Illustration by: Wren McDonald

Craftservice people do fair; 2nd Assistant Directors get by; Studio Executives make killings; Completion Bond Agents do great; Writers re-writing do so-so; Writers with a hit do more than okay; Writers with a Franchise, who become Directors, think about buying the state of Delaware…

Last week Hollywood Reporter (a movie Trade) had a great article on what everyone makes and you absolutely should peruse it (see below) and here are 25 of their salary examples.

Click to View full details – HOLLYWOOD REPORTER (Copyright) ARTICLE http://www.hollywoodreporter.com/lists/hollywood-salaries-revealed-who-makes-829103/item/studio-tour-guide-who-makes-829111


(IMPORTANT POINT: Much of this information came due to the wonderful e-mail leaks with the SONY SCANDAL of it’s Seth Rogen/James Franco North Korea movie, “The Interview”, of last month)

(1) STUDIO TOUR GUIDE:  $26/hour after $20/hour training

Illustration by: Wesley Bedrosian

(2A) TV ACTOR (New, Opening Credit): $15,000-$25,000/episode

(2B) TV ACTOR (Celeb, Opening Credit): $75,000-$100,000/episode. Yeah-Yeah, we all know about Charlie Sheen, Ashton Kutcher and those kids from “Friends”

(3A) FILM WRITER (Studio Feature, 1st Flick):  $250,000-$500,000 and no backend

(3B) FILM WRITER (Studio Feature, after a hit): $1,000,000 plus back end residuals & bonuses

Illustration by: Wesley Bedrosian

(4) CRAFT SERVICE: $1,200/week (where’s the donuts)

(5) TV WRITER (Network series or Staff): $25,408 (half-hour, $37,368 (one-hour) & $5,000-$7,000 (staff)

(6) GAFFER:  $45/hour (Help, the lights went out)

(7) FILM PRODUCER (Studio, Medium Budget):  $1,500,000-$2,000,000 and no backend

Illustration by: Wesley Bedrosian

(8) PUBLICIST: $2,750/week (Don’t care what they say about us “Spell Our Names Right”

(9) TV SHOW CREATOR: $37,500-$50,000/episode and 3-5% of syndication (“Oh please lets get to the 5th season”)

(10A) FILM ACTOR (Mega-Budget, Mega-Name): $5,000,000-$50,000,000 and bonuses, posse, trailers & Gstaad/Big Sur

(10B) FILM ACTOR (Mega-Budget, Nice Name): $250,000-$350,000, 5-Star Hotel (marketing), trailer (shooting) and 1st Class Flights, $10,000/day ADR

(11) 1st ASSISTANT DIRECTOR: $8,000/week (Think next shot and cover the directors ass)

(12) SCRIPT SUPERVISOR: $40/hour or $7,000/episode (Make sure Director doesn’t Flop the I-Line)

Illustration by: Wesley Bedrosian

(13) SUPPORTING ACTOR (TV Series, 2nd season): $20,000-$60,000/episode (I’m gonna buy a house in Laurel Canyon)

(14) WARMUP COMEDIANE: $3,000-$5,000/episode

(15) STUDIO CHIEF: $3,000,000-$5,000,000/year plus-plus-plus-plus-plus (3 Mega-Budget Flops, bye-bye-bye)

Illustration by: Wesley Bedrosian

(16) DIRECTOR OF PHOTOGRAPHY: $10,000-$20,000/week (Medium Budget DP), $50,000-$70,000/week (Mega-Budget Flix)

(17) FILM DIRECTOR: $500,000 (1st Studio feature), $3,000,000 (Famous English Director with 1st Hollywood Movie)

Illustration by: Wesley Bedrosian

(18) MAKEUP ARTIST: $60/hour

(19) TV CAMERAMAN: $75/hour

(20) TV DIRECTOR: $35,000-$42,000/episode

(21) STUNT HORSE: $1,000/day

Illustration by: Wesley Bedrosian

(22) STUNT PERSON: $889/day (horse gets more than man, Hmm?)

(23) EXTRAS: $60/day (Central Casting), $150/day (bring a chair and a book to read while you wait)

(24) LOCATION MANAGER: $3,000/week (can you shut down a highway for 6 hours)

(25) DRIVER: $30-$36/hour (Uber & Lyft not needed)


With this as a guideline, do you want to be an Above-The-Line Celeb, or a Studio Exec, or never mind the ego power stuff and be happy with a long term paying Below-The-Line gig with retirement benefits?

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Happy Filmmaking

Dov Simens

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14 comments on “HOLLYWOOD MONEY: 25 MOVIE TV SALARIES (I’m perfect for #21)”

  1. Timbi says:

    I have alot energy and ideas lets get it

  2. Will L says:

    #24 is wrong non union extras start off at 72.00 for 8 hours – They get paid full amount even if they work less than the 8 Hrs. Union SAG extras Make I believe it’s 162.00 for 8 hrs, same rule applies they get full 8 hrs even if they work less, I am Union and once I went to a job, they sent 10 union extras, the director came in and said “these people are all wrong I wanted 20 somethings not 40 somethings” So after 20 min we all went home. Still got paid for 8 hours.
    Also the average union extra makes a lot more than just the 162.00 there is wardrobe pay, overtime, meal penalties, car bump. The most I ever made as an extra was 1100.00 in one day that was on “Amistad” the Spelberg movie, went into 3 hours golden time.
    So saying 60 – 150.00 is incorrect.

    1. Dreama says:

      I would love this blanket for my daughter Ingrid, who was born on 16..72012 – she is not even three weeks old yet. I knitted her a merino blanket, but we are still missing a cotton one. As for the border color – I would love the one that YOU think fits best with a dark haired Ingrid.

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    6. http://www./ says:

      You are amazing – thanks for sharing this very personal post. Nuun would’ve picked you (you are AWESOME) but I understand how life can get in the way. I’m not applying this year either and it was not an easy decision Good luck with the move – CO seems awesome!

    7. I’m a Front End Dev and I make more than the top on the list as a Freelancer by an easy 40k. Average salaried position in NY however according to Indeed is about 100k, but I’m not average . Slowly moving into the back with JS. Node/Express/Mocha in Coffee seems to be a tasty flavor.

    8. Your answer was just what I needed. It’s made my day!

    9. http://www./ says:

      You’ve hit the ball out the park! Incredible!

  3. Maryann says:

    Pay for extras varies depending on where you live. In Atlanta, I’ve seen as low as $58/8 (basically minimum wage), but it’s commonly $64/8. + OT and bumps for car/stunts etc if you are lucky.

    How much do line producers make? I am interested.

  4. Amelie says:

    tour guides dont make 20$ they make 12$/hr starting.

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