HOLLYWOOD MOVIE NAMES (How to Contact an Actor)

HOW TO CAST ACTORS (First How to Locate the Actor)

Actors are everywhere looking for gigs. And, you have the name of an actor in mind that you want to contact… Now how do you find him/her to make the offer.

Yes, you have the great Script and need to get it to him/her to either (A) Hire him/her or (B) Partner with him/her… Again, now how do you find him/her to discern if he/she is interested and then make him/her an offer…. That he can’t refuse (Yuk Yuk)


How do you get his/her phone number and address…or at least their agent or manager’s contact details.

First, is your actor/actress a (A) Celebrity Movie Name, a (B) Recognizable TV Name, or Second is he/she (C) a nobody, but in SAG, that you saw in a movie , with a small part and 2 lines, that you think is dynamic (who knows why), and would be great for the part in your film and you want to discover him/her.

There are 5 routes.

  1. SAG (Screen Actors Guild)
  2. IMDB (Internet Movie Data Base)
  3. Production Company (IMDBpro)
  4. Baseline (Baseline Research)
  5. FlixTracker (Variety)

FIRST…. THE UNKNOWN ACTOR or The actor is a nobody


SAG: All actors that have been around for a while are probably members of

the actors union, which is called the “Screen Actors Guild” or “SAG”. You then go the SAG website (www SAG org) and get their regional phone numbers. Then you dial. Someone will answer and say “Hello”. You then say the magic words “Representation, please” and you will be instantly forwarded to someone sitting in front of a computer monitor and you tell him/her the 1, 2 or 3 names of the actors you’re looking for. If they are a member of SAG, which they probably are. This person will then instantly give you the name of their agent or manager and his/her phone number. Voilla.

SECOND… THE FAMOUS ACTOR or the actor is a somebody

IMDB: You can do the “SAG” thing above but you will get his/her agent and the deal is now super expensive. In essence, you actually want to circumvent the agent from route #1, because once you are talking to their agent everything gets difficult, arrogant and super-super expensive. Thus, to go around the agent, If the actor, you’re looking for is a name, a celebrity, they will have a production company.

(Dov Simens www.WebFilmSchool.com)


It is always better to get to the name direct.

Thus, call his/hers production company and ask to speak with the Development Executive (I’ll explain this conversation in a later post).

Now, to find their company and their Development Executive you go to a site that is “www IMDB com” But wait, not “www IMDB com” which is a good site for research, you just want their phone numbers and addresses then you subscribe for one month and go to ”www IMDBpro com”. The key is “pro”. This is where you get the actual names, addresses and phone numbers of the production company that they own.


CAVEAT: There are no guarantees that Clooney or Bradley, once you get their company’s name, address and phone number, will pick up the phone when you call or read the mail that you send but…. strange stories occur everyday… I’m sure you’ve read about how so-and-so got their script read or so-and-so met Mr Big or Ms Powerful… So give it a shot.

Simmons       TV-LisaKudrow     UTA-ICECube

Want to get your script to George Clooney, to Will Smith, to Drew Barrymore, to Bradley Cooper, to Angelie Jolie…then they each own a production company which will be listed in the website “www IMDBpro com”. So get a subscription to this service for something like $10/month…I believe that you can get a 2-week free trial… “2-Week Free trial”… Got it.

Third, is to go to your local Film Commissioner and they will have a directory of which actors/actresses are in their local region. Doing this remember, is not for celebrities or true names but the local actors, who are looking for Opening Title Credit parts in No-Budget feature films to launch their career. To find your local film commissioner, they all belong to the “Association of Film Commissioners” whose website is “www AFCI org”.

Fourth & Fifth are two other data-base websites like “IMDBpro” which are “Baseline” and “FlixTracker”. However, they are much more expensive than “IMDBpro”. And forget about the Hollywood Creative Directories, a series of books that was published and updated annually that listed all the Production Companies, Agents, Managers, DealMakers and Distributors for they went out of business last year but you might find one of their directories on sale at Amazon under “used books”.

No more excuses.

You have the Great Script. Actors are always saying “I’m looking for a Great Script”…now (A) Get their address and (B) send it out.

Happy Filmmaking,


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  1. I really want to become an actress but I never could find a way to find where the person to contact is? My life is all about wanting to be an actress. I want to be in a vampire movie so bad but i’m only 14 and no one will want a 14 year old but if you can i would love to be in a movie.

    1. Ayanna

      I am 13 years old and i really would love to be in a comedy movie ever since i saw i love lucy when i was 8 years old but couldent find eny thing yet that could help me

      1. Ary Pen

        I have script and i young actress is the main character.
        The film is about a girl 18 years old wants to try her luck working in Japan…. she ends in jail.
        Her father manage to save her from a 15 years jail sentence. The movie is an action

        The movie is a fast and will keep the spectator on the edge until the last second.

  2. I got a lo of acting experience I want to act in high school and I have been the one good actor and I’m looking for a good job and Hollywood to make movies and I just moved from Ohio Oklahoma to California and I want to be rich and famous and be a movie star please get this message to any director or manager can call me back on the cell phone number 405 774 -1718

  3. moses

    Am moses from Nigeria am a story writter i write story like hitman,ghost rider,thor, barbie,snow white and i also write seasonal movies i have wrritten a story with over four seasons .am an upcoming actor i would like to have an agent or a manager in hollywood.Thank you ( +234 8174980822 )

  4. Hi am Samaya sahar I am 11 years old and I always wanted to become a actress my whole entire life The first time I wanted to become a actress was when I was 4years old I love to sing to its my dream to become a actress I have been in so much theater plays And in so much singing concerts so if your reading this I just want to say help me make my dreams come true thank you call me at (617)505-9926 thank you and please P.S. I don’t have a wedsite.

    1. Oscar Cuevas

      I totally understand you. I am Also trying to Become an Actor.

  5. Jennifer Chavez

    I want join the acting movie… But I’m full deaf and sign language

  6. Oscar Cuevas

    Hello, My name is oscar. And my Dream is to Become an Actor. It still is my dream and i really need help with this. My parants dont help me, and they said they are 100% Ill fail. and i really want to proove them wrong. If your reading this Please, Please help me make my dreams come true. Belssings to you all. P.S I dont have a website.

  7. Tristan Stadtmuller

    This article left out how so many people in this biz don’t look at scripts if they’re unsolicited, meaning that you need an agent or an attorney representing your script. This also left out how so many of these people won’t look at a script unless there’s money already attached to it.

  8. Dan

    You will also need a play-or-pay deal/offer (money in escrow), agent, or representation to take you serious. Most filmmakers are ill equipped business wise to handle/negotiate anything with a name actor without a major rep, director, or financier, legal in place (plus existing credits) to get script even looked at. Thin about it: What if they say yes!?

    But there is a way to navigate your way in. Call up named actor’s agent/rep or lawyer and pretend you are a film school student or blogger working on an article or thesis. Flatter them and ask then ask how it all works. Also sincerity goes a long way… You may make a connection. Then go back and use your newly acquired knowledge at the agency, casting director, or rep of choice who handles the “dream actor” to get a script to them. Offer a co-partner as Dov says. Fake it till make it is how everyone works. No matter who you are. Ask Spielberg. He faked his way onto the lot he now owns. lol

  9. Donald Letim

    I would really like to act, but i don’t have that one person who can introduce me to the movie world. I have Watched the 100 and the characters have pushed my interest of becoming an actor. If any one out there can read this and introduce me to the movie world, ill be the happiest and perform to my best.

  10. Raluchukwu Nweze

    My Name Is Raluchukwu Nweze,am Form Anambra State I Want To Be One Of Nigerian Nollywood Actress,that My Number,09098680596

    1. Jevoreius Giddens

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  12. Lorenzo

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    1. Lorenzo

      This is lorenzo number is 505 -414-7130

  13. Edmund Darko

    Am 17 years old and am interested in becoming a movie star.Well am active and so funny. I want someone to help me become an actor

  14. Bill saxon

    I wanna produce a movie which ia about my story so if any 1 interested call m e +91825812364

    1. Dibyayan Banerji

      The no. u gave is not working.. I am interested, u can call me… 7685900342

  15. Adjei Bekoe Emmnuel

    I’m 17 years old and I have keen interest and passion of becoming one of the greatest Hollywood actors…..well I’m a Ghanaian. …but I need your help. .Dear Directors. ….,actors and actresses. …..Thanks a lot. …
    Hope to hear from you soonest. ….

  16. man look ive seen the best actors in movies and i really am inspired to be an actor i want to be a 4th as good as bernie mac i love his movies i just want to be a difference please text me if u are looking for an actor age of 15 for any type of movie but if its a sad one i cant cry on script

  17. man look ive seen the best actors in movies and i really am inspired to be an actor i want to be a 4th as good as bernie mac i love his movies i just want to be a difference please text me if u are looking for an actor age of 15 for any type of movie but if its a sad one i cant cry on script so i can do any other though

  18. Dibyayan Banerji

    Hii.. I am Dibyayan Banerji from India.. Though i am an experienced stage artist in my vicinity, i want to act in hollywood.. i am searching for phone nos. of directors and producers. Am i knocking in the right place??

  19. caro

    hello everyone my name is caro kawa and my dream is to be an actor or someone that entertain people it has always been a goal of mine to be an actor and make people laugh there are all these peolpe in my country which is Glasgow thats in the UK and i want to be tje first in my country to be known thank u

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