HOLLYWOOD BOUTIQUE AGENCIES (Sell Your Script; 7 Boutique Literary Agencies)


Last week’s No-Bull Film Post was a list of the 7 Power Agencies for Actors, Singers, Comics, with over 300 Talent Agents.

Those 7 Agencies are:

(1) APA: (Agency for Performing Artists @ 310-888-4200)

(2) CAA: (Creative Artists Agency @ 424-888-2000)

WME-CAA (Creative Artists Agency and William Morris Endeavor are two of the largest Hollywood agencies with over 1,000 agents combined… surely, with a property and correct filmmaking knowledge you can get one.)

(3) TGA: (The Gersh Agency @ 310-274-6611)

(4) PARADIGM: (Paradigm Agency @ 310-288-8000)

(5) UTA: (United Talent Agency @ 310-273-6700)

(6) WME: (William Morris Endeavor @ 310-285-9000)

Further I gave you some inside info for just about everyone when calling for you will start with an opening line like… “I’m a writer and I’m looking for….”

Huh. Duh.

INSIDER INFO: Don’t you know that the person who just picked up the phone and is talking to you has no desire to be a receptionist and is an Agent-In-Training, just like the kids that work in the Mail Room, and you actually are talking to an agent, an agent-in-training, and… Now, take it from there.

But, I’m sure you’ve been told the Big Agencies will not handle an unknown like you. And especially when you are an unknown writer. Thus, it is better to steer clear from the power agencies and seek a smaller, more personal agency (aka: Boutique Agency) that has only 20-30 agents for Writers, Directors, Actors, etc.

Then permit me to cherry pick some smaller agencies, that handle writers, have less agents but those they do have ability to receive a return phone-call from studio and network Development Execs and can set up “Pitch Meetings”.



Here are my top 7 picks for smaller agencies (20-30 agents) that still have the power.

Writing-2 (You have a script. It is great. You’ve done CYA. Then try a smaller agency that is developing relationships with up-and-coming talent.)

(1) ABRAMS ARTISTS AGENCY: 9200 Sunset Blvd, 11/F, LA, Ca 90069 or 275 Seventh Ave, 26/f, NY, NY 1001

TEL/WEB: 310-859-6115 or 646-486-4600(ww.AbramsArtists.com)

ATTN: Cindy Mintz (LA),  Jenny Brown (NY)


(2) THE AGENCY GROUP: 1880 Century Park East, #711, LA, Ca 90067 or 142 W 57th St, 6/F, NY, NY 10019

TEL/WEB: 310-385-2800 or 212-581-3100 (www.TheAgencyGroup.com)

ATTN: Andy Somers (LA) or Marc Gerald (NY)


(3) INDEPENDENT TALENT GROUP: Oxford House, 76 Oxford St, London, W1D 1BS, United Kingdom

TEL/WEB: 44-20-7636-6565 (www.IndependentTalent.com)

ATTN: Greg Hunt, Kate Buckley, Cathy King, Michael McCoy or Paul Stevens


(4) THE KOHNER AGENCY: 9300 Wilshire Blvd, Suite 555, Beverly Hills, CA 90212

TEL/WEB: 310-550-1060 (www.PaulKohner.com

ATTN: Stephen Moore


(5) PANTHEON AGENCY: 1801 Century Park East, 1910, LA, Ca 90067

TEL/WEB: 310-201-0120

ATTN: Rachel LeGault or Crystal Lewis


(6) RED TALENT & LITERARY AGENCY: 9595 Wilshire Blvd, 900, Beverly Hills, 90212

TEL/WEB: 310-300-8447 (www.Red-Talent.com)

ATTN: Natalie Chase


(7) THE AGENCY STARS: 23 Grant Ave, 4/F, San Francisco, CA 94108

TEL/WEB: 415-421-6272 (www.StarsAgency.com)

ATTN: Connie Hall or Lyn Claxon


Happy Filmmaking,

Dov Simens

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3 comments on “HOLLYWOOD BOUTIQUE AGENCIES (Sell Your Script; 7 Boutique Literary Agencies)”

  1. Leslie Taylor says:

    I am a screen writer myself. I have been writing original material for filming production as well as other materials for television series. I will definitely keep you posted on what I have been writing.

  2. Richard Oretsky says:

    Director/producer of documentaries, listed in IMDB. Wrote, rewrote, now polished feature film script. Need representation. Script: the plot structure of CRASH with supernatural elements, Identical twins. Setting: current societal collapse. Need agent/lawyer. I will buck up and try to knock on some of these doors, particularly NYC. This a urban drama with sharp banter.

  3. David Dayan Fisher says:

    Billy Forbes Couch Potato

    Semi finalist, Milan International Film Festival 2019
    Quarter finalist, PTS Faith based competition 2020
    1st place, Indie Gathering film festival ( family feature) 2020

    About me: Originally from the UK, I was a professional actor for over 20 years, with 18 of those actively working in Hollywood on numerous studio feature films and network TV shows. As a writer, I’ve completed five original screenplays and am now working on my sixth, with many more on the way.

    Tag Line: “All because a little boy loves a little girl, who loves potato chips.”

    Genre: Family Adventure / Drama (1980s, small town, America)

    Log Line: Think Forrest Gump meets Pay It Forward.
    A ten-year-old boy with big dreams of building a potato chip factory decides to finance it by collecting coins lost down people’s couches—leading to an extraordinary series of events, making the impossible possible.

    If this has piqued any interest, I’d be happy to send a PDF of the feature length screenplay for your consideration. I can be contacted via email or phone.

    Warm Regards.

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