MOVIE MONEY (The Formula: The $200 Million Secret… Now, Follow the Formula)


Want $200,000,000? Of course you do. And financing a $200 Million Studio Feature film is absolutely not difficult when you apply common-sense and use the very simple (see below) Hollywood Financing Formula.


$20,000 = $200,000 = $2,000,000 = $20,000,000 = $200,000,000



Be patient, give me 3-minutes and you’ll understand.


Simple Point: Financing a Studio Feature Film, especially Mega-Budgets, is not difficult when you understand the Financing Formula.

And, Yes, Hollywood is run by formulas… Just a few of them are the…

(A) “SCRIPTING FORMULA” of “50 Scenes, 1 A-Story & 3 B Stories”.

(B) “DIRECTING FORMULA” of “1 Master Shot, 2 Medium Shots, 3 Closeups & a Cutaway”

(C) “SHOOTING FORMULA” of “90-Page Script, 18 Day-Shoot, 5-Pages/Day Schedule”

(D) “LIGHTING FORMULA” of  “1st Key Light, 2nd Back Light & 3rd Fill Lights”

(E) “EDITING FORMULA of “1st Picture, 2nd Sound, 3rd Footsteps, 4th ADR, 5th Foley, 6th Music & 7th Color”

(F) “FESTIVAL FORMULA” of “Premiere, Screening, Acquisition Execs, Producer Reps & Split Rights Deals”

(G) “DISTRIBUTING FORMULA” of “USA/Canada, On-Demand, Foreign, Day-n-Date & China”

(H) “PROFITING FORMULA” of “Product Placement, On-Demand, DVD, Licensing, Cable/TV & Merchandising”

(I) Etc… and obviously there must be a FINANCING FORMULA… and actually there are four each contingent on the amount of your project’s budget.


There are only four Movie Budgets… and they are…





For this post I will explain the $200 Million Financing Formula or how to Produce a Mega-Budget Feature Film.


Back to the simple formula of how to secure $200,000,000 to make your feature film.


But you have to adhere to the Hollywood adage of “First make a Film then make a Deal”.

Huh? “First make a Film, then make a Deal?”  You say.

Yep! “First Make a Film, then make a Deal”!

Here’s what is meant.

Most, if not everyone, when they come to Hollywood want to start at the top and somehow scrounges up a script and find some out-of-work actors and slaps on a budget.

Then they start Ubering around town trying to get meetings. And, every studio exec, if they get a meeting, is going to tell them the same thing, “You’re trying to make a deal, to get money, to make a film”.

“Yeah”, is your response. Then they tell ya, “You’re doing it backwards.”

You reply again with “Huh”.

And they then state, “First make a Film, then you’ll make deals”.

Again, “Huh”?

Here’s what they’re trying to tell you.

Hollywood is a marketing machine and you, when starting, ARE-NOT-MARKETABLE.

However, if you make a little film, that gets token distributed and makes a little money; then Hollywood Execs & Agents will flock to you like Bee-to-Honey or like Lindsay-to-Community Service or Alec-to-Anger Management because they can now promote, “From the Producer of…”, “From the Writer of…”, “From the Director of…”


I think you get the point.

You must become marketable and to become marketable it is advisable to drop the budget, start at a much lower level, stop thinking that you’re a Hollywood Dealmaker, and make a feature film, usually at a Micro-Budget, and have it become slightly successful viz-a-viz the festival circuit… you are now a proven “cine artiste” and marketable.

This is just “common sense”.


Back to the Financing Formula.


Now, “How do you get $200,000,000?” :roll:

You, first make a $20,000,000 feature.


But, you ask, “How do you get $20,000,000?” :roll:

Simple, you first make a $2,000,000 feature.


But, you ask, “How do you get $2,000,000?” :roll:

Simple, you first make a $200,000 feature.


But, you ask, “How do you get $200,000?” :roll:

Simple, you first make a $20,000 feature.


But, you ask, “How do you get $20,000?” :roll:

Simple….You GET-A-GODDAM-JOB (forgive my language) at Starbucks or Uber or Ralph’s and save money.

Get the point.

Start at the bottom….but please, “don’t make Shorts”, “Shorts are for children”.

Start at the bottom with a $20K Micro-Budget Feature…

then go to a $200K Ultra-Low-Budget Feature…

Then go to a $2,000K Low-Budget Feature… T

hen go to a $20,000K Medium-Budget Feature…

Then go to a $200,000K Mega-Budget Feature…

Then, after the $200 Million Feature is a success… change the world.

Life ain’t difficult.

Happy Filmmaking…


Welcome to Hollywood.


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  1. Marcus Harris says:

    I am interested in getting more information on screenwriting.

  2. Hello says:

    Very useful and understandable!more info about Where to find scripts please

    1. joe sixpak says:

      scripts are everywhere
      everybody in tinseltown carries one around hoping to meet someone they can show it too

      want a script
      pay me
      and i will write you a script
      or write your own
      or advertise on craigs list for free
      or go out on the street with a sign saying scripts wanted

      scripts are everywhere

      1. Hello says:

        I’d better pay you!how much:)

  3. Amos says:

    Dov, is it true Michael Jackson was one of your students at some point? If so, what was it like teaching the great Michael?

  4. Kent Walton says:

    Brilliant! … as usual.

  5. joe sixpak says:

    is 20k the bottom rung?
    could one start from the ground level for 2k and then go up the ladder ?

    2k is doable for most people
    20k can be a big hurdle for many folks

  6. joe sixpak says:

    please post the other formulas you alluded to

  7. Hi hey l like it pretty good stuff the only think l now how & when to be follow that dream

  8. Jeff Watson says:

    Thank you

  9. Jcarlos says:

    I have made two feature films on just 500 pounds low budget or zero budget is not hard once you have a camera and actors and a scrennplay want help? Email me:

    1. Dea Divi says:

      I will contact you through email

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