POWER HOLLYWOOD WOMEN (Part 4): (22 FEMALE MOVIE MOGULS… DreamWorks has 3, Fox has 5)


Are men in Hollywood better than women or is it vice versa… Here are 22 Hollywood Women (7 opinions & 15 phone numbers) to incite you into filmmaking action.

First, what Hollywood women think of Hollywood men.

(ONE) Nancy Dubuc (A&E Metwork) states, “Projecting confidence even when there’s not much to be confidant about”

(TWO) Kristine Belson (SPA staff) says, “Being selfish. Which sounds like an insult, but I absolutely do not mean it that way. I envy men this quality”…

Hollywood Women-4     Hollywood Women-4

(THREE) Lena Dunham (“Girls” actress) proclaims, “Silencing people with condescending assumptions”.

(FOUR) Taraji Henson (“Empire” actress) simply puts, “Complaining… C-O-M-P-L-A-I-N-I-N-G”

(FIVE) Jane Winograde (ABC staff) says, “Applying for positions/promotions whether or not they meet a majority of the stated criteria for the job”

(SIX) Gale Anne Hurd (Powerful Producer) holds nothing back with “Taking individual credit for team efforts”.

(SEVEN) Shonda Rhimes (Mogul TV Producer) laughs, “Are you kidding? Are you kidding?… no seriously, YOU ARE KIDDING ME”


Below are 15 women, power brokers who have achieved and are in the position to mentor, guide or even hire. Why not give them a phone-call. You likely won’t get them on the phone but receive their receptionist… Now lets see how good you are at the gift-of-gab and ask the receptionist “Oh So-and-So stated I should call and talk with Human Resources (pause) Could you put me through? (pause) No, but could you give me their extension… thank you?”

Hang-up politely. Dial Human Resources and “Name Drop and state So-and-So told me to…”… Everyone, man or woman, whose parents are not billionaires or already media famous, has a weird story of how they got their start… Maybe this will be yours?

Below are 13 POWERFUL FEMALE EXECS with their phone numbers… “Dial-and-Smile”

Hollywood Women-2     Hollywood Women-2     Hollywood Women-2

(One) KATHERINE BELSON (President, Sony Pictures Animation)… 310-840-8000

(Two) BERNARDIN BRANDIS (Executive VP Legal, Disney Studios)… 818-560-1000

(Three) MEGAN COLLIGAN (President, Distribution, Paramount)… 323-956-5000

(Four-Six) ANNE DALY, BONNIE ARNOLD & MIREILLE SORIA (Co-Presidents, DreamWorks Animation):  ???

(Seven) ELZABETH GABLER (President, Fox)… 310-369-1000

(Eight) SUE KROLL (President, Marketing, Warner Bros)… 818-954-6000

(Nine) VERONICA KWAN VANDERBERG (President, Distribution, Warner Bros)… 818-954-6000

(Ten) CLAUDIA LEWIS (President, Fox Searchlight)… 310-369-1000

(Eleven) HANNA MINGHELLA (President, Tristar)… 310-280-7700

Hollywood Women-1     Hollywood Women-1     Hollywood Women-1

(Twelve) VANESSA MORRISON (President, Fox Animation)… 310-369-1000

(Thirteen) TERRY PRESS (President, CBS Films)… 818-655-1500

(Fourteen) NANCY UTLEY (President, Fox Searchlight)… 310-369-1000

(Fifteen) EMMA WATTS (President, 20th Century Fox)… 310-369-1000

Hollywood Women-3   Hollywood Women-3   Hollywood Women-3

PS: As the visuals show, most of the names came from the weekly trade, “The Hollywood Reporter”, that once a year publishes an issue dedicated to the TOP 100 WOMEN IN HOLLYWOOD…. Thus, “want to network?” …. then get that issue and start from the top #1 and go to #100 with phone-calls… Miracles do happen… Everyone has a weird story of how they got a start… Maybe these phone-calls will become your story.

Deal Site - Slate     Deal Site - Slate


Please give it a shot. Give them a call. Yes, the numbers are just for general switchboard… However, miracles do happen…

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