HOT MOVIE PROPERTY: A TRUE STORY (Part 1: How to Identify Hot)

What is a hot story?

A Hot Property: Hollywood wants Hot Stories.

To become a player, a dealmaker in Hollywood, of course you need talent (doesn’t everyone think they have it), but more important, other than money (money which will always get you meetings), what is needed is the “ownership” of a “hot property” and a “hot property” could be a script, a book, a video game, a popular song… and by far the best-cheapest is to own a “True Story”.

MOW-Woman1       MOW-Woman2

HOT STORY…But you gotta beat Gloria Alred to it! If you own a truly Hot & Marketable “True Story”, which everyone loves, then there is a very-very-very good chance that you will launch your career. Who finances Hot Stories (“True Story”) and how to find a Hot Story (“True Story”) is what this post is about.


Yo Men: Turn on tv; get on the couch; but be nice and give the remote to your wife to allow her to watch what she-wants-to-watch and 99 out of 100 times she is going to turn to LIFETIME NETWORK (maybe USA Network, maybe OWN, maybe TNT)…but 99 out of 100 times she’s watching LIFETIME NETWORK.

In the industry Lifetime Network is called the “Kotex Channel” (don’t yell at me I’m only the messenger saying what female executives, in the tv/cable industry call it) and is totally focused on producing MOWs (aka: Movie-of-the-Weeks) or “WOM-JEPS” (subject matter: Women-in-Jeopardy or Family-in-Crisis) for women who are a bit angry or frustrated about what men do.

Oh Boo. Boo. Hiss-Hiss. Misogynistic. Macho-male talk…

Go ahead. I dare you. Turn on Lifetime Network and watch 10 movies over the next 4 days and you’re going to notice that every male figure in the movie is either a WIMP, a SERIAL KILLER, a RAPIST, an ABUSER, etc. Now I know that women are smarter than men, and men are dumber than women, but we are not WIMPS, RAPISTS & SERIAL KILLERS…but if you watched Lifetime Network for an extended period of time you would think so.

LIFETIME MOVIE NETWORK: (aka: Kotex Channel)

Anyway let me cut-to-the-chase. 50% of tv/cable viewers are women and women don’t flick the remote like us Dudes do (“Men watch TV”, “Women watch a Show”) and women want to see a show… Question: A show about what? Answer: Not a show about men, not a show about sports, not a show about combat…Women want to see a show ABOUT A WOMAN… A WOMAN IN JEOPARDY… or, A FAMILY IN CRISIS…”Got it”.

 GloriaAllred-2     GloriaAllred-5     GloriaAllred-4

Now, go view Lifetime Network for a week and you will notice that every single movie they make, in the opening title credits, the network states that this story “Is Based on a True Story”.

So, if you want to produce or possibly, although I doubt, direct a movie for Lifetime Network then you have to OWN A TRUE STORY… And, a “True Story” that women want to watch. And-now, where do you find this “True Story”, centered on a woman that women want to watch?

The answer is “TV NEWS”. More specific “11:00 TV NEWS”


Turn on TV and watch local news at 11:00. From “11:00-11:02” is usually to almost-always a “World Political Segment” (Iraq, Afghanistan, N Korea, etc.); from “11:02-11:04” to is usually to almost-always “State Political” (Economics, Taxes, Political Corruption, etc.) and “11:04-11:05” is a “Human Interest” story (some women just conquered cancer, or ran a 1,000 mile marathon on one-leg, or adopted 32 children, etc.)…

Now, what happens if you go home tonite and turn on 11:00 News and the lead item, “11:00-11:02” is about a WOMAN, not a War not a Politician…just some everyday woman that did something so captivating that it made the first item on 11:00 News? Well, you have to get a “SNIFFER” (that’s your nose-n-mind telling you “this is a hot story”)… Producers need good “SNIFFERS”.


(ONE) 2 Army Women Complete Ranger Training

(TWO) Cosby Woman #37 Pops Up

(THREE)  Hilary Clinton Female Aid Spills E-Mail Info

(FOUR) 14 Year Old Girl Readies for Olympic Gold

I saw each of these stories within 7 minutes on last-nite’s 11:00 News.

FS-$89 (2)


You just saw a woman in a hot story, 11:00 News, and you believe this story is going to be in the news, front page newspapers, for a month or two; then sitting right in front of you on the TV set is the woman & her name.

I repeat AND-HER-NAME.

This, more than likely, is not a wealthy society maiden or a celebrity star…this is just an average women, caught in a now not-average story, who, more than likely has her phone number in the phone book.

Now once you Have-Her-Name… Act Quick! Actually, ACT INSTANTLY! Sitting right in front of you is (A) Her Name and (B) the City she resides in…then by 11:03 you Google and by 11:05 you have obtained her phone number and by 11:07 you are dialing… Plus, even better, if you have her street address get over to her house… Instantly. Yo gotta beat Gloria.

More than likely you will be either late or the woman, who’s story you want to own the rights, is now surrounded by cops, attorneys, firemen, medics, news reporters…. But I guarantee you her neighbors are standing right next to you, her niece is also next to you, her mother could be next to you, Oh and take a look, here comes her best friend girl friend…

Then grab one of them and get the rights to the story from their POV (Point of View)

Get the rights. Get the rights. Get the rights.

Plus, you can do it for as little as $1.00

Tomorrow’s post I’ll tell you what to say when she picks up the phone or when you meet her or her friend or her mother; then I’ll tell you what to offer; then  (again)I’ll tell you what story is hot right now (but remember in 2 days there could be another hot story that pushes this one off the front page) and…you still have to be faster than Gloria.

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