RAISING $200,000,000… “The Simple Hollywood Formula”    

(A) $20,000 = (B) $200,000 = (C) $2,000,000 = (D) $20,000,000 = (E) $200,000,000 (Mega-Budget Feature”)

Financing a Mega-Budget Studio Feature Film is not difficult when you understand the Formula.

Yes, Hollywood is run by formulas “Script Formula” (50 Scenes, A-Story & 3 B Stories), “Directing Formula” (Master Shot, 2 Medium Shots, 3 Closeups & a Cutaway), Posting Formula (Picture, Sound, Footsteps, ADR, Foley, Music & Lab), “Distributing Formula” (Publicist, Festival, Billboards, Social Media, Adverts), “Marketing Formula” (etc…)



Here is the simple formula to secure at least $200,000,000 to make your feature film.

But you have to adhere to the Hollywood adage of “First make a Film then make a Deal”.

Huh? “First make a Film, then make a Deal?” You say.

Yep! “First Make a Film, then make a Deal”!


Here’s what I mean.

Most, if not everyone, when they come to Hollywood want to start at the top.

Then they/you somehow scrounge up a script, meet out-of-work actors, discover someone with 2 DSLR cameras )maybe even a 4K Red) and a composer who is looking for gigs and pontificate that the have the “package” and it is ready-to-go

Then they try to get meetings with money. And, every studio exec tells them the same thing, “You’re trying to make a deal, to get the money, to make a film”.

Yeah, is your response.

Then they’ll say, “You’re doing it backwards.”

You will probably reply with “Huh”?

And they then state, “First make a Film, then you’ll make deals”.

Here’s what this means…. Hollywood is a marketing machine and you, when starting your career, ARE-NOT-MARKETABLE.

However, if you make a film, that makes money; then Hollywood Execs & Agents will flock to you like Bee-to-Honey or like Lindsay-to-Community Service or Trump to a microphone or Alec-to-Anger Management because they can now promote, “From the Producer of, From the Writer of, From the Director of…”

“You ARE NOW MARKETABLE”… I think you got the point.

First, make a film (not a short) and get marketable.



Now, “How do you get $200,000,000?” (this is your 5th Movie)

You, first make a $20,000,000 feature.


But, you now ask, “How do you get $20,000,000?” (this is your 4th Movie)

Simple, you first make a $2,000,000 feature.


But, you now ask, “How do you get $2,000,000?” (this is your 3rd Movie)

Simple, you first make a $200,000 feature.


But, you now ask, “How do you get $200,000?” (this is your 2nd Movie)

Simple, you first make a $20,000 feature. (this is your 1st Movie)


But, you now ask, “How do you get $20,000?” (Duh)

Simple….Get a goddamn (forgive my language) job at Starbucks and save money.

20Daystream       60Day stream


Get the point. Start at the bottom….but please, “don’t make shorts”, “Shorts are for children”.

Welcome to the Common-Sense Film School

Hopefully this post has gotten you grounded and has stopped you from naively thinking (I was there too) all you need as an idea and Hollywood throws around money to anyone with-an-idea.

No, always remember Hollywood is not a Filmmaking Industry. Hollywood is a Film Marketing industry.

And, you, at the present moment, ARE NOT MARKETABLE.

But if you make a Feature Film (obviously Micro-Budget) that makes money then (A) You are Marketable and (B) you will move up the Budget-Ladder for your second feature film…and then your third feature film…and then your fourth feature film…and then you get $200,000,000.

Welcome to Hollywood,


 DSC_8143     FS-$89 (2)


I’m Dov Simens and I hope you enjoy my common-sense Film Programs (Live, DVD or On-Demand)…


Happy Filmmaking,

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  1. (ONE) No-Budget $1,000-$10,000 Feature Film


  1. (TWO) Mini-Budget $10,000-$20,000 Feature Film


  1. (THREE) Micro-Budget $20,000-$30,000 Feature Film


  1. (FOUR) Ultra-Low-Budget $30,000-$50,000 Feature Film


  1. (FIVE) Very-Low-Budget $50,000-$70,000 Feature Film


  1. (SIX) Low-Budget $100,000-$200,000 Feature Film


  1. (SEVEN) Independent Feature Film (aka: Million Dollar Feature)




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