Remember, this is a professional Bullsh*t industry (No-Problem, I-Got-Contacts, Check-is-in-Mail, I’m goin’-to-Cannes, I Know Quentin, etc.) loaded with professionals and you are not even qualified to be an amateur bullsh*tter.

So lets first WRITE-THE-SCRIPT.

Then second MAKE-IT-GREAT

Then third CYA

Then fourth CYA (again… WGA & LOC)

Then fifth stay away from Bullsh*tters.

Turn It Over to God.


Get on with your next Script/Project.

Congratulations: You are now a Producer with Numerous-Projects-In-Various-Stages-of-Development.


You have the script and you’re sure it’s great… not a single word needs re-typing… It’s written.

The first page is great. The first 10-pages are great. The entire script is great.

It’s registered with the WGA. It’s copyrighted with Library of Congress.


Then you’re ready to go.

Then send it to the Buyers… Buyers being Production Companies that actually have money and write checques to hire writers, option properties and make movies.

CAVEAT: Never ever give your script, especially if not registered and copyrighted, to anyone who says either (1) I’ve been in Hollywood for 30 years or (2) I have contacts with or (3) I know someone, who knows someone…

Go directly to the buyers.

Buyers are production companies who have produced and delivered either a movie to distributors (on-budget & on-schedule) or a tv series to a network (on-budget & on-schedule)

Here are 9 that have their name start with a number.


  1. 100% TERRYCLOTH
  2. ATTN: Terrence Michael (Producer)
  3.             310-393-8585 (Contact@TerenceMichael.com)
  4. 1801 Ave of the Stars, # 1150, Century City, CA 90067


  2. ATTN: Terry Botwick & Raplh Winter (Partners)
  3.                         323-645-6840 (Info@1019ent.com)
  4.             1680 N Vine St, #600, Hollywood, Ca 90028


  2. ATTN: Brad Austin & Ken Mok (Principles)
  3.                         310-575-1235
  4.            1960 Sawtelle Blvd, Suite 200, Los Angeles, CA 90025


  1. 1821 PICTURES
  2. ATTN: Billy Piche, Paris Laise & Terry Douglas
  3.                         310-860-1121 (www.1821Pictures.com)
  4.             205 S Beverly Blvd, #206, Berverly Hills, CA 90212


  2. ATTN: Peter Hurwitz (President)
  3.                         310-777-1940 (inquiries@19Entertainment.com)
  4.             8560 W Sunset Blvd, 9/F, West Hollywood, CA 90069


  2. ATTN: Marty Adelstein
  3.                         310-270-4570
  4.             10201 W Pico Blvd, Bldg 41, Suite 500B, Los Angeles, CA 90064


  2. ATTN: Billy Rosenberg (VP, Development)
  3.                         310-369-7170
  4.             c/o 20th Century Fox, 10201 W Pico Blvd, Bldg 41, Suite 400, LA, CA 90064


  2. ATTN: David Broome (President)
  3.                         818-432-2800 (Info@257Productions.com)
  4.             4119 Burbank Blvd, Burbank, CA 91505


  1. 26 FILMS
  2. ATTN: Elena Brooks (Development VP)
  3.                         310-205-9922 (aast@26Films.com)
  4.             8748 Holloway Dr, LA, CA, 90069



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308 comments on “9 PRODUCERS WITH TRACK RECORDS: They Can Buy Scripts”

  1. Brian says:

    i have scripts on sale and they are very cheap, anyone intrested, post me on my email- btambakare@gmail.com or call me on +263775305777 or you can whatsapp this number and we can talk

    1. Tom Karma says:


      RE: Actor of Actors

      To whom it may concern.
      I am looking to the movie industry as a conduit to bring my brilliance to the world. I have not acted for one second in front of a movie production camera and I would like the opportunity to do so before I retire from life. I would like to be the lead actor in a movie about Admiral Richard Byrd who spearheaded the expedition to the South Pole and led an expedition to find the edge of the Flat Earth. What he found was hidden and Antarctica was restricted from all civilians, the question is why? I would like a movie producer to take up this request and make the movie with me, Tom Karma playing Admiral Richard Byrd.

      Thank you for your time and consideration.

      Tom Karma
      Cell: 1 (204) 307-5193

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      Tom Karma
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      1. Neid says:

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    3. I’m a nollywood author, actor, Frontline movie director, producer, writer, novelist, poet, film school tutor, Entrepreneurer, blogger, surfer and so on.

      1. I’m a nollywood author, actor, Frontline movie director, producer, writer, novelist, poet, film school tutor, Entrepreneurer, blogger, surfer and so on.

        1. Onoriode Miracle says:

          How do one contact you then

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        Good afternoon. Am a theater-stage actor based in Eastern Nigeria. Recently went into moviestory writing. I have just finished a work on an Igbo-Annang-Ibibio epic action movie with historical time setting in the era of slavery and inter-tribal conflicts, when the white man had just arrived on the coast of Calabar.
        I want to sell of the movie story. I could also help get actors who are trained in fighting-acts as they are part of the acting theater of which I am a member.
        Central themes of the story are : redemption and courage.

      3. Joseph Captaine says:

        Good day. Am Joseph Captaine a theater stage actor based in Eastern Nigeria.
        I’ve just written an epic action movie story line titled “guts and glory.”
        Story is based on the era of slavery and inter-tribal wars when the white-man had just arrived at the Port of Calabar.
        Central themes are redemption and bravery and glory.
        I could arrange for actors trained in action plays to feature in the movie. I also instruct action playscenes

  3. James Nettles says:


    1. Hiran Raj P says:

      Wajid khan,
      I’m a newbie in writing.I’ve two story concepts, and don’t know how to sell it or copyright it.I’m from India.Please help me.

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  4. I wrote 2 Horror screenplays

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  6. I am a secondary school student at the age of sixteen. I have written a story and have been wanting to sell it to a producer to bring out the real story content. The name of the story is THE UNIVERSITY PRESTOS. I would appreciate your overwhelming over if you would give me some info.
    Facebook:Nisor wonderfulamaya
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    1. Naveen says:

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      1. Jonithan says:

        For starters iam not a writer as you can probably tell, I have a true story, that needs to be made into a movie, I have taken notes dating back from 2009 up until present, and as everything started to unfold and I became familiar with things in outline,I begun trying to getting word out about what’s going on in Texas telling friends and others who would listen, and after iam done with a 4 th of the stories iam told this is just like s movie and want to hear more. But it’s much more to me and my family we lived it and still is at this moment, So who ever is willing to contact me on the script you will not regret it. You will be on edge trying to figure out what happened next, and who was all involved. Once it get exposure it will take off books, movies. Because this movie not only will help others out but open up doors and bring awareness of today topics.

      2. I want to sell a story about the reaction and reform of Armageddon 2… Start Harry is still alive.

        1. Posperity says:

          I have a story for sale(the candle man)in a cheep rate.

          1. Prosperity says:

            I have a story for sale(the candle man)in a cheep rate.


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        I have a big true story in a script form. How do I send it to you?

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    This screenplay has 126 pages and the story is set in a village of a South America country but the place and the ethnicity of the people can be changed depending on the convenience of the producer

  14. I have a 91 page screenplay adapted from my Novel “The Big Catch” an action/love story – along with an actor/producer we are actively seeking a seasoned “Action movie director” to bring this original full length feature film into production. (rickthehumanhorse@hotmail.com)

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    Justin Dowdell – Screenwriter
    Twenty “Screenplays” synopsis & treatments
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    Two scripts completed, comedy and action “Tekken”.
    The goal is to have one of my twenty Screenplays done by the first of each month. If interested, in meeting shoot me a text or email me.

    1. Justin says:

      Justin Dowdell – Screenwriter
      Twenty “Screenplays” synopsis & treatments
      Twelve “Teleplays” overview & pilot synopsis
      Two scripts completed, comedy and action “Tekken”.
      The goal is to have one of my twenty Screenplays done by the first of each month. If interested, in meeting shoot me a text 7472039604 or email me samueldowdell21@yahoo.com

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    I also write ebooks on the side but concentrate more on scripts. All of my work is copy write protected. The initial screenplay is 199 pages in length. That in its entirety would be 3 hours, and 19 minutes once completed to film. Interested buyers can contact me by email only at csorensen65@msn.com
    If you need a sample I can also accommodate but strictly for those parties who are looking for this type of genre.

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    I have full length detective stories .These stories have adventure, mystery ,action and suspense and are very different .These are real life stories of the various encounters of my husband in his career as a top private detective in Mumbai, India. I have penned down these interesting case studies which can make an excellent TV series.
    My email ID – varunsneha00@gmail.com
    Looking forward to hear from you. Very best wishes
    ~ Sneha Wadhwa

    1. Venkatesh says:

      I want to listen. Mail me

      1. Gayle says:


        1. Gayle says:

          Ok l have a script a few years back who had read my script ann said it was material for the silver screen and he said he knew a producer flying into universal studios in Orlando Florida and he told me the producer would definitely buy it. The next day the guy dropped dead of a heart attack a day before the producer showed up. I wamted to cry. I got depressed and drug this script with me every where l moved. I am now in Las Vegas NV and at a loss what to do. A man read it and said it was so good he couldnt put it down and l need to get it out there as he gave it a 8.5 to 9 score.
          So now what?

      2. Sneha says:

        Mail me varunsneha00@gmail.com and we can talk further on the project

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    I would like to share my creative mind, which is full of faith based stories and scripts, with the one , who can produce the films and spread to the world.

    1. Mimi says:

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    1. How can I contact about my screenplay based on my US published novel titled Away from Your eyes
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    The plantation had thousands of acres of sugar cane under cultivation, which was constantly besieged by myriads of pests that voraciously attacked the crop. The only effective way to control these pests was by aerial spraying of pesticides and this is where my fascination with aviation started.
    I was tall for my age and at 6 I could reach the pedals of my fathers old Landrover, which he permitted me to drive on the plantation roads, so whenever the crop sprayers came to spray, I drove out to watch them perform their “aerial ballet” acts with their daring “on the deck” exhibitions of precision flying.
    In 1968 my family moved from Tanzania to Kenya where I finished my last year of primary school in Nairobi. Here my fascination with aviation, especially with WW2 aircraft, became a passion, which remains with me to this day.
    During those early years in Kenya I was exposed to many stories, told at the Aero Club of East Africa, where I hung out listening to the “old timers” spin their tales over a cold Tusker beer or two, and also concerning the RAF aircraft which were based in Kenya during the war.

    I was intrigued by stories about the disappearance of Amelia Earhart in 1937, stories of our “local” flying hero Beryl Markham, and the many planes that disappeared in the mysterious “Bermuda triangle” but one story much closer to my home, was the most interesting and stuck in my mind and I want to share it with you.
    The RAF presence in Kenya during WW2 consisted of Hawker Hurricanes based in Northern Kenya, Avro Lincoln bombers in Nairobi, Bristol Blenheim’s in the rift valley and believe it or not, a squadron of Catalina Flying Boats based on Lake Victoria at Kisumu.
    What fascinated me about these Catalina’s was a farfetched story that the entire squadron of 29 flying boats had been scuttled in Lake Victoria.
    Could they still be there I wondered at the time?. Fifteen years were to pass, during which time I founded my own aviation company in Nairobi, before I was again reminded of this story of the sunken Catalina’s when the subject came up during a chance discussion with a friend, who maintained my aircraft. One day whilst having a tea with his father, who had been posted at Kisumu as a mechanic during the war by the RAF in the 40’s, I asked the old man if by chance he remembered anything about these Catalina’s and his answer blew my mind. He not only remembers the planes, but confirmed that he was one of the mechanics looking after them at the time, and he know exactly what the details were leading up to the scuttling because he supervised the removal of all the Pratt and Whitney engines etc from the planes before they were towed out onto the lake and sunk.
    After hearing this from the “horses mouth”, I started seriously conducting my own research into the matter and found that the Catalina’s had been assigned to the RAF on a
    “Lend Lease” agreement and when the war was winding down, the decision was made that it would be less costly to leave the planes there, than to fly them all back to the USA where they came from. It was then decided to strip them of everything useful and transferable, like the Pratt and Whitney engines and all their avionics, and scuttle them in the depths of the lake, which was duly carried out.
    Another 15 years were to pass before a Christmas visit with friends found my wife and I near Kisumu. After our stay with them we decided to explore some of the towns along the lake shore. During our tour we met a man to whom I shared my knowledge of the “sunken Catalina’s” with. Incredibly he told us that he had a few pieces of metal in his possession that he had obtained from local fishermen who’s nets had become entangled with some mysterious objects deep in the lake and which he was sure came from an airplane of sorts. The fishermen stopped fishing in that area of the lake because of too many lost nets. Our new friend gave me these pieces of metal, which I have had in storage for years now.
    From that day on, I vowed that one day I would like to make an attempt to recover some of these lovely flying boats and perhaps donate them to aviation museums around the world, because I believe from research that this model of the Catalina, there is only a front section of one that is in an aviation museum in New Zealand.
    I carried on with my plans and decided that the first step, before anything else, would be to ascertain who were the rightful owners of this sunken treasure? Accordingly, I made contact and had meetings with the British High Commission in Nairobi, who in due course guided me in the right direction, which was at HM Department of Defence. This took a while, but eventually after 3 years, I was given ownership title to these aircraft, for the purpose of salvaging some or all of them for posterity.
    This then is my story of how a rumor became a dream and thence one step further toward the reality of organizing a salvage operation to raise these rare and lovely aircraft from the depths of Lake Victoria into the full view of the aviation world.
    I would hope that like-minded individuals can see the value of carrying out this salvage operation and join me in mounting an expedition to bring these historic aircraft to the surface and restore them to exhibition condition, to share among the aviation museums of the world.
    I think the project would make a fascinating and unique documentary film of great interest to viewers around the world.
    Will you join me?
    Rob Linck Nairobi Kenya
    Email, roblinck@gmail.com

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    1. J. Carlos Portela says:

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    SYNOPSIS: A member of drug trafficing mobsters putting up together a plan to run an operation, but things were not quite going well the way the plan was set up on the table to execute it. The driver was the one who supposed to deliver the merchandize to the big boss, but later on, one friend of the gang called them, noting that the driver might be possibly dead because the truck he was driving had caught up fired. The boss after all, had supicious over the fact of the matter.

    Entering one drug dealer’s load depot, made a massacre to his fellow co-workers, a lot of dead bodies in this place. When the special service officers and FBI were coming, DEA on its part was doing their job, but all of the gangsters and drug dealers were gone out, remaining the dead bodies in this place.

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        14th Feb. 2018
        My name is Haron Thomas Nyandoro from Kenya, the author of the book by the title BLIND JUSTICE. I spent 19 1/2 years in jail i.e in remand for one and half (11/2) years, in life imprisonment for seven (7) years and on the death row for eleven (11) years. I want to adapt the book with brutal experiences into an international thriller film. I have sent to you the attached document which explains the project vividly.
        I own the copyright of the book and of the screenplay,
        Please go through the attached document and tell me whether I can send you a soft copy of the book and the screenplay for consideration. It will make one of the most famous films due to the uniqueness of its setting place, time and story.
        My terms are as follows;
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        2. Anyone who will make a way for this book to be adapted by the Hollywood into a movie, I will offer him 20% of any deal that will be made with the Hollywood immediately and in writing whether he does it as an agent or producer or director or in any other way.
        I hope you will get back to me soon. Thanks a lot sir.
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        Haron Thomas Nyandoro
        Author of BLIND JUSTICE and the screenplay SENTENCED.

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    The story is about an innocent man arrested, tried and sentenced to death. He struggls to survive as days of execution draw near. The rest will move you to tears and nightmares .
    The attached file is the summary of the film and story. Tell me how to send you the book and the script. I can send them as soft copies.

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    May good Karmas bless all Sentient Beings.
    Tsultim Gyatso .
    You can reach me on tsultim.gyatso3@gmail.com for further details.

  91. Don’t all of you on this thread realize how RETARDED you sound?? Read your goddamn posts. It’s all, “I’m the best writer ever (12,000 grammatical errors) or “I’m amazing. This is BIG budget (785 typos in the text).

    Yeah, you are definitely “amazing” (like everybody else) and your stories are definitely “big budget.” You do realize, I hope, that it is virtually impossible to go from amazing-sceenwriter-who-cant-type-for-shit on the web to big-budget-screenwriter.

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    My name is Stephen Atkinson and I am a new screenwriter. I was wondering if you would be interested in reading the script of my screenplay Alaska Incident, which is a fictional military mini-series for TV but can be turned into a movie script:
    Script is copyrighted with the United States copyright office and is registered with WGA. Should you wish to view the script in its entirety you will be able to view it at https://inktip.com/script/1eb96ur

    Log line:
    Americans secretly weaponize a virus; Soviets have become aware. Colonel Milosevic, ruthless, determined, cold-hearted, and egotistic, needs to succeed, but Sergeant Peter Hawthorn, warm, friendly, with inner strength, and Hill 352 stand between him and escape. Peter Hawthorn must recover the virus, save men, and avert a war and possible pandemic.
    Peter Hawthorn (Main character) a young man of 22 leads a group of ten Brits to Alaska as an exchange with a US Army missile defense unit.
    Unknown to Peter and his men there is a secret laboratory under the installation where a secret is being kept quiet. Against the Geneva convention the US Military has created a weapon a virus created from the common flu/ Anthrax.
    The Soviet Union has become aware of the existence of the virus and through fear have devised a plan to obtain it by what ever means necessary.
    Colonel Yuri Milosevic (Nemesis) is a ruthless commander of the Soviet union a clever tactician is assigned to the task. Yuri takes command of the 44th Spetsnaz after he has presented his plan of action to General Dubinsky.
    Yuri leads a company of 160 men into Alaska by a daring parachute drop in the middle of the storm.The goal is to mercilessly eliminate all personnel in Fort Brookes and return to the Soviet Union with no witnesses.
    In Alaska the arctic front approaches as dark clouds begin brewing into the worst snowstorm in decades grounding all allied aircraft.
    This creates the perfect storm as the Spetsnaz begin to put into play their daring plan of operations.
    Peter and his men have arrived at Fort Brookes to a rip roaring welcome from 3rd platoon commanded by Master Sergeant Collins.
    The Brits lead by Staff Sergeant Cowley Peter his second in command are taken under the wing of Collins as they prepare for a first day of exercise in the field; an exercise that would prove to save them from annihilation when the Spetsnaz attack Fort Brookes.
    When the survivors return to the Fort the next day due to the intensity of the storm the realization of what has transpired is evident.
    Peter, Cowley and Collins must come up with a plan of action to chase down the Spetsnaz to prevent their escape across the Alaskan tundra to the safety of Russia.
    Yuri has to pass through Brookes forest to escape through Abbots pass a mountain chain but Hill 352 stands between Abbots pass and Brookes forest this creates a problem for the Soviets.
    Collins is ambushed in Brookes forest with only two survivors escaping to warn Peter and Cowley.
    The only communications destroyed during the raid on Fort Brookes means Peter and Cowley have to rely on the sat coms in the British snow cat but battery life is limited.
    Communication is established with NORAD but help is not forth coming until the storm clears.
    Peter must obtain the virus if he is going to be successful and prevent Yuri returning to the Soviet union a hero but one thing stands in the Soviets way…hill 352 and a determined Brit. Set in November 1988 Whilst Milosevic and Peter fight it out on the battlefield President Reagan and Gorbachev fight it out on the political front leading to a gritty conclusion.
    Many thanks and I look forward to hearing from you at your earliest convenience.
    Yours sincerely Stephen Atkinson
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    Link me up and I will tell you all
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      You only live once is a story that tells the length Africans can go just to travelled to the states and Europe to seek greener pastures

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  125. PIERRE RONALD says:

    Hello people, I am a screenwriter who wrote for nothing, I would like to introduce my greatest script ever written”CONFRONTED”. 105 pages, it’s wonderful. Let me tell you about the story: A story of a man name Mark Williams whose life turned upside down after he made a decision to move to New York from Florida to attend a new relationship with his baby’s mother, his son two year old son name Johnny. In the building apartment where he came to live there was a suspicious theft organization going on, probably the superintendent of the building might be the head of the theft going on ; he gave access to the other thieves to come to steal in the building. Mark Williams became a target by them since he knew their secret and telling the police of what’s going on out there.

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    Hello world I’m a 38 year old female and would love for my story to get publish. with all the sex abuse and sex scandles that are going on I think that it would be great,and I’m not saying this because it’s my story or my idea I would love for it to get produced since i myself was a suffering from sex abuse from my father. I just want others to be able to read or watch my life so they will be able to speak out and so that they will not feel like it’s their fault. I understand a lot of women and also men are afraid to speak out because the person that have hurt them have so much control over them. I think it’s time for all of us to speak out.

  127. Deborah Lund says:

    Hi there, I’ve got a science-fiction story concept for “Sharks vs. Aliens.” Turns out they’re not our enemies, but are cooperating with each other to save human species. Idea came from watching sooooo many documentaries about space, science, and ancient astronaut theory — stuff that’s all out there right now being investigated and reported. I like puzzles and putting pieces together — which is how I got this idea — connecting the dots. Would anyone out there be interested?

    1. Yuvraj Wankhede says:

      Hi, I’m Yuvraj, Author of VIRTEX, a historic-fiction thriller Novel that is based on the less known events of the SECOND WORLD WAR.

      Title: VIRTEX – Sacrifices Are Inevitable.

      Genre: Crime-Fiction Thriller

      The brutal Murder of a Research Scientist, Robert Edwin, with a cryptic message, excites a chain of deathly events across the corridors of US Powers, that leads Detective Simskins to discover a Nazi Reality that is hidden in Washington for years after the SECOND WORLD WAR.

      Washington DC – 1978

      Inside a Confidential base of the US Defence Research Center, the Scientist, Robert Edwin is found Brutally Murdered but he has left a cryptic message scribbled in blood beside his crippled corpse.

      Detective Arthur Simskins, learns about Robert’s death and flies to DC to ingeniously decipher the impossible message of Edwin. With the help of a young professor Emily Bentz, when Simskins’ ingenuity unmasks the hidden meaning of Robert’s message, a thrilling chain of events begins and the murder of Edwin flips over Simskins’ hands with the discovery of a strange Nazi symbol.

      When Simskins is tangled in the clutches of Some Dark People with NAZI past, he is forced to hand a Mysterious object, they call, VIRTEX. Their leader is named VEZETO. A faceless man whose identity is revealed at the end of the story. But what VIRTEX is, is unknown even to Simskins.

      Amidst this breath-thrilling chaos, when Simskins is caught into an otherworldly experience, his belief about REALITY is SERIOUSLY SHATTERED! An impossible CALL from the Dead Robert Edwin!

      A chase with a burning question that links to the impossible call – What is VIRTEX?

      And a strange history of the Holocaust’s mysteriously vanished Angel of Death. Dr Josef Mengele.

      The deadly hunt runs for two nights in which, the detective reveals a hidden reality of a Nazi realm whose one action is about to thunder the corridors of power with an Unimaginable possibility of WORLD WAR III. But when Simskins finds the naked truth, he realizes that death itself has returned. Death, in the cloak of Mankind’s Darkest Devil and the Fuhrer of a fallen empire – ADOLF HITLER HAS RETURNED! (VEZETO)

      (If the above presentation engages any intrigue for the story, I will be grateful to submit the final draft of the feature length screenplay of the proposed project for your consideration. I can be contacted in any of the ways I have provided at your earliest convenience.)


      Yours Creatively,

      Yuvraj Wankhede


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    This book is based mainly on my own experiences in an era when such things as transgenderism, cross dressing and even being gay were frowned upon by an uncaring and intolerant society. I think this would make rather an interesting film or perhaps a TV series. If this is of interest to any production companies please feel free to contact me as follows: paulatopaul@gmail.com

    Many thanks for reading!

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    Book 2. The possible way planet Mars could be made habitable to humans and the possible threat to life Mars inhabitants could face other than harsh environment.

    written in script/screenplay format

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    Published (2019) on Amazon

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    About me: Originally from the UK, I was a professional actor for over 20 years, with 18 of those actively working in Hollywood on numerous studio feature films and network TV shows. As a writer, I’ve completed five original screenplays and am now working on my sixth, with many more on the way.

    Tag Line: “All because a little boy loves a little girl, who loves potato chips.”

    Genre: Family Adventure / Drama (1980s, small town, America)

    Log Line: Think Forrest Gump meets Pay It Forward.

    If this has piqued any interest, I’d be happy to send a PDF of the feature length screenplay for your consideration. I can be contacted via email or phone.

    Warm Regards.

    David Dayan Fisher

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