You have the Script, you have the Budget, you have 2 TV Name Actor commitments…

You also know someone who has 2 cameras… They’re even “Reds”

You have the passion. You have the desire. You have a lot of out of work Cast & Crew saying “they’re in”

You’re all ready…

But, what you don’t have is the Money…



You need to partner with a company that can get the Money…

No studio or Network is going to fund you when (A) you have no track of proof that you-deliver and

Here are 5 Production Companies with Development Deals at Studios who are looking for projects.

Your approach is to contact the Development Exec and discern if they are available to either Executive Produce or Co-Produce




Address:        1221 Olympic Blvd, Santa Monica, CA 90404

Tel                   310-664-3456

Owner:          JJ Abrams

Dvlp Exec:     Dave Baronoff

Studio Deal: Paramount




Address:        1540 Second St, #200, Santa Monica, CA 9040

Tel:                 310-315-1722

Owner:          Johnny Depp

Dvlp Exec:     Margaret Isaac

Studio Deal: Walt Disney




Address:        1608 Pacific Ave, Suite 204, Venice, CA 90291

Tel:                 310-392-9989

Owner:          Todd Garner

Dvlp Exec:     Maria Garcia

Studio Deal: Sony Pictures




Address:        4000 Warner Blvd, Bldg 138, Suite 1202, Burbank, CA 91522

Tel:                 818-954-3046

Owner:          Bill Gerber

Dvlp Exec:     Carrie Gillogly

Studio Deal: Warner Bros




Address:        233 Wilshire Blvd, #650, Santa Monica, CA 90401

Tel:                 310-278-4800

Owner:          Paul Brooks

Dvlp Exec:     Rayne Roberts

Studio Deal: Universal Studios


These are companies that have already been pre-approved (Greenlit) for feature film productions.

Now, get a meeting with their Development Exec (not easy); pitch it to him/her; go home send him/her a letter thanking him/her for the time to listen to you and your project presentation, ; keep a copy of that letter for your files (CYA) and turn-it-over-to-God.

Don’t sit around waiting for the phone to ring… Start another script or project.

And if the call ever comes… Voilla! “It’s an Option Deal” (News at 11 about options)


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  2. Dov, Thank you for the information regarding production companies actually looking for scripts! I’m ready to get something sold, lots of marketing ideas and now I have some leads about who to focus on! I took your filmmaking class years back and it was excellent. You are a great teacher!

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  7. ese Sam. says:

    I have a good script for sale. it is a combination dfama and Action

  8. darawish says:

    actually i think that is so remarkable from you Dov because i have been trying so many ways to get to get my projects to the right hand but totally hectic, i hope this will help.

  9. Savanna says:

    I have 2 good scripts for sale. One is Detective & second is story

  10. Bhupender Singh says:


    One of my friend from Greece, she is a script writer.
    She have two movie scripts, she do not want to sell those scripts. She just looking for investors and the team to complete a movie.

    Script 1. Can someone’s life changes over night?
    Language is English, Characters are Indian and almost movie background would be Dubai. Expected Budget INR 10 Crores. Lead cast already decided.

    Script 2. What can make a playboy change his way of see his women and his life?
    Language is Greek, Characters are Greek and almost movie background would be Greek cities. Expected Budget INR 40 Lacs.

    If you are looking for that kind of script, or someone your known looking for the same, please contact me immediately.
    Rest of things discuss later.

    Bhupender S

  11. Arthur J Jung says:

    I have a True 180 pg. script for sale. U.S. Federal Court verified. “THE LARGEST HIGH SEAS HASHISH SMUGGLE IN WORLD HISTORY”. 70 tons from Afghanistan to Canada. Jurisdiction/consent to seize ship stolen from Canada via of 10 days of threats to impose U.S. economic sanctions to ship’s flag nation: St. Vincent and the Grenadines.

  12. David says:

    Sir I have up to 20 film stories I have made which I can act them pls if you are interested in taking to me pls reply

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  14. Nads Haile says:

    I have an amazing screenplay which is already written and ready for production.
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    Thank you for your interest!
    Nads Haile

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