CAA: Agency #1 (Contacts, Names & Numbers)

CAA Agency is The World’s Largest

There are 6 MEGA Agencies in Hollywood that represent Actors, Directors, Writers, Singers, Comics, Speakers and Producers,. They are “CAA:, “WME”, “ICM”, “UTA”, “APA” & PARADIGM. And the largest, even after the alleged UTA raid of 8-10 top Talent agents, is “CAA” (Creative Artists Agency)



Founded in 1975 with a $21,000 Loan and $35,000 Line of Credit by William Morris agents Mike Rosenfeld, Michael Ovitz, Ron Meyer, Bill Haber and Rowland Perkins


5,000+ Clients with 1,500 Agents/Employees, with 11 offices worldwide


TPG Capital owns 52%



Kevin Huvane, Steve Lafferty, Rob Light, Bryan Lourd, Richard Lovett, David O’Connor and Michael Rubel


JJ Abrams, Drew Barrymore, Jerry Bruckheimer, Sandra Bullock, James Cameron, Robert De Niro, Robert Downey Jr, Jamie Foxx, Anne Hathaway, Chris Hemsworth, Ron Howard, Matthew McConaughery, Melissa McCarthy & Peyton Manning (Go Giants)



Started in 1975 tThey have become the home of the A-List Movie & TV talent be they Writers, Directors, Actors or Producers but have recently gotten into the Sports Management industry with the launch of CAA SPORTS and quickly grabbed representation of Derek Jeter (Baseball, NY Yankees), Sydney Crosby (NHL), David Beckham (Soccer) and now reps almost 1,000 jocks.

Further in 2008 CAA continued to diversify by becoming a large stockholder in Evolution Media Capital (venture funds) and invested in companies like Fred Segel, Fender and Scopely… Recently TPG Capital invested $166 Million, plus an additional $75 Million for a 35-40% share in the hopes of taking the company public and literally cashing-out.

CAA has 11 offices in LA, NY, Chicago, Nashville, London, Beijing, Stockholm, Mumbai, etc…


CREATIVE ARTIST AGENCY (LA), 2000 Avenue of the Stars, Los Angeles, CA 90067 (TEL: 424-288-2000)

CREATIVE ARTIST AGENCY (NY), 162 Fifth Ave, 6/F, New York, NY 10010 (TEL: 212277-9000)

CREATIVE ARTIST AGENCY (LONDON); 2 Queen Caroline St, Hammersmith, London, W6 9DX (TEL: 020-8323-8016)

LA CAA Agents:

Adviser: Start by trying to speak with the Heads & Co-Heads of the Literary & Talent division of Motion Pictures. When you call let’s see how cool you are or how good a salesman you are but likely you will get past the CAA front office receptionists with persistence but not past the “first screener” for the agent… but who knows? Everyone has a story of how it started and all I know is if you don’t call… there will definitely be no story.

Below are the top 7 Department Heads (Talent & Literary) for the Motion Pictures Division.

Tracy Brennan (Co-Head, Motion Picture Talent)

Jimmy Damody (Co-Head, Motion Picture Talent)

Joel Lubin (Co-Head, Motion Picture Talent)

Jim Toth (Co-Head Motion Picture Talent)

Todd Feldman (Co-Head, Motion Picture Literary)

Risa Gertner (Co-Head, Motion Picture Literary)

Remember… They have over 1,500 Agents/Employees

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Happy Filmmaking,

Dov S-S Simens / Dean / Hollywood Film Institute

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  1. This is for Tracy Brennan
    Please tell the Donald to consider Jesse Waters for his spokesperson. He is the best in the business! Jesse will represent him very well!

  2. To whom it may concern: Re interview with Beyonce Knowles
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    I was very impressed with the performance Beyonce presented at the NFL and her message. I would love to be able to interview her.
    I record live on Mondays and can do the interview phone.
    KBBF 89.1 is the first bi-linguel station in the country and goes out to 18 counties in Northern California. I think it is so important that more people hear her message – it is very important in todays world. I also want to encourage you to read the Poem “I Am Woman I Am All Women” which will give you some insight into the motivation behind the show.
    This is a stretch as we are a local station covering 18 counties but many young women listen to the program. I also want to share the pledge we take every Monday Morning My Self-Esteem does not depend on anything out side of me,.
    My Self-Esteem depends on my relationship with myself and my high power.
    Looking forward to hearing from you.
    If this is not possible let me know but send her a message from an older woman, keep up the great work, we need strong voices like yourself.

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    Best Regards
    Araz O.Rasheed
    Kurdistan region

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  7. steve

    I got a great idea for a show you know that show on CMT call house disaster they move houses well I’ve been in the mobile home business for 4 years and I know a lot of people in the mobile home business and you want to talk about a drama show the mobile home business will be very funny and I think everybody would like to see it we set mobile home for a living and it is very scary sometimes trailers can fall and I got two big companies in Texas would love to be on the show looking for a agent who can help me make the show

  8. I want to be a public figure. Can you help me?

  9. DJ

    You represent some amazing talents who have spoken in support of transgendered people using the bathroom of their choice. I ask that you them to reconsider. Here’s my take on the issue: What do you call the intrusion of a biological male into the private space of a biological female over the objection of the biological female? I call it RAPE (I know because I am a survivor). Moreover, there is nothing feminine about insisting that one can only be comfortable in one’s own skin by invading the sexual privacy of others. Such action can only be described as a d*ck move.

  10. beyonce4life

    i have always wanted to be a singer and actress and if i cant be a singer i can be an actress also i am great for model i have also great stories which i would like to make into films i am very good at writing and get top grades for writing stories mostly in english i write some in swedish and bosnian. i can see a great picture in my head where everything wil be set etc and how i want the film to look like. the problem is that i am only 13 but i wanna have contact with someone so at least by 18 or 19 i could be famous plz plz answer and say if it is possible in any way i want to have contact with u until then when i can actually travel to america by myself ansewr on this email

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  12. Françoise

    For Mr. P.Button agent of Mr. Jackie Chan.
    Mr. Button, I await your response to my story ‘ In the Shadow of the Dragon ‘ in roles, Mr. Jackie Chan and his son and Mr. Van Damme and his two son . Mr. Van Damme received the script.
    thank you,
    Françoise ASTRUC
    Screenwriter, Author . LA FRANCE

  13. Well wishes Sir!

    Please I have an amazing story for sale, its about the beginning life and how supernatural beings were born, what gave birth to them, what made them powerful, what confused them, what led them to war against themselves, what led them to have connections with man (flesh and blood gods) and what made them good or evil. If you ever need such story, you can contact me via

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  15. irfan rana

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  16. I need a talent agent cause I wanna be an actress on the walking dead

  17. Ketty

    I am one of 7 children who had a rich life until my father got ill and married a second wicked woman who took from us everything including several million dollars. I thought we could have this true story in a film. My father contributed a lot of his genius to the shipping industry. Anyways I thought maybe it can be done into a film. Thanks. Ketty

  18. Nadehda

    I need to contact an agent Nicole Kidman, I already 5 months looking at me to her proposal.

  19. I’m trying desperately to find an email address for CAA as I have a block buster film script solely for the American market. I live in the United Kingdom and looking for someone to take the glory of pushing this script forward. Must be someone who an interest in history, science fiction and some comedy. Please help, I don’t ask much of anyone but this would be fantastic if someone would give the time of day to look at this script. Its very good trust me(ps. I’m doing this for my partner, I’m not that talented I’m afraid). Kind regards. Aliki

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