WME: Agency #2 (25 Contacts, Names & Numbers)

WME Agency is 2nd largest in the world… and trying harder



Proper name is William Morris Endeavor. It was merely just William Morris but merged in 2009 with a second agency Endeavor and it was called WME2 and now just WME.

The agency was started in 1898 by a German immigrant, William Morris (aka: Zelman Moses), who represented Vaudeville Acts and during the silent film era Mr Morris and his agency represented Charlie Chaplin, Mae West, the Marx Brothers and Al Jolsen.

In 1930 Mr Morris sr turned over the agency to his son and passed away in 5 years during which time his son relocated the agency to California, first at Hollywood & Vine and then Beverly where it is still today.

In 1949 the agency purchased the Berg-Allenberg and added Frank Capra, Clark Gable & Judy Garland to its roster with clients that already included Sammy Davis Jr, Milton Berle & Rita Hayworth.

With the arrival of television, William Morris was the first agency to capitalize on it for it’s clients and now represented Bill Cosby, Andy Griffith, Dick Van Dyke, all tv stars, as well as movie stars like Jack Lemmon, Katherine Hepburn, Walter Matthau, Steve McQueen, Marilyn Monroe, Kim Novak, Elvis Presley & Frank Sinatra,

William Morris, never standing still with complacency, now ventured in the ’50s & 60s into the music business and became a powerhouse by representing The Rolling Stones, The Beach Boys, Sonny & Cher and the Byrds and in 1973 the agency was the first to establish a Nashville office.

Today, post 2000, the agency had it’s first true crisis as fellow agents George Lane and Mark Cardonick left to open CAA (today’s largest agency in the world) was founded along with Michael Ovitz, Ron Meyer, William Haber, etc., but bounced back in 2009 with a merger with boutique agency Endeavor and formed today’s WME in the former Endeavor office on Wilshire Blvd.

Like CAA, WME has had a massive infusion of equity capital from Private Equity Firm “Silver Lake Partners” and has used the cash, like CAA, to get into the sports promotion and marketing business by buying IMG.



HOT TIP: Secret way to get into Hollywood (I’m sure you’ve heard about it, now try it) and become an Agent (this is where you start), and then a Development Executive, or a Producer… that is assuming you’re not making millions as being an agent

AGENT TRAINING PROGRAM: Great Tidbit of info. The “mailroom” is actually a phrase used at William Morris for it’s in-house agency training program…which is a superb way to learn the business and become a deal-maker, assuming you have amazing personal skills & a super-human work-ethic & are blessed with being an amazing salesman.  PS. Why not phone William Morris Endeavor (see number below) and apply to the training program, move to Beverly Hills and start dealmaking (Note: It ain’t gonna be that easy)


You start off in the basement with 20-30 other Phi Beta Kappa grads. You literally go office-to-office and deliver the mail… and you are in hopes that within 4-months you get an actual desk, and become Assistant #2, with an agent.


Where CAA has over 5,000 Agents & Employees, WME, being #2, has about 4,000 Agents & Employees and is the only agency with “smart elevators”.

Duh? Huh? I am not going to explain what “smart elevators” (ADD sidebar) are but when you take your project and go to the Beverly Hills office, walk past the lobby’s receptionist, where you query about WME floor number and you press that floor on the elevator button what occurs will “make you stupid”.

Oh, I got it they purposely put in elevators, called smart, that actually make you dumb, and now you are ready to be taken advantage of at a meeting…. very interesting.

Confused… Next time in Beverly Hills, park your car, and walk to 9601 Wilshire Blvd (you’ll quickly find the door is not on Wilshire… very interesting), Beverly Hills, CA 90210 and walk inside an press a button on the elevator… I promise “you will feel dumb”.



Silver Lake Partners


Ari Emmanuel (Co-CEO) & Patrick Whitesell (Co-CEO)


Ben Affleck, Charlize Theron, Tina Fey, Rihanna, Maria Sharapova, Gisele Bundchen. Plus men like Ed Burns, Steve Carell, Tim Allen, Vin Diesel, Snoop Dog, Billy Idol, Ben Stiller, Michael Strahan, Denzel Washington, Forrest Whitaker…. and women like Angela Bassett, Carol Burnett, Kathie Lee Gifford, Diane Lane, Queen Latifah, Mandy Moore, Emma Stone, Wanda Sykes, Betty white and….


Besides Film, TV, Music, Speakers & Commercials; WME has expanded with purchases of “Droga5” (ad agency), “MADE Fashion Week”, “Global eSports Management”, “ICON Sports Management”, “Artist Voice” and “Professional Bull Riders Assn”. WME has even invested in Uber and by far it’s largest investment/purchase has been by buying acquiring IMG.




(ONE) HOLLYWOOD: 9601 Wilshire Blvd, Beverly Hills, CA, 90210 (TEL: 310-285-9000)

(TWO) MANHATTAN: 1325 Avenue of the Americas, New York, NY 10019  (TEL: 212-586-5100)

(THREE) FLORIDA: 119 Washington Ave, Suite 400, Miami Beach, Florida, 33139  (TEL: 305-938-2000)

(FOUR) ENGAND: Centre Point, 103 New Oxford St, London, WC1A  (TEL: 44-20-7534-6800)

(FIVE) TENNESSE: 1600 Division St, #300, Nashville, Tennessee, 37203  (TEL: 615-3000)



Danny Greenberg (Head, Motion Pictures)

Jason Spitz (Head, Motion Pictures)

David Wirtschafter (Head, Motion Pictures)

Adrianna Alberghetti, Kimberly Bialeck, Rob Carlson, Daniel Cohan, Rich Cook, Philip d’Amecourt, Chris Donnelly, Michael Esola, Simon Faber, Ashley Fox, Daniel Gobai, Jeff Garin, Roger Green, Elia Infascelli-Smith, David Karp, Craig Kestel, Charles King, David Lubliner, Robert Newman, Phillip Raskind, Cliff Roberts, Sarah Self, Mike Simpson, Alex Yuracian….

Happy Filmmaking

FS-$89 (2) DSC_8143

Dov S-S Simens / Dean / Hollywood Film Institute

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26 comments on “WME: Agency #2 (25 Contacts, Names & Numbers)”

  1. I spoke w/ Jason from wmd entertainment @ 12:12 pm we called our convo keep legitition 4/ 27 /16 he spoke of calling me back. reminder I’m @ (402) 253- 7076 Omaha , Nebraska

  2. Kent Faure' says:

    Hey Mr. Mike Simpson,
    Have Quintin Tarrantino put together a movie w/Denzel Washington, Samuel L. Jackson, Forest Whitaker together; 3 EXCELLENT ACTORS w/…….Robert De Niro, Jack Nicholson &, Clint Eastwood/acting; all in the same movie, too!!!
    But then you have Quintin, Denzel & Clint; Direct & Produce That Movie; altogether, too!!!
    Mr. Mike Simpson, you make this happen, you’ll beeeeeeeeeee The Man behind it all; @ making that movie, happen!!! Yeah!!! Yea!!!

    1. Zynathena Berry says:

      My name is Zynathena Berry and I would love to meet Quentin Tarantino. I am a screenplay writer for film and Quentin style identical to my own. I am currently filming a gangster movie where I play a a descendant of an Italian mobster who is a female assassin.

    2. Jason E. Ward says:

      Den n Sam are brothers an master criminals they rob n kill Clint ex cia officer an the only one that knows wat was taken was his best friend Jack ex cia officer an that leaves Wit n Nero as the cops on the case that’s just 5 min give me a budget n 1 screenwriter n let’s see wat I can do



  4. Tia Nichelle Moore says:

    Hi Ryan my name is Tia Nichelle Moore. I am in Louisville,KY. I think that you should be a producer of my reality tv show. Why because I have so much gift and talent with high fashion and acting and one thing that i think i would bring audience in is because I am fighting for my life dealing with SS sickle cell and this rare progressive brain disease on the brain called MoyaMoya known in Japan blood vessels restricted on the brain. And the last year stroke left me paralyzed from the neck down but i am moving and trying to get my acting fashion career going call my cell for more information 502-309-1617 thanks i hope that we can work together. And i am going for my dreams becoming an actress and a fashion designer.

  5. Peter Madden says:

    Seeking a Musical Agent – Can WME Entertainment Agency Help?

    1. Pierre Lewin says:

      We are FUNKAZOID, a funky, jazzy, and original instrumental band.
      We are five professional musicians with a solid experience in many genres, coming from 3 countries (Brazil France and Portugal).
      We play our own original tunes (and a couple other’s compositions) which are influenced by the traditional repertoire of instrumental funk, fusion jazz, house and electronic music.
      We are now in Brazil and will be in Europe from April 2019.
      We need help to get promoted and managed!

  6. Sturla Austad says:

    Need to get in contact with Jason Spitz, concerning contact with Aaron Sorkin. Got a screenplay I want him to evaluate.

  7. Lamont Banks says:

    WME Entertainment
    Ari Emanuel CEO
    9601 Wilshire Blvd,
    Beverly Hills, CA 90210

    Mr. Ari Emanuel:
    Per my last letter to you, I explained the responsibility of A Just Cause to conduct an extensive investigation into the humiliation and racial and gender bias being shown to Tanique Wright, Vice President of HR for Professional Bull Riders. Through that investigation and our own internal research, we continue to find disturbing things happening within your organization. This has solidified our efforts to bring justice to Ms. Wright and hold you and your executives accountable for allowing this type of behavior to continue.

    A Just Cause is aware of a former employee of Endeavor (formally WME), Adam Venit’s decision to leave WME, Endeavor amid sexual harassment allegations involving actor Terry Crews, who said, “This whole thing with Harvey Weinstein is giving me PTSD. Why? Because this kind of thing happened to me.” It appears that Endeavor/WME embraces the humiliation of all human beings.

    Terry Crews is being contacted regarding Ms. Wright as well. This appears to be a culture problem at WME, and your clients who may not be aware of WME’s toxic environment are already being contacted by A Just Cause.
    AS stated in my previous email communication to you and your Executives, this campaign has already begun and will aggressively go forward. The sad fact that Bill Orielly was also part of WME/Endeavour, is painting a very unfavorable view of your Company. The humiliation of Tanique Wright, an African American Executive, is proof of the “Weinstein Culture” and the discrimination of women demonstrated at WME/Endeavour.
    Be aware the following Media Outlets have been CC’d on this communication:
    CBS News, ABC News reporter Byron Pitts, The Washington Post, Fox News, New York Times, ACLU LA Times and many more.


    Lamont Banks
    Executive Director
    A Just Cause

  8. Mohannad says:

    To whom it may concern

    I’m Mohannad an author certified from the British Library. My novel was accepted in Bollywood but I’m going to give it a chance in order to enter Hollywood.
    I’m interested to contact well known producers to proceed the film production stage.
    This is my first email that I send for Hollywood agents.
    With a will to have a response

    Kind Regards

  9. Linda Wise says:

    After the shaming of the unequal pay bomb that went off lately … I’m just saying “I think every woman in the country and beyond should BOYCOTT this agency and any movies, etc… from this establishment” Shame on you for the slap in the face to every female that has ever worked and tried to raise a family on a dime while their spouse lives off of them. Women are human too and are raising families. How are we to get ahead in life for our children if companies like yours is working against us for the sake of profit for their own. op

  10. john grant says:

    Can you imagine how i felt when the Studio lost my signed ‘Tuco’ signed by Eli Wallach. I had requested that my long time hero Mr Eastwood sign the photo and return it to me. I sent registered with SAE to return. In lieu of this you sent an 8×10 PRINTED autograph that I was told, Personally signed by Mr Eastwood. Nice work!!

  11. WME entertainment . I have paid twice now to see Sara Evans .$2,500 the first time and they fired james for helping trying to set things up so my father who was house bound could have a wish come true .then said my money had Exspired without even seeing Sara Evans Becky gaardenhire next was helping said $2.000 dollars they wanted being i did pay and not get what i paid for.They relocated her on special assignment and wont send money back cause its gone and still wont let me meet Sara Evans,My next step is getting a lawyer and a law suit against them dad died in January .you aren’t keeping up with what you brag about .thomas cisar

  12. Craig Lines says:

    Dear Mike Rosenfeld,

    We’re just wondering what’s going on, especially with you personally, and your subsequent refelection on your company .. perhaps you can elucidate – as a supposedly high up member of staff in a communications company, you are certainly not very adept at communicating.

    Terse, abrupt, dismissive, conceited and arrogant are just 5 of the adjectives that have been said about you. We’re certainly not used to this treatment especially when we are offering a lot of money to an actor who doesn’t seem to be up to much right now – are your representatives really not willing to talk about this? I doubt it – we suspect that you are just feeling too self important to even consider getting back to us. Our normal dealings with”agents” are polite and accommodating, and they communicate with alacrity. We are sorry that you are the person who has been allocated as our contact. 

    I will be contacting Tobey directly from now on – we just thought we should, out of politeness, go through the ‘proper channels’. As I am a double BAFTA award winning Director, who has dealt with dozens of agents and casting directors over the past 25 years you can rest assured that I will not be speaking highly of you and your style in the future.


    Craig Lines

    Creative Director, Channel Hue – on behalf of FXZ Events Production. is a new and innovative channel whose focus is on lifestyle and entertainment. What makes Channel Hue unique is that all of its programme material is original and produced in-house – no other channel in the Philippines has ever done this – and no other channel has ever had such great ambition, ethos and objectives.

  13. Yousef says:

    I am trying to get in touch with 1 of the Actor Agents in WME.
    Any documents you should ask for I shall provide in private mails.

  14. Pierre Lewin says:

    We are FUNKAZOID, a funky, jazzy, and original instrumental band.
    We are five professional musicians with a solid experience in many genres, coming from 3 countries (Brazil France and Portugal).
    We play our own original tunes (and a couple other’s compositions) which are influenced by the traditional repertoire of instrumental funk, fusion jazz, house and electronic music.
    We are now in Brazil and will be in Europe from April 2019.
    We need help to get promoted and managed!

  15. Dear Sir/Madam,

    Am an author based in Pune, Maharashtra, India having got published 3 books THE BRIGHT SIDE OF THE DARK (Poems and Poetic acts), THE DESERT OF WATER (Short stories) and A BLIND NEEDLE (Short stories) till date. The first 2 books were published in US by SBPRA and the latest one in London, UK by Austin Macaulay. I sincerely think that the chapters or plots or themes in these books have a good potential of blossoming into a Hollywood movie. My next title THE HOSTAGES OF GOD would be released soon.l.

    Am a lawyer by profession having my own firm and associates In Pune city. I practice in Pune courts as well as in Mumbai High Court. Since my young age, I had an invisible attraction for the literature and writers which may have culminated into a flair for writing.

    THE HOSTAGES OF GOD is a book based on the theme that God is not the supreme authority to judge my actions and I have every right to challenge the concept known as God. As such, there can’t be any blind following of the so called supreme authority and if you observe carefully, then you will find a lot of dichotomy and double standards in the society we live. So I have tried to challenge as far as possible the so called concept of God in a sarcastic way and throw light on the customs and traditions wherein how the sincere disciples of God are kept as hostages by the so called supreme authority under the garb of worship, insecurities and fear.

    With warm regards,


  16. Will says:

    “Just Turned 30” script was inspired by and written for Emma Stone.


  17. Am Anyama Leonard 18 from uganda you inspired me to become a good writer and being far from the movie industry creates challenge in marketing script.i have a very good and organized action movie script but where to sell it is the biggest prob so any agent or a producer willing to read and sell or produce can email me privately i can sent any time. i am currently on a horror script. i like watching movie
    my email is “

  18. Jim Clayton says:

    I would like to offer Greg Kinnear an opportunity with one of my screenplays.

    Take a lead role
    colaborate on the screenplay

    This is not a scam.
    I can provide references. I am a senior citizen and veteran of the USAF. i have some background in the entertainment business.

  19. blog says:

    I really like what you guys tend to be up too. This
    kind of clever work and exposure! Keep up the awesome works guys I’ve
    you guys to my blogroll.

  20. Stuart Bowersox says:

    TV and motion picture stars appearing on TV game shows mention William Morris. So, William Morris must be the best agency. Have written and copyrighted 5 motion picture screenplays. Need an agent. Please have an agent reply to my need. Thank you. Stuart M. Bowersox

  21. D. Gordic says:

    Seeking an opportunity to get in touch with Mr. David Cronenberg. On numerous occasions I had been likened to one of his favorite actors namely Viggo Mortensen and if that can be used in any of his future endeavors, I would like to be part of that action. What I mean, there is a great physical resemblance between Mr. Mortensen and myself that may be, perhaps, utilized in some way.


  22. DR. MONICA SINATRA says:

    i am emancipated Dr. Monica Jayne Jessica Mone’t Sinatra-ss#398-19-9475;D.O.B.-JANUARY 29,2007 & CAN BE FOUND BETWEEN 828 I STREET & 75 i STREET,SACRAMENTO,CAlif. 916-264-2029

  23. Dr. Sheldon Wernow says:

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