POWER WOMEN (Part 3): STUDIO EXECS, CEOs & TV MOGULS (#7 says they’re hiring)


In Hollywood the Glass Ceiling is over. Women in the TV, Movie, Theatrical & Internet worlds have broken through and are now at the top of the ladder, making decisions, hiring & firing, creating & packaging, funding & marketing and have become the Decision-Makers.

They, however, didn’t get to these positions of power through affirmative-action or any sexual innuendo put forth by uninformed… They got to the top with 80-100 Hour Work Weeks, Talent, Intelligence, Social/Managerial/Network Skills & a massive Knowledge of the global film/tv/internet marketplace…

Now, however, while at the top, they are willing to both lead and to help other women to create, as Patricia Arquette (Oscar Winning Actress decreed), a female revolution in Hollywood.

norma-rae-union-sign   norma-rae-union-sign   norma-rae-union-sign

Thus, it is time for the first generation of Female Ground Breaking Achievers, who opened the once closed-doors of Hollywood, to “Pay-It-Forward” to the younger female “Gen Xs” & “Millenials”, who are loaded with Talent, Ideas, Skills & Work Ethics, but burdened with those student loans, so that they may enter.

I have selected the Top 10 Female MOVIE/TV CEOS (see below) and have helped with your homework by opening the door with (A) their names, (B) their company and (C) their phone numbers.

Now it is up to you.

PS: Don’t call Oprah she has already done her Pay-It-Forward. Now try Debra at BET, or Stacy at20th Fox, or Amy at Sony, or Paula at PBS…..


(ONE) FRANCES BERWICK (President, Lifetime Networks)… 310-556-7500 (2049 Century Park East, #840, LA, CA 90067)

(TWO) PAULA KERGER (President, CEO, PBS)… 703-739-5000 (2100 Crystal Dr, Arlington, VA 22202)


(THREE) DEBRA LEE (Chairman & CEO, BET Network)… 202-608-2000 (One BET Plaza, 1235 W St NE, Washington, DC 20018)

(FOUR) AMY MILES (CEO, Regal Entertainment)… 865-922-1123 (7132 Regal Lane, Knoxville, Tennessee 37918)

(FIVE) COURTNEY MONROE (CEO, National Geographics Network)… 202-912-6559 (1145 17th St NW, Washington, DC 20036)

(SIX) DIANE NELSON (President, DC Entertainment, Warner Bros Interactive)… 818-954-6000 (4000 Warner Blvd, Burbank, CA 91522)

(SEVEN) STACY SNIDER (Co-Chairman, 20th Century Fox)… 310-369-1000 (10001 W Pico Blvd, LA, CA 90035)

(EIGHT) OPRAH WINFREY (Chairman OWN) & SHERI SALATA (CEO OWN)… 323-602-5500 (5700 Wilshire Blvd, #120, LA, CA 90036)

(NINE) SUSAN WOJICKI (CEO, YouTube)… *Phone ??? (12422 West Bluff Creek Dr, LA, CA 90094)

(TEN) CYMA ZARGHAMI (President, Viacom Kids)… 212-258-6000 (1515 Broadway, NY, NY 10036)


I’m sure there are many I left off.

There’s Amy Pascal at Sony Pictures, Lauren Zalaznick (Bravo Network), Nina Tassler (President, CBS Network), Janice Marinelli (President, Disney Domestic TV), Mary Parent (Chairman, MGM Worldwide), Judith McGraph (former, CEO MTV)… and the list goes on.

And what do you call “Gloria”… Like her or not she has P-O-W-E-R.

GloriaAllred-1     GloriaAllred-1  GloriaAllred-1

Yes, at the moment, there is a higher percentage of men in senior Hollywood positions than women… but the point is “The Glass Ceiling” has been broken.

The Executive Lounge at Hollywood Studios, New York Networks & Silicon Valley Unicorns is no longer a Man’s Club (Sorry Madmen) for it is now a club for anyone with an amazing work ethic, an amazing amount of talent, amazing social skills, superb managerial skills and a trust and faith in God.


Hello women. Hi, I’m Dov Simens and let me help you break through the Glass Ceiling with any of my 3 affordable ($89-$289) Film Programs (Live, DVD & On-Demand) have launched 1000s of Film Careers … Please let me help you.


Real Facts. Real Knowledge. No-Bull.

Happy Filmmaking,

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2 comments on “POWER WOMEN (Part 3): STUDIO EXECS, CEOs & TV MOGULS (#7 says they’re hiring)”

  1. joe sixpak says:

    never was a glass ceiling

    tinseltown was always about results not any PC quotas

    like you said they worked hard and earned it
    now if they start helping unqualified females for ‘diversity’ or other irrelevant goal they will squander what they worked hard to attain

  2. Lor says:

    “A trust and faith in God.” Is that a requirement? I have no hope then.

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