting parts”… OK.



Since my expertise lies in Producing, Budgeting, Writing, Directing, Shooting, Distributing, Financing, etc. and not Acting I aggregated 5 articles (see below) on the subject of “How to Get an Agent… a Talent Agent”.

Click, Read & Enjoy.




(“You, as an actor, need an agent who gets you a “Cattle Call” and oversees two “Call Backs”.)

















(“For honest info, not film school theory, I hope to see you at my next 2018 “2-DAY FILM SCHOOL” sessions in Hollywood”… www.WebFilmSchool.com“)


Happy Filmmaking

Dov S-S Simens




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76 comments on “1,500 HOLLYWOOD AGENTS (How to Get One? Packaging, Literary or Talent?)”

  1. Emma says:

    Do you know someone who has expertise in acting and could write a blog post here for actors like you do for producers/derectors/screenwriters?please Please PLEASE


    I wrote and published a book(historical fiction thriller) named ‘The Blessed Ring’. I wish to sell it to a producer to make a movie. How can I do it? I live in Bhubaneswar, India.

    1. Steve Kussin says:

      I love the writing… not the selling. My first novel about the 1960s (second in the works) was published last year with excellent reviews and is doing well. I just completed the screenplay version; it would work as a feature-length film or extended television series. I’m in the market for an agent who can take the ball and run with it. What’s my next step?

      1. Cath says:

        Hire someone who can sell your script.
        Greetings from all of us at http://www.mywarbible.com

  3. Tiffany Spalitta says:

    I am recently divorced after a 27 year marriage. I am 50 years old and believe I have a talent and passion that has cultivated inside me from giving so long to everyone I love, other than me. Any opportunity would be appreciated, Tiffany

  4. laudawne says:

    i wrote a script about 10 years ago it was alot of wor id really appreciate it if i was reconized for this it infurriatted me that i had it stolen from me in the first place. it was called eyes for lives A gang novel i can go into complete detale if one wanted i was very hurt and upset that i was so dishonored lie that by people that said they were trying to help me.

  5. Dina Adams says:

    I’m currently divorce after seven years of marriage. My ex-husband was abusing drugs so when we went for custody battle Apple Pay to record him, he knows that he couldn’t have custody of my children because of the drug abuse. He tested positive .He was paying child support after the final load to finalize a custody battle he couldn’t stand me having custody so he could be fake allegation to get me arrested so I can have my children. I would like to make my life story to a movie. How can I do that

  6. veronica says:

    I’ve got a good story you wouldn’t want to miss out titled the the MASK OF ODUM, it’s an epic setting, if interested contact me on 234 07062323092

  7. Misa says:

    I am based in South Africa.
    I write a lot of interesting scripts and books bout things that happen here. My stories are full of humour and educational on top. I write both fiction and non- fiction. Can i have an agency that can produce all my creative writing. I am very creative. I am prepared to relocate if needs be. Thank you

    1. David says:

      Hi, I’m hoping someone could point me in the right direction. I basically have a brilliant film plot idea but i need help writing the story/script. if someone could give me options/directions that would be brilliant!!! Thanks.

  8. William H. LaBarge says:

    Our team is looking for a Senior Film Agent to represent us. The project’s name is “Lightning Strikes Twice.” Screenplay and TV Script have been completed and the Navy is supporting the project. Our Producer worked for Lucas Films, and our award winning writer/director wrote the scripts. I can be contacted at (858) 546-1702
    Thank you

  9. dina says:

    Can i have an agency that can produce all my creative writing. I am very creative. I am prepared to relocate if needs be.

  10. Rich says:

    My team and I are seeking an agent to help pitch our cartoon series to studios. We spent the last two years completing our pre-production package (script, character art, storyboards, ect) for a pilot episode and we just need someone to represent us to get our project out there. Contact me for more details rich641028@hotmail.com

  11. B. Runge says:

    Disabled marine Vietnam vet , 30 years nuclear power experience, master’s degree in history with 4.0 gpa, author of textbook on nuclear power , good looking, nice voice, very articulate, wants guest appearances on science or history TV programs as historian, author or nuclear power plant expert. Seeking agent.


  13. Albert Mukenani says:

    i am Albert Mukenani own Syntax Films, we have produced phokoso episode 1 on youtube, i featured in a movie called mfuti which was commissioned by zambezi magic produced by A list.I have documentaries on early marriage.

  14. Albert Mukenani says:

    Comment…we have a story of a woman who was married of at the age of 17 but after some time,her husband brought in two more wives.And he stated beating her.She run away from marriage and she is back in school at the age of 28.Two of her 3 children are at the some school. She is currently waiting for her grade 9 result.We wait to produce a documentary,movie and feature her on talk shows.

  15. Annette says:

    Hi my name is Annette ,I’m looking for a clothing job when need to fill in or part-time,fill in ,in a Hollywood movie,I’m very classy,can change my style as needed,just trying get my face out to different agents, my problem is I’m not wealthy anuff to follow my dreams, I do my own makeup,style my clothing, do my own hair I can do it all,I’m from South be Carolina, single mom, I just want a chance to show my talent ,sushi as beauty, when needed, I’m not all that but I no I’m a very classy person ,tire of the level I’m on when I no I can achieve more

  16. Richard P Arnold says:

    Hi, my name is Richard, i wrote a movie script and is looking for an agent to see if they can find a buyer for it. Its a horror story about a church robbery. Please let me know if i can send a copy and where.

  17. Ekaterina says:

    Hello, I have 2 interesting stories. They are about a journey to parallel worlds, and i didnt invent them. It happened to me. This coud be a great scenery to a film. i can sell it to you. I am also very talented play flute, sing, love any kind of art :))+.

  18. samar elazab says:


    I’m an Egyptian writer .. look for a script-writer agent to sell my scenario

    can you help me ??
    and Plz tell me the commission in my case knowing that the agent have to translate the script from arabic to english

  19. George Clark says:

    I may be looking for an agent.

  20. Shiloh Noone says:

    I have recently launched a book called ”A Bicycle , a Chess Set , an African River” and now looking for a film agent , I have a brochure ready to send and Beat sequences/character profile ready for perusal.

  21. Nos wilfred says:

    Please help me if I wanted to be a holy wood agent here in this country, like if they wanted to come over to this country and do some shots for they movies there can contact me.Await reply


  22. Ben Times says:

    hi, am Ben from Mauritius, am a creative writer/storyteller. i need an agency for my script/ novel fiction that took 12 years to make (still in pre-production but will soon to be release) and what am looking for is a TV producer which has experience in drama, thriller, fantasy and romance. if i can have a meeting with an agent maybe via Skype or other social media will be very kind of you.
    thank you

  23. Javantie grant says:

    I’ve always want to become a Disney star but I heard I have to have a agent and for me I heard creative artistic angency is the best and it’s true to what I see so I would like a agent only at caa the best

  24. Jeffrey Alan Williamson says:

    I just completed a screenplay and want to mail a copy to agents. It’s a drama, biography that I personally experienced. Media, politicians and board members can be found in the script. Where can I find addresses for great agents?

    1. Geofrey says:

      Hi, my name is Geofrey from Uganda but live in Utah , me and friends we have true stories from our lives and scripts, that could make very interesting movies. We like to sell our stories to film-maker and we may need an agent to help us. Can be contacted 8013175076

  25. Jim Lynch says:

    Question. I recently completed a screenplay. I am looking to get a meeting with a big 6 agent to discuss my work and see if he or she would be willing to represent me moving forward. I got an email response back from a gatekeeper at one of the agencies stating that my unsolicited work will not be reviewed by anyone there unless it is presented by an “established entertainment representative.” What does “established entertainment representative” mean? Isn’t that an agent? Seems like a “catch 22”. Can’t get an agent to meet with me unless my work is presented by an “established entertainment representative”. How can I get my work seen unless by an “established entertainment representative if one is unwilling or unable to even meet with me due to company policy. Advice. Thanks. NEVER BE SATISFIED!

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    the movie story is about, ” THE DEAD DON’T DIE”
    Brief summary of it,
    The peaceful town of Juba finds itself Battling a Zombie Horde as the Dead starts Rising from their Graves.

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  34. Susan Frances says:

    I have published a number of books, but I am a senior citizen and not good at social networking. My publisher, Pegasus International, only does so much marketing. I would like to present one sci-fi book to a TV or Movie producer. After contact, my publisher would work with him/her. Any suggestions?

  35. Airsteven23 says:

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  45. Jake W. says:

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